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Tom Servo
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Aug 18, 2017 at 1:45 PM
Oct 16, 2011
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Jun 14, 1993 (Age: 24)
i'm a film editor

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Tom Servo

Pants Pants Pants Pants, 24, from Texas

Tom Servo was last seen:
Aug 18, 2017 at 1:45 PM
    1. theRonin
      Yo. What manga is your Sig from?
    2. Overlord Murasama
      Overlord Murasama
      Alright, thanks baby, could I see scans tho?
    3. Overlord Murasama
      Overlord Murasama
      Hey Tom

      Sorry to bother you but I question

      How is composite Spawn multiversal (Or at least from what I hear)?
    4. Imperator100
      No problem. Glad to be of service.
    5. Imperator100
      Hi Tom! As we seem to be on the same side in the DBS galaxies argument, I was hoping you could review my lengthy post in the subject in appropriate thread and tell me if I missed anything?
    6. Mexikorn
      You know I can just adblock pics right? Also you're not funny just a lil nasty. I guess you're still salty about your thread ^^
    7. Haro
      Ah thank you sweetheart :catpole
    8. Haro
      Also DC wise how strong is Cross?

      I know he is around island level but how high should we rate the CROSS dresser.

      Il be here all week folks
    9. Haro
      Also you have the locked calcs for shin's size and other stuff thats now gone?

      Thank's much love :catroll
    10. Haro
      Yo Tom, Im thinking about making a 666 Satan tier list

      Would you be interested in checking it out after its done?
    11. Imperator100
      Hi Tom! Sorry about you getting banned temporarily.
    12. Imperator100
      Thought I'd let you know, gave my personal opinon on your question in the "quick questions" thread
    13. Tom Servo
      Tom Servo
      Dunno whats worse

      Ran being a pasty white kid constantly posing as a black adult

      or the fact that even MVC mods said he was too stupid even for that place :skully
    14. Raniero
      Go back to MVC Ran. This place is a little too advanced for you :skully
      MvC has been dead for months. And with that asswhooping you were getting ITT earlier, I'd say this place might be a bit too advanced for you.

      Though you did come here because all the asswhoopings you got there. :hm
    15. Haro
      I agree with all your statements about DBS

      So do a lot of other people as well, no one wants to deal with the cancer that is dragon ball debates. :catwave
    16. Imperator100
      No Post-Crisis Superman was that level too... New Genesis/Apokalips feat (which theoretically should apply to his strength anyway since he can beat own characters on his level with his strength). Do you honestly think I'm an idiot and would misapply a New 52 to Post-Crisis?

      No he really cannot. Thor's strength and durability are lower then Superman's. Thor's DC/Durability is Solar System Level from what I've seen, whereas superman has KiloFoe to MegaFoe Multi-Stellar DC/Durability.

      He didn't do it with striking strength though, he did it with his magical hammer. That's not strength, that's DC and if we are talking DC then Superman should be in the KiloFoe to MegaFoe range.
    17. Imperator100
      Am I just blind because I am not seeing it in my inbox? Also if you mean this feat
      That's not Thor's strength anymore that's his DC with his magic hammer which would be like saying a human with a hammer suddenly has superhuman strength because they can easily knock through concrete. And if you want to talk straight DC/Durability then Superman is Multi-Stellar in the KiloFoe to MegaFoe range so that feat is sort of eclipsed.

      Where? Where has Wonder Woman been shown to be significantly faster? Even if that is true I've also seen Superman been depicted as faster and the VAST majority of times the two clash that I've seen they are depicted as around the same level. Also Hal Jordan doesn't have better stats then Superman. He's more versatile but Superman has been depicted as stronger before. Even if he was the two are depicted as being similar in speed so scaling occurs.
    18. Imperator100
      ???Show me this feat of Thor's in physical strength that has more then 7 Tenakilotons behind it. Because destroying a Main Sequence Star requires significantly less energy

      ...Are you kidding me? You on't think wecan scale Superman to Wonder Woman and Green Lantern? As I said earlier it seems to me that Superman is the second faster after the Flash based on in-universe portrayals (such as how it Superman that always races the Flash for charity and stuff) but either way or you actually suggesting the difference in speed is so great that you scale between them. They all have similar levels of speed, I don't think I've ever read a single story that has a massive speed gap between most of these High-Level Justice League Members, with the obvious exception of The Flash. Superman gets scaled to the casual 40 Trillions x c feat of Green Lantern and if you want to cont possible outliers get scaled to Wonder Woman's ~824 Quadrillions x c feat. Especially considering his own feats of blitzing the Imperiex Probe and tagging + rivaling's Zoom's speed
    19. Imperator100
      What? So Thor shows a feat of physical strength which has Stellar level of energy and that makes him stronger then Superman who showed a feat of physical strength which has large stellar levels of energy? How does that make sense?

      Also to continue on my Superman speed scaling stuff...Superman is arguably the second fastest member of the Justice League, after the Flash. After all, it is Superman that runs races fro charity with the Flash. Not Green Lantern or Wonder Woman. Even if he's not, he should pretty easily be scalable to them. Green Lantern speed is casually in the trillions of times ftl going by the speed list and if you want to count The Thor answers prayer feat which the speed calc list says is a "possible outlier" then I should be able to scale Superman to the Wodner Woman "possible outlier" feat against the Shattered God which is even faster. And of course The Flash is faster then all of these and Superman can reacct to both him and Zoom, and sometimes even tag them which means his reflexes and arm speed and wahtnot should be even faster.
    20. Imperator100
      A Stellar Level Strength Feat somehow makes him vastly stronger then someone who has a Large Stellar Strength feat?

      The Imperiex Probe is not an inanimate object, ti was fighting against Superman. And while my memory's not the sharpest it seemed pretty clear their wasn't exactly timeframe. Also Superman tagging and Impressing Zoom, still way more impressive then billions of times FTL, which is the fastest thing I've seen Thor get scaled to.
    21. Imperator100
      To continue on our discussion of Post-Crisis Superman vs 616 Thor:
      Solar System might be Thor's DC/Durability but I've seen no pure strength feat on that level. Unless you mean his strength is solar system level since he beats down people similar to him in durability in which case Superman is Multi-Stellar in Strength since he is multi-stellar in durability and beats down people of his own level like fellow kryptonians or Doomsday.

      Also, no Superman as I've said is much more then millions of times ftl. He can blitz Imperiex Probes who can easily travel the universe which implies speed of at least trillions of times ftl and has even impressed and tagged Zoom in combat which implies his speed should be even higher, likely in the Quadrillions of Times (As fast a a Casual The Flash, which means sense since Superman and many other members of the Justice League can usually perceive and tag the Flash, even though they slower. What feat puts Thor even in the trillions of times FTL?
    22. Imagine
      Resized your Spawn image so it doesn't stretch the page


    23. Brightsteel
      Can't wait. XD

      Alright, if you ever need help just PM me or leave a visitor message.
    24. Brightsteel
      Holy Fuck. XD

      First question, how'd you get professional VA's to do the show? Second, your doing the fights in 3-D? Death Battle does this shit for a living, and they still do most of their shit with flash animation. :lmao

      I can volunteer if you plan to do any fantasy-novel characters in the future (Inheritance Cycle, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Lord of the Rings, etc.). I've got PDF's for the majority of the books saved on my computer, and the ones that I don't, I can easily access.
    25. Brightsteel
      Are you actually making thegood version of Death Battle that you've mentioned a few times?
    26. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Glad to hear. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out dude :vash
    27. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Holy fuck, that's some serious business. How did you get them on board?

      And yeah, I could help with some sprite animations if I have the time as well as research and getting you an analysis template picked out. Could also advertise you since I have a few thousand subscribers (nothing much but anything helps I suppose)

      Feel free to add me on Skype (username is ProtoDudeCGG)
    28. Imperator100
      For your show, if you ever use any Magical Girl feel free to message me, as I am very knowledgable in most MG series. I would love to help in any way I can.
    29. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Not only that but for whatever reason they used the movie version with very selective feats from the comics

      They didn't even mention his extremis virus once despite the fact that, that's a huge part of Iron man's story and major power-ups

      its almost as if they're research was inadequate.

      What would you guys say to a versus crossover match that was more accurate than Death Battle?

      the first 2/3rds are a hilarious debate ending with a 3d battle and debunking whatever claims the loser should win. Do you guys think the show is a good idea or would screwattack fans riot it for being a rip-off of an idea that's basically the same as deadliest warrior and animal face-off
      If you are serious about this I could probably help since I have a couple years of video editing under my belt. My most recent work, for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMS8mjXX-V4
    30. ChaosTheory123
      I'll take a look at your PM soon

      Melatonin's making it a bit difficult to find the energy to stay awake now

      So... later
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    Jun 14, 1993 (Age: 24)
    i'm a film editor
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    i'm a huge movie buff



    ?Sakura realized Narutos capabilities half way.But it would be pitiful if Hinata wasnt awarded/reciprocated after so much waiting since beginning.? -Kishi
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