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Jul 19, 2006
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Kuroha's womb.
    1. Santoryu
      Hello ^_______^
    2. Robin
      BnHA manga when? :3
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Tomochii-Chan
        I put Bakugou and Todoroki

        /lays on the floor

        I keep retweeting fanart of Todoroki and Bakugou every time they come up on my feed lolol
        Jun 20, 2016
      3. Robin
        You know, in the manga Uraraka becomes badass, Kirishima and Bakugo hold hands, Bakugo gets a new haircut, and All Might becomes the new final villain boss and Deku has to fight him to the death, but Bakugo swears to beat All Might instead :maybe

        ah I just save them all on my HD :catface
        Jun 20, 2016
      4. Robin
        oh in that best boy thread Todoroki's "binder" doesn't have any spoilers, and there's one manga panel where his clothes are torn and you can see his ripped body, check it out :catprone I think the rest do.
        Jun 20, 2016
    3. Roman
      Would you still recommend Mayoiga? I dropped it after the boobcrab as shit was getting generally too ridiculous for me.
      1. Tomochii-Chan
        Lmao honestly no. It's pretty ridic and my sisters and I are always yelling at how idiotic and frustrating everyone is. I'm mainly watching to see how this train wreck ends and it's fun to see how everything is just turning into weird shit lol
        Jun 11, 2016
    4. Zyrax
    5. Izaya
      Just dropping in to say I fucking love your Kuroha avatar and sig good sir.
    6. Addy
      shiki killing everyone to see ritsuke's expression :gglife

      i thought i was the only one who thought lindo looked insane :lmao

      mage is sex incarnate :catblush

      speaking of mage.......... do you know any summary of his route or something? i cant find anything for him or urie :gglife
    7. Addy
      kukukukuku :skully

      now, lets discuss what you saw :catblush
    8. Addy
      then remain in your ignorance :catstab
    9. Addy
      that's not what i meant. i meant that you will never know what happened because this game wont be ever translated :gglife
    10. Addy
      but............. how will you know what happened? :gglife
    11. Addy
      then i will enjoy it while you suffer :catstab

      but here is on last image to make you at least feel some of my enjoyment https://36.media.tumblr.com/a355edb2c0f37e789ef14f5990d70528/tumblr_o4t2n27mWz1uiobobo1_1280.jpg
    12. Addy
      damn fuckers :gglife

      your missing out though :catblush
    13. Addy
      but games will be pirated anyway :gglife

      this is why steam is so successful. they give you a lot of good things that make you decide to not pirate stuff.

      urie sugami CGs :33

    14. Addy
      more like wincest :D

      it will never be done in english :catprone

      dat dark ending :gglife
    15. Addy
      not just pixiv but also tumblr. people really really really like him the most it seems XD

      here are even more CGs and a summary as well :catblush



      man, dance with devils is very dark :gglife

      now, for the rest of the CGs and summaries :gglife
    16. Addy
      the game is out :catwave

      here are some images i was able to find. as expected, lindo seems to be the first as he is the most popular ship with ritsuke :gglife


    17. Addy
      damn, mage, urie, and shiki dont get the marriage ending :catporne.................. at least lindo gets one :catdespair

      i need the CGs now. dont care spoilers or not. at least give me the shiki ones :catflip
    18. Addy
      there seems to be multiple endings for each ship :D

      still waiting for the CG to be leaked and summaries of the endings :gglife
    19. Addy
      dance with devils psp game trophies :catblush http://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4483-Dance-with-Devils
    20. Addy
      actually, its pretty good :catblush
    21. Addy
      there is one..................... hunnipop but i dont think you will like it :lmao
    22. Addy
      i wish they make more english voiced acted novels that are sold on steam......... i mean, come on :gglife
    23. Addy
      i can play it but i dont want to. if only we can trade places :gglife
    24. Addy
      steam games?
    25. Addy
      damn, either our man meat on psp or pc.

      why can't we have it both ways? :catprone
    26. Addy
      lucky bastard :gglife
    27. Addy
      i want a pc port :catdespair
    28. Addy

      they will lose money because its on the PSvita............... who the fuck owns that piece of shit? :gglife
    29. Addy
      it's still cool :pek

      i will wait 10 years until dance with devils is translated :gglife
    30. Addy
      i am ok with the manga being this short. it just means that shiki played a better game than rem :catdance

      i am too butthurt over not playing it but i refuse to buy a psvita just for one game :gglife youtube is our friend in times of need such as these :catfeels
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