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Jan 4, 2015
Aug 7, 2012
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TPHxItachi was last seen:
Jan 4, 2015
    1. LazyWaka
      can you post where that is shown?
    2. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Hm, it looked to me like the Mt. Fuji explosion hit him. At any rate, that is not really a high end durability feat since even Yaiba [who is vastly weaker than EOS Ryu] did not even suffer a concussion from Ryu's mountain buster.

      Also Ryu being a lightning timer is not a maybe, he has like 4 feats of it.

      Alexei can manipulate natural lightning: gj9djGaEveo

      Ryu is more than capable of dodging those bolts: id=zeP2i_6Tnac;t=148

      The final boss of Ninja Gaiden Shadow manipulates real lightning too: VMATwYJQvdY

      Ryu dodges it no problem: id=VMATwYJQvdY;t=1416

      Malth can redirect lightning from the sky and shoot it at Ryu, but Ryu can dodge it [not that the person playing here put any effort into it, but eh]: id=HzSImf5YEBI;t=1698

      The feat above is a bit more iffy than the rest, but here is another one where he dodges summoned bolts: http://youtu.be/HzSImf5YEBI?t=2h16m22s

      As for the True Dragon Sword, eh I would say something like island-country level due to the beings it has slain. It should be noted that Ryu rarely uses it since it disrupts the balance of the entire earth. Although, Ryu has still defeated enemies such as Tengu without it.
    3. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Go ahead and ask. I have played every Ninja Gaiden game and then some.
    4. Ashi
      Nice Katherine(emotionless Elena?) Gif
    5. andrea
      just post in the thread
    6. DHxCohaco
      sorry bro but that's not calcable
      however you can powerscale
    7. Plague
      Yeah, I decided to just ignore it now. A lot of their so-called "calcs" are complete bullshit and depending on which character they like more, they will fabricate feats for them.

      And also, yeah they've been doing the hivemind bullshit since 2010. The guy with the biggest post count wins hahaha. for the sake of peace, I say we let that thread die. You and I both know they bs hahaha.
    8. HeavyMetalThunder
      We don't even know how geryon used QS. Oh, wait, we do. He used it to teleport around, that's it. And anyway, dante would move at 1-2km/h when affected by QS, while geryon, being a fairly large horse, would move roughly 100 or so times faster. With limited QS time, a large arena, and an obviously large gap in power geryon couldn't win no matter what, because no matter how many hits he landed, obviously he couldn't seriously harm dante. Also, what if rocks aren't alive and demons are? QS doesn't work like telekinesis, as in it depends on the power of the target, but it affects time, which is something that obviously your average demon can't control. It operates in a different way. It's not like the target is slowing down, it's time itself around it.
    9. HeavyMetalThunder
      An object free falling from 20-25 meters moves at 20+ m/s. If something that moves that fast only falls a couple cm in 15-16 seconds, it is several times slower. If the object falls 1cm during QS, the slow down rate is 35199, more or less. Just divide by the amount of cm and there you have a rough slow down rate. Assuming the rocks fell 10 cm, they were still 3519 times slower.

      As for him beating geryon, I already explained that the gap in strength, durability and firepower was probably too big for geryon to do anything even using QS. It doesn't matter if you can slow down time if you can't hurt your opponent. That's why he lost.

      Anyway no, OBD is just a section of the forum.
    10. drache
      you're welcome to try if you want but i have a low tolerance for nonsense
    11. DHxCohaco
      yeah it's likely legit i already asked alot about it and perfectzd it
    12. DHxCohaco
      team naruto
      BTW i did a BM naruto calc result is mach 77 higher than expected, i'll upload it now
    13. DHxCohaco
      current luffy ?: DEVA , nagato, KB , maybe teh third raikage , RM has a chance, BM , bijuus , tobi , madara , itachi and Oonoki ... that's all i guess
      the calc
    14. DHxCohaco
      what are the pterh questions ?
    15. DHxCohaco
      no bro luffy is mach 16+ and naruto is mach 20+
      but after teh calc i'll do BM will be mach 50 and i'll do a calc for luffy that will put him at mach 30
      slowest is ichigo who is mach 10
    16. DHxCohaco
      BM naruto is accepted to be able to one shot both at the same time with a punch because mastest calc put his punch at city buster level and they aren't even near that durabiltiy
    17. drache
      please go chase yourself pupet
    18. DHxCohaco
      well yeah that's fast but problem pain wasn't serious there and the animal path pain didn't sho good reactions because he wasn't able to keep up with FRS
      + that's base jiraiya
    19. DHxCohaco
      he doesn't beat RM because RM is slightly above kage level ... and he has kages level clones in fact SM naruto was slighlly superior to jiraiya
      however jiraiya can be scaled from the FRS you have a good point there
    20. DHxCohaco
      happy that they helped you ... well mangapanda works for me but IDK why
      just give me the chapter number and the number of teh pages
    21. DHxCohaco
      manga panda isn't showing for me
    22. willyvereb
      It has been deleted. That match has been done many times already so there's no reason to make another thread for it.
      Maybe after Naruto finishes so we can get a full gasp on Tobi's powers.
    23. Lurker
      Welcome to the obd.
    24. TPHxItachi
      New to OBD, Hello...Been spectating 4 a while tho..
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