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Tranquil Fury
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Feb 7, 2018
Mar 20, 2009
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February 5

Tranquil Fury

The Only Thing I know

Tranquil Fury was last seen:
Feb 7, 2018
    1. Solrac
      Hard to believe you've actually been gone from NF for two years now. Even though I'm not active in the OBD anymore, I still hang around here for PM's.
    2. Blαck
      You start The Metal yet? :hmm
    3. Keollyn
      Got a question for you about Wild Arms. Do you think we should treat AC:F as the new canon for the first game or treat it as secondary canon? I ask because I'm now realizing some things are changed between the two. But it is supposed to be a remake, so I think remakes are suppose to supersede any material, right?
    4. Blαck
      You read the new Ultimates chapter?
    5. Solrac
      Do you think Hollywood action movies have been going downhill lately? Do you think Asian countries like Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia nowadays make much better action movies than the United States? If so, why do you think?
    6. Solrac
      hello, Tranquil Fury, what's up? it seemed a week late of me to make a post as I'm here in Asia right now.

      say... i just want to ask you... did you know that they said they're not going to make another Rambo, Expendables (after the upcoming fourth), and even Terminator (although just a few days ago, James Cameron said he wanted to rejoin the franchise) movie?
    7. NostalgiaFan
      TF, are fictions with multiple Timelines enough to be considered a multiverse?
    8. NostalgiaFan
      Hey TF there is a discussion about who can beat the Marvel universe and I am kinda hoping you could help discuss it. One guy is claiming DC is stronger then Marvel so could you help see if it is or not?
    9. Solrac
      Hey EmperorofLiberty wanted me to tell you that he want to apologize to you about something. I don't know what it is. But he just wants to say that he's sorry for it.
    10. NostalgiaFan
      Hey TF I saw you in the Marvel comics thread and did you say that the Nova issue featuring Richard Rider is actually good?
    11. Emperorofliberty
      I'm sorry for being a retard
      1. Emperorofliberty
    12. NostalgiaFan
      Hey TF did you hear about Richard Rider coming back as Nova?
    13. Solrac
      I was just reading that Thor vs Jedah thread and that World War Hulk vs Sol Badguy thread and man does the drama in there feel as entertaining as the town circus. But anyways, how did Tonathan get banned?
    14. Blαck
      Who would win Thor vs Surfer. No odin force shenanigans just like a legit one on one.
    15. Solrac
      I'm just curious... what's the strongest being in the Tales of Series so far and what is its level in feats? And how much do you know about other Namco franchises in power?
    16. NostalgiaFan
      Just wanted to tell you that you have a kick ass sig there.
    17. Nevermind
      Would you care to write maybe a 600 word post for OBD Monthly about your thoughts going into this year's Wrestlemania?

      Also, mind voting in the ranking the wrestlemanias thread?
    18. Stunna
    19. Jinri
      I see, I see. Because I updated his profile for wins over a couple of megaversals, but now people are chiming in with different things and it's become to varied now for that thread and the previous one. I will ask for Mike; thank you for assisting.
    20. Jinri
      Can you please give some input on the Though Robot's strength in this thread http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=1065451 ?

      There are too many competing claims to come to a decision.
    21. Solrac
      Okay sorry... I forgot to mention that I also re-watched bits and pieces of the original Terminator movie on the plane going back to USA, and trust me that was like the ONLY film from both Arnold Schwarzenegger and the 80's that existed on my flight's media library. I mean, whenever I fly to Taiwan and back since 2015, I notice one thing and it's that there is hardly any Hollywood movies from the 1980's or 1990's and they only show movies from the 2000's and this decade or even any recent Arnold/Stallone/Chuck Norris/etc. movies. Why is that?
    22. Solrac
      Have you ever gotten into any American tv shows, especially from 1980's or 1990's? at least ones that are internationally popular?

      As far as line-up goes, in Hollywood live-action films, this year's in-flight library is better, but in Asian live-action films, last year's was better. As far as animation goes, last year had some anime on it, but this year, didn't have any anime, just american or western animation, but even with this year's inclusion of Tom & Jerry and The Adventures of TinTin and a Disney cartoon (Sofia the First), the anime I listed for last year still beats this year's animation library by a vast margin (with only Tom & Jerry and TinTin making it much closer).

      Do you agree?
    23. Solrac
      so on the plane back from Taiwan, I saw the following movies on the plane: Le Petit Prince, The Peanuts movie, Ip Man The Final Fight, The Emperor in August, Attack on Titan: Live-Action film (Part II), and Iron Giant. And a little bit of Chinese animation (since all the other animated tv shows were the same on the plane when I went to Taiwan first).

      What do you think of the line-up?

      Honestly I think last year's in-flight line-up was better, I mean live-action Ruroni Kenshin and live-action Lupin III as well as Chibi-Maruko Chan and Shima Shima no Shimajiro no Wao (and Wolf Children) were way better than almost all the stuff I saw on the plane this year, combined.

      I returned back to the US and I feel like getting back into American stuff. Have you ever enjoyed Taiwanese entertainment before?
    24. Solrac
      what about Lupin III?
    25. Solrac
      I went to the Detective Conan exhibit today. What is your view on Detective Conan?
    26. Solrac

      have you ever went to anywhere in the world and it felt so sad and dreadful that you had to leave?
    27. Solrac
      what about nightmare on elm street?
    28. Solrac
      I am just about done with the first Friday the 13th movie? what do you think of it?

      how good do you think the first movie is from a OBD perspective?
    29. Solrac
      have you ever played the Rambo arcade game before?
    30. Solrac
      What about other films of the Western genre?
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    February 5
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    In a committed relationship with my 2d waifu
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    I like reading Myths

    Anime, music,Reading,Tennis


    Samuel: All those cyborgs you killed upto now...Maybe they weren't kids but they were people did you ever think of them?When you're chopping them into hamburger?"

    Raiden: They're adults. They...made their choice

    Samuel: Sure they're adults. Sure, they signed up for this. Right on the dotted line of their PMC contract. Usually they're no strangers to war. In fact, many times they already lost a limb or two. Many times they were out of work and starving in the streets. So yes, they signed up for surgery to fight God-knows-where. How else would you provide for your family when your country is embroiled in civil war?Pain receptors shut down. Pumped full of fear- inhibiting nanomachines and sent right into the blender...your blender. But they made their choice right?

    Samuel: Not so black and white now, is it? Is your cause just, or is that "just" what you tell yourself?
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