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Mar 20, 2019 at 8:56 AM
Oct 5, 2013
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July 25
Boogie Wonderland
Infinity Big Bang Stormer


Infinity Big Bang Stormer, from Boogie Wonderland

Why did Constantinople get the works? That's nobodies business but the Turks! Mar 6, 2019

TTGL was last seen:
Mar 20, 2019 at 8:56 AM
    1. Jakers
      Vsbattleswiki is a load of shit. They downgrade some Nintendo characters there too.

      And yes, always glad to entertain with my movie reviews. yee-haw partner!
    2. MAPSK
      Answer: not as powerful as any of the Dragonborn's pre-existing high end feats, or even as much as that ESO feat you had me calc. This one's pretty much worthless in terms of the difference it'd make to the verse's overall standing.
    3. Jakers

      >Chinese mythology had no concept of a multi-verse
      >Taoism has an infinite multiverse+ at least.
      >topkek niggas

      I find the claim that Chinese mythology/religion had no multiverse to be hilarious, when Taoism has 36 levels of heaven and 36 levels of hell and each of them are likely pretty vast in space/dimension (with the grand heaven or something being "infinite" for all intents and purposes) and the higher-end Chinese gods pretty much have control and dominion over them. And ancient Chinese cultures and traditions have implied external realities/universe outside of our own even before Buddhism had been introduced into the civilization.
    4. God Movement
      God Movement
      If it's legit sure
    5. Jakers
      hey TTGL I have like three rants I want to make via pm... so brace yourself. you could just answer them one by one.
    6. Brightsteel
      Wait, does Arthur from Keys to the Kingdom have any good physical strength feats?
    7. God Movement
      God Movement
      https://www.[Blocked Domain]/?6n3obul3spn9wko
    8. KaiserWombat
      Well for the KE equation, you've technically should already have factored distances/measurements into account, through determining the cloud's mass

      The value you're missing there is velocity, and generally speaking, you always work with the fastest dispersal route available.

      So it's KE: (0.5)*mass*velocity^2

      You don't need to worry about the precise direction of the cloud dispersal if you already have obtained the mass; if the vertical dispersal happens to provide the greater speed result than the horizontal, then simply employ the former value in the final equation.
    9. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Congrats. Make any pages so far?
    10. Jakers
      still thinking about the usual "nationality and culture" thing, especially concerning comics, cartoons, animation, games, movies, etc.

      and i'm on my internship, just had a nice steak quesadilla for lunch, and can't wait to spend the day with a friend from a group.
    11. Jakers
      so what's up?
    12. iwandesu
      The tower was already kinda of trembling from the giant crab
      And you cant really get speed from something as incosistent as ke
      But sure
      Assuming he just needs to fragment a cylinder of rock 80% shallow and with a diameter of 5 meters and similar height
      Rock fragmentation is 8jcc
      19.6349540849 m3
      157079633 joules
      Mass of a tennis ball 0.057 kg
      E=mv^2 X 0.5
      V^2=157079633/(0.5 X 0.057)
      V^2=5511566070.18 m/s
      V=74239.9223476 m/s
      Or around
      218.166 mach
    13. Jakers
      As I try to make a new pm in response, i'm just going to respond to what you said in your pm back there.

      I think you meant to say that many of the series I like are ones that don't seem to be centered around combat or used too much in versus debates, but still have pretty damn powerful hax and feats of its own to punch above its own weight class.

      When I said "normal" for American/Western series, I didn't mean "normal" in the sense of its story and content being "normal", but something that is pretty ordinary and well-known in entertainment stores everyday as in the meta-sense. Like for instance, The Simpsons is just a normal animated sitcom that everyone knows about in contrast to other works that less people know about and feel less familiar with.
    14. God Movement
      God Movement
      Never mind. I activated your account. Happy editing. If you need any guidance let me know.
    15. God Movement
      God Movement
      What email did you use to sign up to the wiki?

      If I can't find it you might need to sign up again
    16. Jakers
      i hope you answer my pm, because I feel like I got another thing to say besides that other pm i've been wanting to say since 2014.
    17. Jakers
      yes you could say that... but none of those countries are quite on Japan's level, Japan is JUST that unique. But I guess as far as comics/manga goes, I think South Korea and Hong Kong come the closest.
    18. Jakers
      so any responses? either in the VM or PM?

      i'm kinda getting bored and need some talking.

      edit - you said you were interested in new digimon boosts in a thread? you know how much i oppose that franchise in VS more than almost any other. :/ But i suppose you only said that when I wasn't reading the topic, i'm not trying to be condemn you, but i'm just letting you know.
    19. Blocky
      Eddsworld - The End part 2
    20. Jakers
      so any thoughts?
    21. Jakers
      but still, it would have been awesome if there was another Japanese-speaking country/nation in the world that has a media or entertainment industry of its own (most notably comics/animation/games/etc.), that way we could have the japanese version of the Anglosphere (USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).
    22. Jakers
      If you want my personal experience growing up in a Chinese ethnic enclave and going to Taiwan as a child, I would think the only other Eastern nation besides Japan, that I have much experience and memories with reading a good number of children's picture books, some cartoons/animation, and maybe a very old computer game or two made from Taiwan (or some part of the Sinosphere). BUT much more as recently as 2013/2014, I do have experiences with Taiwanese/Chinese-made video games, though mainly in the form of arcade cabinets and redemption games at amusement centers, like from this gaming company called IGS.

      And on the other hand, I'd say the most popular things from Eastern media in the world right after the Japanese, has got to be the likes of Bruce Lee or any action/martial art films from Hong Kong cinema. Or maybe India's Bollywood (but I don't see anyone going after South Asian entertainment as much as East Asian entertainment here in America). And as far as only live-action films are concerned, I think more people get into Chinese or Hong Kong cinema than they do Japanese cinema, even though Hong Kong and India are the only Eastern countries that surpasses Japan's in size and age.

      And then there's South Korean dramas and pop music. And in the OBD, Korean manhwa characters have been used and mentioned before.

      So there you go. That's examples of popular Eastern media/entertainment that's not from Japan. What do you think?
    23. Jakers
      Is that why you usually say "Western" rather than American? And if you meant a variety of nations, why do people only say "Japanese" more times than they could also say "Eastern"?

      Yes, 95% of the OBD hates the HST, true, but what i meant is that they are one of the anime/manga (or any series for that matter) discussed the most normally in versus debates right next to DBZ and other current Shonen jump's. And yes you are right, not all action-oriented anime/manga are anywhere near like HST or even DBZ.

      Yes exactly... versus debates mean absolutely anything vs anything in any way, shape, and form and using every single attribute/trait about them and putting them in a battle/match/comparison of any sort, doesn't matter how silly or otherwise non-serious or non-fighting they are. Just as long they have abilities/powers or feats of their own.

      Sea of Corruption? is that from Princess Mononoke? i better check that thread out later, i'm at work now.
    24. Jakers
      basically i think whether we enjoy American or Japanese (or any other country's) series and entertainment the most in quantity or even quality and no matter how hard we argue for either side in a versus debate, one thing's for certain and it's that we cannot deny that Anime/Manga is something that we see and experience everyday and as such is an inseparable part of the face/appearance of OBD and versus communities and the very staple of versus debates and often make up basic examples of what a character/verse most associated with this forum's landscape would be. And Anime's distinct style as well as general tropes from Japanese fictional media and Eastern culture itself is something we imitate and express all the time. I mean why do you think there are a lot of memes on youtube where you parody American or Western movies/animation/works or even real-life events, using audio, music, clips, and expressions from Anime, Games, or other Japanese media?
    25. Jakers
      When you say "Western" stuff, don't you mean mostly American stuff though?

      Spacebattles is a good example of a versus forum that tends to do American/British series way more than Japanese ones and have their culture and community being seen as less "weeabooish" compared to the OBD.

      You see the thing about Ghibli is that... i'm supposed to treat it more like the Japanese/Eastern version of how I treat cartoons or children's series of America/The West, as in they may not seem like they're based around non-stop fighting, plot-wise, but they still may have powers and feats of their own that can be mentioned or even quantified in a so-called "versus" thread. For example, Totoro can fly, has a spinning top, and grow plants and even giant trees in an accelerated rate, so if you were to pit him against say... uhhh... Ruroni Kenshin, you could have Totoro throw a seed into the ronin's mouth/throat and make a giant tree grow out of him?

      I mean versus debates don't necessarily have to be limited to just purely fighting characters, which is what makes it all the more enriching in awesome, fun, and variety of debating and hypothetical discussion.

      Let me just make a pm to repeat what I said earlier later. If I have the time to.
    26. Jakers
      okay i made my full post, please respond to it. thanks.
    27. Jakers
      i am still writing my full post, so please let me finish.
    28. Jakers
      Well since the middle of the past year (or maybe even months earlier), I do seem to be a tad more passionately focused on Anime or Japanese (and even some other Eastern) works/characters (well the NON-DBZ/HST types in particular) right now, especially ever since I saw that Studio Ghibli film from last summer.

      But that isn't really too indicative of which side I ultimately swings towards per se. Unless you're talking about video gaming, which in that case, I almost always certainly swing to the Japanese or Eastern side, even without taking Mario or anything Nintendo-related into consideration.

      And i'm going to be honest, when it comes to the "cartoony" or "kids" stuff I like or whatever other genre's that I probably tend to support/enjoy the most works from, I think a slightly greater majority of them are purely American stuff (I dunno about other Western nation's media), then obviously followed by Japanese of course, and then whatever other country at a rather distant third.

      When it comes to the OBD, it seems at least a good half of the series/characters that people debate most regularly and are associated most with OBD culture, tend to be Anime/Manga, most particularly of the same stock as DBZ, HST, etc. That or popular Japanese video games.

      But when it comes to spacebattles, it's almost the opposite, as the most debated and associated series with that forum tends to be American or British ones, particularly Sci-Fi or Fantasy. But some Anime or Japanese series being the staple of the forum's culture are not exactly uncommon there either.

      I do suppose that any familiar series/characters that we grew up with or are mainstream/popular are usually by default, "American" for the lack of a better way to put it. If you want to think about it, whenever you think of something from mass media or pop culture, that's "classic" or "iconic" or famous and influential on a worldwide scale, most of those stuff tends to be American in origin, or if not, definitely British or from some Western nation.

      Now, as far as versus debates go, although our most primary series/characters tend to fall under the typical American vs Japanese dichotomy, I don't think any nation represents "fictional franchises" or "entertainment media" by default, even if America is the first nation to start this global phenomenon since the 20th century.

      But if you want to think about it, whenever I argued or see any "classic" or "iconic" series go up against anime like DBZ, HST, or anything from Shonen Jump, most of them tend to be American stuff like Disney or the Looney Tunes or whatever. IT's only more recently in Vs, that they started to be Anime like Ghibli or whatever.

      So I don't think I ultimately swing towards either side per se, but America takes the quantity, while Japan takes the "default" characteristic of my versus self.
    29. Jakers
      you know when i was in the middle of writing my pm to you following up on what I said in 2014, I just thought once again... everytime we discuss about which fictional series/characters we think are classic and iconic and especially how we wish/expect some of them to be among the most powerful ones ever... do I tend to support American or Western franchises/works/characters more or do I tend to support the Japanese or Eastern ones more often? Which do you think tends to fall under your radar more in quantity and frequency?

      The reason I ask is because when I thought about Studio Ghibli and how I wish the characters were not only powerful, but how I wished other series were just as attractive and likeable as them, I keep thinking is there any American (much less any other Western) stuff in the world's media/entertainment that makes me comparably feel the same way?
    30. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Dororo trilogy huh? Excellent, one of my favourites of his. The Blood Will Tell game on PS2 based on it was pretty dark but a sweet game also

      As for the Queen Zeal and Lavos document about Lavos having the power of 100 suns, here you go: http://static.chronocompendium.com/Black/Publications/lavospower.pdf
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