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Oct 5, 2013
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Now I'm watching the sunset, sunset, sunset, sunset, over the beaches, beaches, beaches, beaches. Dec 2, 2018

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Jan 13, 2019 at 7:46 AM
    1. Jakers
      and congratulations on becoming an uncle. :)
    2. Jakers
      back to the original topic...

      It's true, anyone can perfectly enjoy anything without thinking of the concept of power levels into consideration. But, sometimes, when i love something so much, i wish it's one of if not THE biggest and most powerful or vast in fiction/existence. Which is why I keep believing that giant media companies like Disney in its absolute entirety is possibly one of the biggest and strongest universes ever. And same goes for Cartoon Network to a a bit lesser extent.

      So do you have anything more to say of Disney at this moment? Is there any more info on Bill Cipher or is everything about him concluded? Are there any other heavy-hitters in Gravity Falls?

      It would be interesting to see a non-Ghibli anime film make it to the Oscar's, especially if BOTH Ghibli wasn't participating OR if it looked really Ghibli as hell, AND if the anime film wasn't some cheap adaptation of crap/mediocre anime like DBZ, HST, or Pokemon (i have nothing against the third one though, since it's Nintendo). Do you agree? I think that film Akira is a good example.

      Since I have to deal with the pain of my best friend telling me he doesn't like Marnie, I wonder what could possibly cheer me up? What do you think would cheer you up if you had to deal with a friend telling you that he hates your most favorite anime ever, especially one that's critically acclaimed and loved by everyone else and has little to no obnoxious fanboys at all?
    3. Jakers
      Something kinda pissed me off last night. I just emailed a real-life friend of mine about the Oscar's and how Marnie didn't win and he was the same guy I took him to go see the Ghibli film with in Manhattan last summer (and I loved it so much and I thought my friend didn't seem to mind, even if he didn't think it was the best anime film he's seen) and last night when I was expecting a reply from a youtuber, I just got an email from my friend and he just told me that he didn't like Omoide no Marnie and said that he had nothing good to say about it and that it was just a sad melodramatic chick flick that only ladies watch just to cry and I thought there were parts of it that he appreciated a lot, like the main characters for Jesus Christ's sake, but he apparently asserted that there were none. And I was like "WTF? :giogio", who could say such words about a beautiful Anime film like that? Especially when I just had to deal with the upset of it coming so close to winning the Oscar's, but didn't. It's just blasphemy lol.

      I mean... how the hell does someone NOT like Marnie? Especially when compared to the world's other animated films that got into the Oscar's final nominee's this year? Most of all, how the hell does someone not like something from Ghibli at all? That makes me feel sooooooooooooooo sad and hurt. Especially when he's my best friend and he does this to me. :cry

      If it were anything else like maybe a live-action movie, I wouldn't have minded, but this is just one of the biggest exceptions. :argh
    4. Jakers
      and in response to your pm, yeah I agree with your response. Japanese culture will still remain even longer than race and blood (hopefully) and that Anime style will still live on forever for as long as it has fans all over the world. I mean "Anime" as a drawing style, art-form, and cultural phenomenon already FAR transcends national and cultural boundaries to the point where it's not something limited to a mere country and its particular media anymore. Sorta like hip-hop, rock, heavy metal, jazz, and rap music.

      RWBY is proof of this. But still what do you think is worse news to hear? Ghibli not making any films or anything at all? Or Japan's declining birth rates and aging population?
    5. Jakers
      But you do agree with me on remaining hopeful right? cause nothing cheers us up more than seeing one of the most favorite verses or more importantly media brands/companies of all time finally get more series that are ultra-powerful to the point of approaching the megaversal/omniversal scale. Although that's just being way too idealistic and it's still a bit too early to say. But personally it's a breath of refreshment to see more extremely overpowered Disney characters or good American animation characters who aren't your typical nigh-unbeatable screwball toonforcers.

      For me, unless it's just Studio Ghibli, I'd say my favorite verse/characters not being the strongest in fiction (as arguable it may be) or not getting any multiversal/megaversal/etc. power boosts like I expected is much more frustrating than (or at best, equally as bad as) not winning a stinkin' award. :notrust

      But do you agree that the fact that a Ghibli film (one not even directed by Hayao himself) even got it THIS far in a prestigious awards show hosted in North America where way more people are more interested in and know about Disney/Pixar or any animated/live-action film that is 100% American than anything in Anime, is already amazing and impressive enough as it is? And at least the fact that no other anime studio or even a single other anime film made it to the final Oscar nominee's or even won one Oscar like Spirited Away, just shows how much respected and successful Ghibli is in the world compared to all other non-Ghibli anime like DBZ, Naruto, Bleach, or even Pokemon? smile-big

      Yeah the Oscar's have a bias for anything that's American or British over anything non-American or non-British LOL. :lmao

      I heard of Wakfu... I don't know much about it.
    6. Jakers
      Then I guess there's still hope for the Disney-verse after all. I just hope the series is an infinite multiverse. Well here's hoping... to multiversal levels and above OR bust! Nothing would intrigue me more if we started into megaversal levels or above, even if the "above" part seems exceedingly slim in probability for now, but hey, since it's American animation and given its history of craziness, you never know... maybe there'll be some nasty meta-hax along the way.

      And in other news, I'm also a bit upset and disappointed that "When Marnie Was There" (Ghibli) didn't win the Oscar award for 2016's best animated film and instead it had to be a Pixar film that won (Inside-Out), even if I liked it and though it was pretty original, and one person on YouTube even agreed with me, but I suppose that's because more people in America know about Pixar than Ghibli, which explains why they won via most likely just name recognition and popularity alone.


      But honestly, i'd be shocked if it wasn't a Pixar or Ghibli film that won the best animated feature at the Oscar's.

      Come to think of it, what do you think is more disappointing? Your favorite verse/character not getting as much a big power upgrade as you wanted to expect for versus debates or your favorite animated film or studio not winning an Oscar's award despite being in the top 5-6 nominee's especially when you felt like it had a shot?

      And another interesting thing is, when it comes to the world's mainstream animated films or animation, we're most rigidly stuck between America and Japan and sometimes a co-production with a different country in-between. But when it comes to independent animated films, it seems more different countries other than USA, Japan, or even Britain/France/Western Europe tend to be featured enough to even have an opportunity to be nominated for best feature at the Oscar's. Even the American ones that get nominated are not exactly mainstream.

      What is your thoughts on that?
    7. Jakers
      so no comments or thoughts on my latest VM response? I do feel rather urgent and anxious to speak to you more about the power of our favorite series or characters/beings lol. Especially in response to one of your past pm's soon (and I have currently reached a bit over half my inbox space).
    8. Jakers
      oh and speaking of "power" in a series we read, that reminds me... I'm going to be replying to an old pm response of yours from late 2014 pretty soon about this.

      I got an internship tomorrow and I have to get up super-early.
    9. Jakers
      I meant specific genre's of series and works in general. I'm more interested in seeing Anime or Cartoons getting that kind of power (and above) more than live-action itself (unless the live-action is an adaptation of the former, but that would be either super-unlikely or just weird and unexpected).

      Still though, my dreams of seeing the Disney-verse get a infinite multiversal/megaversal cosmic-being or reality warper of that scale just got crushed. :/

      But still, Bill Cipher seems like a pretty cool addition to the Disney-verse and it proves that Disney is getting a bit stronger and stronger with their newer series and it's getting there if you know what I mean.

      That's alright, anyways. I just thought you might appreciate a much different type of anime than the ones the OBD are used to.
    10. Jakers
      I meant to say that what types of series you love most do you wish to be the most powerful in fiction lol? And fuck Suggsverse lol.

      awwww man.... Bill Cipher ain't multiversal? Well that's the biggest disappoinment I've heard all day. :(

      Not your kind of show? http://cdn.meme.am/instances/48976011.jpg
    11. Jakers
      ummmmmmmmm..... hello?
    12. Jakers
      Do you agree with my previous statements on Anime?

      do you hope that the Bill Cipher guy becomes multiversal?

      what do you think of the opening of the Chibi-Maruko-Chan anime lol? p8ynmPloxvk

      and when are you going to answer my pm?
    13. Jakers
      hey TTGL, i'm finally back from Taiwan, since five days ago. And I'm still recovering from my jet lag btw. For the past few days, i've gotten really sleepy in the late afternoons lol.

      So Osamu is just like Hayao when it comes to making works that are primarily for children, teens, and parents alike, but sometimes make works that are strictly for adults.

      Yeah DBZ and Sailor Moon are not as cartoony, but I agree with you on being as known. The thing is the type of anime/manga/japanese-created work that I tend to look for the most, are ones that are not only as iconic or prominent as DBZ/Sailor Moon, but more well... how should I put it... more universal and transcendent in appeal than those two in the world or something that's not a typical shonen-battle anime/manga associated with versus debates, regardless of being very cartoony or not. After all, Hayao Miyazaki's characters don't look at all cartoony in appearance, if anything, they look more realistic in the drawing of human faces and proportions.

      It seems Sailor Moon has the status of both being an anime that's as well-known as DBZ, and it is both not as oftenly used as DBZ or HST yet treated as a regular enough series in versus debates.

      So this writer you speak of is your favorite style of anime and manga drawing and character designs?

      Yeah, honestly, I would jump high in the stratosphere for joy if I had seen more good non-DBZ/non-shonen jump/non-pokemon-type anime or manga series that are exceptionally hax and powerful if not among the top in fiction, especially if it was at least slightly classic or aimed for kids or no specific age at all (even if the chances seem pretty slim). Doraemon has been a great example of this. One thing's for certain though, you can find hax and cool feats in just about any children's anime, manga, or non-anime/manga works worth their salt.

      So how much do you bet on this Bill Cipher fellow being a genuine multiversal+ reality warper?
    14. ChaosTheory123
      And why would being a generic Zozo enemy mean they scale to it exactly? Its one of the most powerful generic Zozo enemies.
    15. ChaosTheory123
      More or less. Not the soundest scaling, but its the only real context the game offers.

      Why would generic enemies scale to Hill Gigas when its a fairly powerful fodder character? What context exists to suggest they do?

      I have a bitch of a time calling any a "favorite". I like the entire franchise I've played in some form or another. Suppose I most enjoyed VII, VI, V, XII, and IX if I had to try narrowing it down though :hmm
    16. ChaosTheory123
      Hard to say without using base attack power of Esper attacks. That said, Valigarmanda does have one of the highest totals, even beating fuckers like Bahamut and contends with Alexander. If you don't use such means to gauge the espers, you're not going to find anything contextual to judge its power from.

      That's difficult to answer too. FFVI generally lacks feats for anything weaker than higher tiered shit as it is. Generic mooks take too many assumptions to even try to gauge
    17. MAPSK
      Small planet level+ and massively hypersonic+ with a potential large star/multi-solar system level feat (could be outlier tho).
    18. ThanatoSeraph
    19. ThanatoSeraph
      Yes. It doesn't have anything to do with it's power though.
    20. ThanatoSeraph
      He's never really been story relevant so it's mostly profiles and guesswork.

      Profiles: Can control the weather, cause floods and natural disasters

      Scaling: Given his placement in games can probably be scaled to King Frost
    21. Jakers
      But isn't Phoenix from Osamu Tezuka, the guy who creates manga for children and people of all ages?

      Usually when it comes to me wanting my favorite verses/characters to be the most powerful in fiction ever or wanting to find ones that are both quality for me and objectively among the most powerful of all time, I keep thinking of classic non-shonen jump anime and manga and any other sort of japanese animated/drawn/etc. works right now the most for some reason. Aside from American cartoons, animation, and stuff.

      And I'm interested in finding out if there are Taiwanese animation, drawing, comics, and books too that are both good in quality and strong in feats, but of similar variety and genres to the anime we discussed above.

      Do you notice that about the majority of the most world-renown and iconic anime characters/series/icons are ones that tend to be cartoony or at least something that is apparently for family/children/general audiences. But then again, that kinda also goes for America's media entertainment and pop culture as well or any country that has a foothold in being a pop culture export superpower. I mean, I cite Hello Kitty as just one example as something that is universal and well-known to the point where it's not only seen everyday in America and the West, but possibly the other continents too.

      You don't think Chibi-Maruko Chan being freakin' constellations is amazing and impressive to look at in her own right? lol.

      AS far as art style and character designs of Japanese anime/manga goes, what artist/writer or style do you prefer the most? You can just site specific titles or works as examples.

      Does that mean Bill Cipher is approaching multiversal more now?
    22. Jakers
      The difference is that one is from France and the other is from Belgium (but speaks French like TinTin and Asterix).

      Woah that's some pretty awesome stuff there. While I'm honestly not the biggest fan of Osamu Tezuka's works and characters, at least as far as his art style and designs goes (i'm more of an old Toei, Nippon Animation, and Ghibli person), it's pretty refreshing to see a classic anime/manga series for children that gets some overpowered feats rather than a stereotypical shonen jump-style one for once. Do you agree?

      Lol look, Chibi-Maruko Chan is apparently multi-constellation level and it seems to be implied that she has control and dominion over the entire Zodiac lol: http://thumbs.ebaystatic.com/images/g/7BAAAOSwpzdWsef2/s-l225.jpg
    23. Jakers
      Red Turtle is half-French, half-Japanese. And it's still a Ghibli co-production. So you were referring to purely French comics and animation and not Franco-Belgian ones right?

      Phoenix is one of the strongest manga? I wonder how would that be so, when I keep hearing people say that Saint Seiya is one of the strongest manga, but if Phoenix has anything that passes for what appears to be multiversal feats and above or some of the most crazy-ass reality warping and hax ever, I'd be pretty goddamned impressed, but I guess I'm always looking for something in the anime/manga world besides Osama Tezuka's works (dunno why).

      Really? I didn't know that. So how badly does your sister want to watch KiKi with you?

      Did you know the main female voice actress of KiKi in english, is none other than Kirsten Dunst, the female actress that played Mary Jane in the 2000's Spiderman films.

      Now that you posted that link, it makes me want to think of going to Australia someday. Most of the tourists seem to be from Japan based on the news article you linked me to.

      Yes, I do. You know I just exchanged my toy sniper rifle for a doraemon mini-basketball court toy at Tom's World, since i'm not allowed to bring the former back to the United States due to strict laws of the Taipei National airport.
    24. Jakers
      you didn't seem to answer my pm or even my vm, TTGL.

      and i'll be coming back to the country pretty damn soon already.
    25. Totally not a cat
      Totally not a cat
      TTGL pls, she already had scaling from Lion and his dimension full of stars/galaxies :maybe

    26. Jakers
      Well i'm not sure if the Red Turtle is part French. Part European for sure.

      As for French animation and comics, are you by any chance referring to merely Franco-Belgian comics like TinTin, Smurfs, and Asterix & Obelix? Or something purely from France itself?

      I never heard of Parasyte lol. But anything being adapted into a Studio Ghibli makes me happy. Thanks for sharing me the info.

      Imagine if Ghibli tried to adapt one of the strongest original manga-verses ever into an anime film or tv series lol. What would your reaction be? I'd personally be having a euphoria right now.

      You bought her KiKi's Delivery Service? Damn that's awesome. I loved that film. I still own the english dub of that film on old VHS (and it's the only other Ghibli film i've owned on a North American VHS besides Totoro). Have you ever considered watching that one?

      Speaking of anime, have you ever heard of Chibi-Maruko Chan, Anpanman, and Doraemon? The only current anime feature film adaptations that I enjoy are Doraemon, Crayon Shin-Chan, and Chibi-Maruko Chan.

      In Taiwan this year, I went to the Taipei Astronomy Center and saw a planetarium show for the classic iconic anime that Japanese families all love, Chibi Maruko-Chan: http://cdn.myanimelist.net/images/anime/5/74141.jpg

      ^ Maruko is also a constellation (or maybe all of them in the zodiac) and is also easily multi-star/at least constellation level based on her star-riding feats lol. :^ (use bro)

      Movies i'm looking forward to this year? Hmmmmm... this year in taiwan, i already saw 13 Hours, Deadpool (yes I saw it here in Taiwan before it got released in America this week), and Ip Man 3.
    27. Jakers
      in response to your pm: I meant children's or way more classic (and public domain) stuff like Heidi of the Swiss Alps, Treasure Island, Alice in Wonderland, Little Women, Famous Dog Lassie, Shakespeare, etc.

      You only heard of Fire Emblem on the list, because the rest of the games on the list are basically games from the SNES era that are only more well-known among gamers in Japan than in the West. Jerry Boy in its English release would be titled "Smart Ball" and it's actually created by the same people who would later introduce Pokemon to the world.

      And speaking more about anime, it seems that without any new Studio Ghibli feature films for the time being, the most current and successful anime feature films going on in Japan right now for the past year are mostly adaptations of anime tv series, like DBZ, Naruto, and Pokemon.

      With no original anime movies, Ghibli or not, it just means the quality of Japanese cinema and animation has declined since this year (or last year).

      Honestly, it always depresses me to see no quality anime films like Ghibli being in any current year's big screens and only sticking to crappy and mediocre stuff like Dragonball and Naruto and that new Yo-Kai
      Watch anime, doesn't help it at all. But it only shows that studios like Ghibli are soooooooooooo damn good that they have to have absolutely no new films at all to not have anything at the top of the box-office or win any awards. ;)

      But Ghibli is working on a new co-production film called The Red Turtle.
    28. Brightsteel
      No, I don't. :catfish
    29. Jakers
      You mean Taiwan, not China lol.Chinese New Year was great but came a bit rushed.

      I plan to go see 13 Hours the movie here in Taiwan if it still plays. And arcades soon lol.
    30. Vivi Ornitier
      Vivi Ornitier
      Just take a gif and resize it to 150x150 on this site http://ezgif.com/resize
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