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Jan 24, 2014
May 31, 2007
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the pits of hell?


~Lady Uchiha, from the pits of hell?

UchihaProdigy was last seen:
Jan 24, 2014
    1. Lionheart
      Hey Lady Uchiha. I'm dropping by to ask if you'd be curious in checking out a forum that's been around for awhile but currently picking up speed: http://forums.narutoempires.com Fanclubs are trying to get active but without enough members interested in them it's difficult to get them going.

      I know you're a smart girl who loves your pairings and the forum would be more than glad to have you. <3
    2. Lionheart
      lol You do make a point. Usually the overly intelligent characters are telling you things you already know. but, I didn't like when Sasuke stabbed Karin. It showed how far he had gone off the ledge, and besides, even if she was useless at times, she was still a friend/comrade to him and he shouldn't have hurt her. I'm still sorta disappointed with him over that but ah well.
    3. Lionheart
      That's what I was thinking. It would have made more sense for him to find his brother on his own, even though I admit he might have needed help in some places. Some of the story doesn't string very well together with them involved. Eh, she probably is quite intelligent but yeah, guess she did do that a lot.
    4. Lionheart
      Actually I kinda agree with that statement. I just didn't see the reason for her being there along with Juugo and Suigetsu. Remotely for me there isn't really anything to like about her, she's either serious or pervy. She alternates between the two generically. >.o
    5. Lionheart
      It seems that way, makes me wonder why people put their time and energy into it. I love the characters and pairings I love, I will never understand a reason to tell someone else they suck for it and all that. Eh, I still don't care too much for Karin but I'm sure she'll grow on me at some point. What was the opinion?
    6. Lionheart
      Yeah, pretty much. People get petty over anime characters. *shrugs.* It amuses me a bit now, but it's starting to get old. Oh boy, I know exactly what you mean by that. That's one reason to stick to FC's alone.
    7. Lionheart
      http://forums.narutofan.com/showthread.php?t=662819&page=17 lol and I was right. Naruto pairing fandom can be so predictable man. :headdesk.* Honestly, everyone is guilty of that shit and needs to get over themselves.
    8. Lionheart
      :tomato They were probably egging each other on or doing something related to hate/stance shit. or hey, I have no clue.
    9. Lionheart
      I had no clue. What's going on?
    10. Lionheart
      Like overlapping your jeans? :p lol You'll get there. <3

      I looked last night I think, I'll check out Kumiko if you posted here.

      Also; go make a claim at my Naruto e-family if you'd like, it's just for fun. ~ http://forums.narutofan.com/blog.php?b=12224
    11. Lionheart
      Tch, nothing wrong with being a softy.

      What comes with premium? :O
    12. Lionheart
      I'm sure you were a cute squished person, and 5'2. I love mini ladies. lol My aunt is like 4'11 and a squishy person, everyone thinks she's helpless. It's amusing. Oh whatever, Lady Uchiha. ~

      Uchiha kids! Word.
    13. Lionheart
      Doubt it all you want. ~ Somehow hard to imagine you big to be honest. XP It's not that impressive, trust me.

      oh really? Who are your other OC's?
    14. Lionheart
      Pretty big but not giving you a number, ma'am.:p Long. *shrugs.*

      It's all good.
    15. Lionheart
      Psychically or Personality wise? :p Personality wise I'm not telling you. Psychically I'm overweight. I've black hair, dark eyes, and I'm mixed.

      Weird, I didn't see them anywhere. Ah well. XDD
    16. Lionheart
      :p I seen you deleted our comments on zombie narusaku. Did I offend?
    17. Lionheart
      Perhaps, perhaps. Whats' the craziest shit you've done? Like when you weren't all there.

      PERHAPS. SOMEDAY. MAYBE. No really I do gotta get a camera, been wanting one for years. lol So you'll see pictures of me at some point. Anyway, probably because of my sets, they usually include Itachi. My friend Rosie says the same exact thing. Only explanation I can come up with. I look nothing like him though.
    18. Lionheart
      lol that's amusing. <3

      Some logic? :p I'm very logical. Why do you ask?

      Yes, you've got pictures on there. ~ Show me the new ones if you will, I don't mind seeing them. Beauty is nice to look at. :tomaflirt and nope, don't even have a camera.
    19. Lionheart
      I'd certainly be amused right along with that. Anyone ever ask why you're doing it?

      I'm attempting to. It'll pass ~

      Anyway. Pictures of yourself? And I've seen you. You're quite beautiful.
    20. Lionheart
      lol I wasn't saying you have to at all, honestly. I was just saying. <3 lmao Being in a Japanese crowd would probably be hilarious to boot or around someone else who at least knew it. The looks you guys get. XP

      I've been on the path for the last three days. Let's say I've been having moments of heehehehehahahaha...hehehe...hahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHALOL.

      ^^ So whatcha up to?
    21. Lionheart
      Bunny it is. : P And I would have definitely preferred Nii-san. .... lmao seriously? That's... well, i don't know what that is. Odd. I'm sure it's lulzy as fuck though.

      The black hole ones usually lead you down the path of wtf, this is not a good path for you become lost and want to pummel yourself in the face.

      Well thank you, I don't feel like it's so unfinished now. ^^
    22. Lionheart
      I was asking what Nii-San and Nee-chan meanV
    23. Lionheart
      Because it makes me feel de-manned. :del okay not really, I just enjoy teasing you. Whatever you'd like to call me is fine by me. ~ Nii-san, Nee-chan?

      How big would you say your holes are? HOW BIG?

      Thanks. I just feel like it isn't finished, and don't know what to do with it. And the quote I'm not liking too much either, but it looked the best.
    24. Lionheart
      :pek I swear, I'll call you Lady Yamanaka instead @ bunny. :C

      That's a great possibility, but I'm actually sure you did before. Illegalsleep sounds familiar. ~~ sometimes I have a hole in the back of my head where information tends to seep out. So yeah, who knows. and yes, yes you do.

      Okay... does this look finished to you? http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/8452/87410900.jpg
    25. Lionheart
      Mindless Self Indulgence, The Birthday Masscre <-- oh and you win the internet for liking those two bands.
    26. Lionheart
      <3 You got no other choice than to be called it at this point. :awesome

      Gotcha, added you to my favorites list. I can't believe it either... but maybe you have and I forgot.

      Three stories?

      XDD It's all good. Hm... could I bother you for an opinion?
    27. Lionheart
      Well, your username does have Uchiha in it. So I figured why not Lady Uchiha.
      Hm.... well dark things I happen to enjoy, so don't mind me if I actually do end up liking it and I could attempt reading the one with Itachi. He's always a good one to chill with in fanfiction. Where is your story? You never showed me.

      It's a love story rippled with lies and deceit! It sounds like it'll be a good read.
    28. Lionheart
      All is well in the Kingdom Of Noir, Lady Uchiha. Believe I'll get used to this name just fine.

      Hm..... Then I'd love to give your fanfic a whirl. Anything involving them being friends pleases the living daylights out of me, besides, I'd care to see the way you write.

      Ah, Godchild isn't hinted yaoi... it more IS yaoi without all ... the heavily done romance. Riff and Cain for example care more about each other than anyone else, they love each other, Riff is the only one who truly accepts Cain for who he is. Riff is his servant and has been serving him since he was a child. There are many hints, the way they are with each other, and Riff is the only person besides his sister allowed to touch him intimately. I don't mind it simply because it suits them as people. Though I somehow prefer the idea of Cain with women. Go figure. And neither is Godchild, it's much more about the corruption and darkness in humans through a ... nursey rhyme means. Mother Goose becomes grimm. I do highly recommend it. If you don't like it even a little bit, I'll admit shock.

      What is the idea?
    29. Lionheart
      Funny... Killartist is actually based off Deidara. Because I was on the fence about his character and when I learned of his jutsu... I thought to myself 'His art is the killing kind.' edit; damn you, you just made me not care for the new name at all. Woman.

      Ah, sounds interesting. I wouldn't mind reading it... though if it's heavy on the romance, maybe not.

      From what I've seen/heard, there is a lot of yaoi going on in that show. [and if you like intended yaoi, may I suggest Godchild? and it's utter deliciousness. More hinted at than heavy] Sebastian that cool huh?
    30. Lionheart
      I requested I know like a month ago ~ I'm kinda shocked at it too, but I'll live with it.

      Ah. What's it about? Your Sasusaku ficlet. :awesome You pair in that show?
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    the pits of hell?
    Favorite Character(s):
    Sasuke, Sakura, Itachi and Tsunade
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: Shippiden 52
    Chapter: 482
    I'm female, I enjoy few anime, I still love the sauce, and college student

    Drawing, painting, anything artistic


    I love music
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