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  • thanks for responding. I joined your anti itachi hype group, if you ever get back on it.
    Your awesome
    thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!! thanks nerd!!!!!!!!
    Yeah we still holdin it down but it seems people aren't ready to let go yet. Some of the denial in that thread surprised me i must admit. Itachi tards are better off just pretending they don't care rather than trying to defend their wank.

    Also thanks for the rep.
    Thanks for the rep! Yeah I know right? The level of hypocrisy sometimes on NF is vomit-inducing. And more often than not, people will just say 'well it's the Internet' when actually the real reason is 'well it's YOU'. LOL
    rejoice my friend, Jiraiya finally was proven superior by Obito's confession. :hurr

    your fight is over, you can rest now :gar
    Not sure. Hopefully we'll get some more information.

    Its surprising how much Sasuke fans confuse Senninka and Sennin Modo.
    Bro, you've got to stop negging me for wanking Itachi. That's like negging the sun for shining. Just love me. I shall give you a green rep out of good faith, you handsome bastard!
    What if the Mizukage's bodyguard defected to Konoha? And since he looks so similar to Orochimaru, he's Orochimaru's dad?
    There's a lot in this area, but we also have a lot of CJ schools here.

    I'd rather do intelligence than actual police work. I wanted to join the military but I have some health troubles (asthma, mainly) that prevent me from doing a lot of stuff like that. :sag I actually want to be a literature professor, believe it or not. I have a degree in that as well, but I know that there isn't exactly much of a demand for those so I do not expect to ever really be one... My big problem is that every job wants experience, but how can I get experience if I can't get a job to begin with? I can never find entry-level jobs. Not even crappy paper-pushing desk jobs.

    I got my MA in it. It...uhm...didn't get me a job. :lmao It isn't my dream job but I decided to get a "practical" degree that could get me a job and that fell flat on its face. I currently have a couple of part-time jobs but nothing stable.
    Naruto was actively resisting Kurama there too, remember? And that was just a TINY amount of chakra, no where comparable to the full beast.

    Actually, Nagato quite handily defeated KN6 with his Chibaku Tensei, and was prepared to make an even larger one for full Kurama there remember?

    Perfect Susano'o can only cut mountains in half. Remember, Perfect Susano'o only clocks in at 132 Megatons of firepower from it cutting two mountains in half. A standard Bijudama from one of the lesser Biju vaporizes mountains leaving nothing but a 6-10 kilometer crater in its place, which requires 4 gigatons of power. Biju Mode Naruto though? He goes over a TERATON of power, he can wipe out small countries with his Bijudama.

    Biju Mode Naruto is superior to 100% Kurama too. Biju Mode Naruto can use ninjutsu, clones, and use Kurama's power far more effectively since he doesn't throw it around randomly.
    I don't think the Sharingan can mess with a Perfect Jinchuriki's control. What Sasuke really needs to compete is the Rinnegan. Perfect Susano'o isn't enough for normal Biju Mode due to the insane firepower difference and the durability difference.
    Know how big a gap Biju Mode and Perfect Susano'o firepower is? Biju Mode goes into the teratons of firepower (Naruto's clocks at 1.12 teratons) while Perfect Susano'o clocks in at 132 Megatons. Even the ordinary Biju go up to 4 Gigatons, and Killer Bee/Gyuki's goes into the triple gigatons (around 100 or so)
    Biju Mode is still overall superior even with Perfect Susano'o: superior firepower, Naruto's jutsus, Naruto's sheer speed, and durability that even Madara's Perfect Susano'o can't get through. And now that Naruto has Biju Sage Mode...Sasuke's left further behind.

    It wouldn't surprise me if it was because of Naruto though that Sasuke has this giant Complete Susano'o now (its not even Perfect yet or armored), since throughout the entire fight before his Complete Susano'o was small.
    Possibly, but considering Sasuke hasn't displayed any signs of that until after Naruto's chakra was given to him, as well as the sheer size of his Complete Susano'o compared to Naruto's Biju Mode, I think it should be attributed to Naruto's power up of him.

    Sasuke's cult is now saying Naruto didn't contribute at all to his Susano'o power up (legs and the size of Naruto's Biju Mode).
    They sound like fucking morons. Tsukuyomi isn't even effective on Kage level ninjas and hasn't even been used offensively since the Sasuke vs Itachi battle.
    Not that. That he compared his own chakra levels to Naruto's. Hashirama's wankers say Hashirama's chakra is equal to that of Naruto's + Minato's + Kurama's.
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