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Mar 10, 2007
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    1. Amanda
      But surely you could produce at least something on your own, so you wouldn't be so dependent on oil & gas and the foreign suppliers. You have insane natural reserves of almost anything industry could want and - as far as I know - legacy of highly quality education, especially in the maths. Even if you weren't selling much outside, you could produce more of what you need yourself.

      Countries like Canada can do it too....
    2. Amanda
      Thanks for your thoughts!

      That's more or less what I assumed.

      But when it comes to Russia, you get to hear the most wildest theories. Some of them are malevolent, some are just told with this idea that everything's different over there, as if Russia was some bizarre fantasyland where anything can happen. But only few actually know what's going on. There aren't many objective news and documentaries. Not many travel there, other than St.Petersburg maybe. When I visited Moscow the last summer, others were weirded out and somewhat concerned. What's so strange in that? It's another European capital.

      Yes, sure, I believe it's a fine place to live in, as any place in the world. And you're right about how it's not necessary to be the top of everything. Such as wealth. Japanese are wealthy, the Chinese make obscene amounts of money, but those societies seem so competive and workaholic I couldn't be happy there.

      By the way, over here I have lots of Russian immigrants as patients. (I'm a dental hygienist.) It's interesting to notice certain common trends among different ethnicities. The Russian patients are often quite stoic and reserved and almost feel uneasy in my company, which is a curious contradiction to the usual stereotype we have of you; that you're emotional and loud and boisterous. But I've understood you're different with strangers and family.
    3. Amanda
      Hi, if you don't mind, I thought of asking you something.

      When discussing Russia, some Westerners predict that post-Putin Russia will break apart. Numbers like 18 successor states get thrown around. I find it odd thing to suggest - even in the case of a civil war, surely Russians would all like to see the country remain intact and ultimately return under Kremlin, who ever sits there.

      So I've taken it for uninformed wishfullfilment from people who would like to see Russia gone. Do you have any thoughts on this? Is it ever discussed there?
    4. Zyrax
      I see that you're from Russia
    5. Zyrax
    6. horsdhaleine
      I think your mildly cold is super cold for me!

      Snow. :wtf

      How's the rouble now? Even gas prices have dramatically went down.
    7. horsdhaleine
      Privyet! I'm ok. How's Christmas in Russia?

      Yeah, I wish I had more time for the language section.
    8. Nordstrom
      Thank God. Also, thanks for clearing that out. I had been chewing on that one for a while.

      Merry Christmas as well!
    9. Nordstrom
      Is the shopping spree still on? Or has it stabilized since last week?

      Also, another thing I wanted to ask regarding the Russian language, do you have any idea why "German" translates as "немецкий" (nemetskii)?
    10. masamune1
      Yes, I do have clever essays and interesting posts...

      I'm still around. I'm just usually in the Theatre section nowadays.
    11. horsdhaleine
      Yes, it is a very strategic indeed, especially considering its location. Like you said, things would have been better if it moved slowly and with much deliberation. They may be happy with their decisions now but will Ukrainians, including Crimeans, be happy about this after 5, 10, 15 years?

      It seems to me like there has been a strong social cleavage going on for a long time now and it's only now the world is seeing it.

      Hahah! наш means ours? You know, the Philippines has become a popular place for Russians and its neighboring countries for vacation. They usually spend weeks in the beaches.
    12. horsdhaleine
      How are things there? The news about Russia and Crimea has spread worldwide. It's in the news here as well since December. I hope you are not affected by it.

      Is it skiing season in Russia now? I have neglected my Russian studies because of work and other preoccupations. :( Feel free to teach me some expressions though. I still have my Russian notebook. :woo
    13. BashFace
    14. Ernie
      Thanks for the rep
    15. Kamina.
      Thanks for the rep.
    16. Marie
      Thanks 4 the rep!
    17. Black Mirror
    18. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      Brock Lesner > Undertaker

    19. Blur
      Thanks for rep :lmao And Tankian in your set is awesome :iria
    20. horsdhaleine
      Make a new Russian thread, Lyosha! :iria
    21. Fin
      SOAD is getting back together for a tour this year

    22. horsdhaleine
      Privet, uchitel! Kak dela? :iria
    23. Animeblue
      here are the chapters you ask for Undertaker

    24. horsdhaleine
      Happy birthday!!! :ruri :ruri :ruri
    25. horsdhaleine
      not exactly. but in the end i was able to recover my files. hehe.

      I saw tarovsky film. have i told you? btw, is crime and punishment really similar to death note? alice told me... seems like something interesting to read. :3
    26. horsdhaleine
      Teacher... my files are gone... :scry
    27. Chibason
      Rep thanks! ..I was slightly concerned with bannage but I guess it's ok...:grin
    28. Shadow050
      thanks for the rep :)
    29. horsdhaleine
      Teacher! :iria

      How are you now? It has been raining recently a lot here. Also, I watched a Russian ballet. Tchaikovsky! :awesome
    30. horsdhaleine
      :hug :glomp :hug

      Just saved our lessons from the thread. I hope everything is fine esp your thesis~
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