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Last Activity:
Jun 16, 2020
Feb 11, 2005
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Feb 18, 1987 (Age: 33)


操り人形, 33

Unknown was last seen:
Jun 16, 2020
    1. Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse
      Happy Birthday Unknown!

      One day you will stop lurking and say hey again.
      1. GANDO, SwordsPlus and Lurker like this.
      2. Lurker
        Yes he will one day...
        Feb 18, 2020
        GANDO and Mickey Mouse like this.
      3. Mickey Mouse
        Mickey Mouse
        Not with you Lurking about.:blobcatjuice
        Feb 18, 2020
        GANDO likes this.
      4. Lurker
        He Will!!!!!!
        Feb 18, 2020
        GANDO, SwordsPlus and Mickey Mouse like this.
    2. Lurker
    3. Xeogran
      An old member who's a Hao fan. I'll make you return~!
    4. PlotHax
      Hey man, can you explain to me your method for calcing Jiraiya / Bunta fireball?

      Wouldnt it be a lot easier to just to calc the energy from complete combustion of the oil?
    5. Roƅ
      Thanks for rep.

      Dat Kakuzu! :datass

      :brofist Love that guy

      You should make that your name! :gar
    6. Tir
      Hey man, thanks for the rep
    7. Wolfgang Grimmer
    8. Francesco.
      There are some things that made me stop wanting to attend OBD:

      - The bullshit speedcalc for Bleach (like mach 28, or mach 100 Monster Aizen and Dangai Ichigo)

      - The bullshit result like LFD Natsu can't defeat fodder like Kirge Opie, a characther with shit feat, and people claim is Hypersonic + with no reason

      - Character like Sanji can kill people with triple digit kiloton level durability like Byakuran

      - Character like Ultear are losing against people weaksauce like Sakura Haruno

      - Character like Mereum or Netero can solo the whole FT-verse at them, wonderfull... how they can bypas the Hades durability? They can't solo.

      - Or a good list of other wrong argument in OBD

      These are examples of things obviously wrong, that made me stop wanting to attend OBD.
    9. Zeno
      dafuq man? What's the neg for?
      1. Lurker likes this.
    10. Illairen
      Unknown, don`t you think that this 300 trillion degrees thing (akainu`s daifuka temeprature) is an outlier? :hmm
    11. DHxCohaco
      didn't see you posting in while :/
    12. Algol
      hey, ty for the rep a while back
    13. Namikaze Minato
      Namikaze Minato
      Dude you have weak rep power , wonder why's that? :awesome
    14. Naruko
      Unknown, gomu gomu - both of you flamed, neither of you is clean here. Going to call it a draw and you're going to leave each other alone and stop flaming. Any further flaming will end in ban time, this is outta control. Let this go. Personal insults never convince anyone to agree with you.
    15. Lurker
      Thanks for all the reps.
    16. Derpaholic
      no it doesn't

      Especially when you don't even have time to look at shit

      Not to mention just by looking at the comments you tried to apply the speed that you said "wasn't combat" to the combat speed of other people .
    17. Alita
      Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks anyway. Were you going to redo that garra sand speed calc?
    18. Alita
      Do you know how to post a blog so it's viewable to people in the blog section?
    19. Im The Evil Mastermind
    20. Lurker
      Yeah but it should be accepted everybody liked it and we have a new frs calc
    21. Lurker
      Hey does your 9 tails size speed calc stand or was it trown out.
    22. Francesco.
      If that bullshit mach 100 calc being accept, even the mach 20 Sasuke calc and mach 14 calc for FT can being accepted? If that become not accepted, that was a fraud against Narutoverse and FTverse.
    23. Francesco.
      Is oblivousy an outlier IMHO.
    24. Francesco.
      You have read Monkey D. Luffy being mach 100+ now?
    25. Francesco.
    26. Chuck
      thanx anyways :amuse
    27. Chuck
      umm, you didn't post anything on the 6th; you havnt posted anything from the 2nd-6th of june so are you talking about a different day then??
    28. Chuck
      so the 6th? will search for it now
    29. Chuck
      okay do you at least know which day you calced it?
    30. Chuck
      that thread is loooooong :oh since you posted it you'd have an easier time finding it right?
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    Feb 18, 1987 (Age: 33)
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