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Aug 5, 2017
Dec 15, 2011
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Jul 20, 1989 (Age: 30)
on the moon chlling with urouge and Ouki
    1. Blαck
      What up!!
    2. corsair
      Sup Kenji
    3. Saint Saga
      Saint Saga
      You've been away from skype and shit for almost a year man.
    4. Sablés
      U named after the ^ (use bro) from 20CB? :caticon

      And no, dis some random bish from the giveaways :catsalute
    5. Viper
      LOOOL these guys are fast as fuck but can't catch for nada. The Panthers D is boss as fuck, Luke Kuechly is an amazing player.

    6. Beckman
      I'm fine ty!

      Waiting for this winter to end, I want spring already.

      Expected you to show up when Urouge returned tbh, just casually telling the strongest man in the world that he can "kill himself if he want's to" :catsalutears

      Such a man.

      Oh and Dortmund is doing well again :catboogie
    7. Stannis
    8. Sablés
      lolkenji forever :caticon
    9. Saint Saga
      Saint Saga

      I actually was wondering where the hell you were yesterday.
    10. Imagine
      lolkenji x infinity :caticon
    11. Viper
      omg :gglife

      its you :gglife

      watching it right now :mahnigga
    12. Beckman
      >Returning and not stopping by to say hi! :catippy

      sup? :caticon
    13. corsair
      So how are you doing? :brofist
    14. corsair
      The fc will rise again :urougeta
    15. corsair
      Would be wonderful to have you back for a while :catfeels
    16. corsair
      It feels more aggresive to me. They are always talking about which users they ignored and try to enter some shit into the art contests that will obviously get declined, so that they can then complain about the mods.

      It's not that bad, but I noticed that the tone changed a bit.
    17. corsair
      I wouldn't call it a falling out, really. He mostly ignored me for a long time and then I made one joke too many and he flipped out at me.

      Just said that it's just as horrible as it always was :lmao
      The only saving grace is the OLC. And tbh I think they are getting too aggresive there too. At least the telegrams got a little bit better from what I saw.
    18. corsair
      It came out of nowhere but you know how he is sometimes. I dared to make one joke and all that. I just decided I had enough of this shit and posted his pm openly. Really not worth my time.

      Cheeky might just be the first guy I saw that said he would post less for a while and actually did disappear. Kiz is more like a guy that comes back every few months.

      And yeah, it was about time with Marc. Didn't really help the OL though. It's as horrible as it has always been.
    19. corsair
      The fc has been slowish, for our former speed at least. Despite this it is still one of the most active parts of NF.
      I guess seraphiel now became an active poster. Dev went to the OLC instead and is now on a break. Gina decided that he hated me all along and never wants to return to the fc (not like he posted there before anyway). Ultear is new, but doesn't really post much. Boshi became more active again, in that he posts at all. No signs of Kiz, Marco and Cheeky. Marcelle became OL mod.

      Last week was okay from a speed perspective, but this weekend is very sleepy. Hopefully the superbowl will bring a bit of activity.
    20. corsair
      Watching one game a year can't be bad. Let's try it. :urouge
    21. corsair
      I never watched a game tbh. Maybe I'll try this time.
    22. corsair
      So you gonna watch the superbowl tonight?
    23. corsair
      Of course he is. :lmao

      But only by like 20 reps. Which is saying something.

      Hope to see you later tonight then. If not, take care. :catwave
    24. corsair

      Sup Kenji :glomp
      I had to think of you because you actually managed to be #2 of the people who repped me the most (you can see your entire cp again, so be careful), despite being gone for so long. How did you even do that?

      Hope you are doing fine :catfeels
    25. corsair
    26. Viper
    27. Imagine
      lolkenji :catprone
    28. Saint Saga
      Saint Saga
    29. Kid
      mad monk
    30. Imagine
      Better pray to Urouge :skully
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    Jul 20, 1989 (Age: 30)
    on the moon chlling with urouge and Ouki
    Favorite Character(s):
    Raikage the 3rd because of the beard


    My sanctuary
    Spoiler: Sacoche



    Pimping project

    To read list

    Peter V. Brett's
    Demon Cycle quintet: The Warded Man, The Desert Spear, The Daylight War (books 4 & 5 forthcoming)

    Anthony Ryan's
    Raven's Shadow trilogy: Blood Song (books 2 & 3 forthcoming)

    Daniel Abraham's
    The Dagger and the Coin series: The Dragon's Path, The King's Blood (more books forthcoming)

    Daniel Abraham's
    Long Price quartet: A Shadow in Summer, A Betrayal in Winter, An Autumn War, The Price of Spring

    Mark Lawrence's
    The Broken Empire trilogy: Prince of Thorns, King of Thorns (book 3 forthcoming)

    Joe Abercrombie's
    First Law trilogy: The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged, Last Argument of Kings

    Joe Abercrombie's
    Best Served Cold, The Heroes, Red Country

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