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Jul 16, 2018 at 2:00 AM
Aug 20, 2003
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Fuck Yeah! Jun 9, 2017

Vegeta was last seen:
Jul 16, 2018 at 2:00 AM
    1. Lina Shields
      Lina Shields
      VEGETA! What does the scouter say about his power level ?!
    2. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      Just know that I always carry a copy of your signature with me everywhere I go

      It brings me good luck
    3. DemonDragonJ
      Thank you for the +rep; I am glad that you share my opinion on that matter.
    4. NooodleBowl
      Dm me, i just wanna know how to make my vids better. im kinda a baby when people say shit about me and take it to heart.. If you got any tips then dm me. If you are getting annoyed and think i just make unintersting vids then you can delete this comment.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Ashi
        Vegeta's such a sweetheart <3
        May 3, 2018
      3. Vegeta
        I know right? And, yeah it was a good point. Don't ever show your face.
        May 3, 2018
      4. NooodleBowl
        Ight, new vid coming up. Trust, will be good. :))
        May 3, 2018
        Ashi likes this.
    5. TheWiggian
      Ah ok... I was wondering what you meant.
    6. Juub
      Don't bother arguing with Superstars. I had him on ignore for a while and I never did that to anyone.
      1. God Movement and Kuzehiko like this.
      2. Vegeta
        He is terribly stupid
        Feb 19, 2018
      3. Vegeta
        Feb 20, 2018
    7. Lina Shields
      Lina Shields
      Thank you very much. Appreciate it.
      1. Vegeta
        lol don't worry about it. I was just spreading so I could neg a knob twice.
        Dec 22, 2017
      2. Lina Shields
        Lina Shields
        Dec 22, 2017
    8. Lina Shields
      Lina Shields

      This is awful. Most of the relevant images in that thread aren't working, or down. I'll try to see what can be done about it.
      1. Vegeta
        Nov 20, 2017
    9. Kenneth
      Vegeta, why is your avatar definitely not a vegeta
      Who is this strange man alien thing
      1. Vegeta
        It is Jiren. He is pretty cool.
        Aug 14, 2017
    10. Vegeta
      Fuck Yeah!
      1. Zyrax likes this.
      2. Vegeta
        Yes I can open a PM, can you?
        May 18, 2018
    11. Cax
    12. Kenneth
      Since a few months ago
      Feels good man
    13. Havoc
      Have you had a kid and named it after me yet?
    14. Kenneth
      Ofc you're not selfish for that reason, science will hopefully bring him back
      But maybe we can have some other Joker who's really really good at it
      Some new talent, maybe even a legitimately crazy maniac, wouldn't that be interesting
      And he doesn't believe in props

      I'd buy several tickets to see that
    15. Kenneth
      Oh now I get it

      You're not a real nurse
      Oh gods this is fucking awkward now
    16. Kenneth
      ... :( Do you exist to ruin what was to be a perfectly fine and carefree Saturday of mine
    17. Kenneth
      It's the one thing that can't be taken from a Saiyan besides pride
      Being a dbztard
      I'm not a Saiyan but still, I can't help but stay interested in it
    18. Kenneth
      I dunno, most villains were shit besides Cooler and probably a few others I forgot about
      Beer was shit as well and that trucker android was downright stupid
      Then again he did punch goku in the balls

      Maybe good old Frieza will be alright
    19. Kenneth
      After three weeks of dealing exclusively with pairing people who throw fits in all sorts of places, I've got enough chaos in me to give birth to a new solar system and then have it explode into another one

      Speaking of exploding solar systems, did you hear about the new dbz movie
    20. Kenneth
      That's not going to do me or anyone any good

      I mean come on
      Can I go to sleep once without someone creating a baitfest
    21. Kenneth
      You almost made me stay awake longer to deal with epic amounts of more angry people

      It's been several weeks of me kinda being on guard duty by myself because the others aren't around and it keeps raining people who just want to shit on a fanclub

      It's eating away at whatever sanity I thought I had, I think
    22. Splintered
      NF Final Boss
    23. Revolution
      If it is true that you created the forum as someone told me, I thank you.
    24. Big Bοss
      Big Bοss
      Don't worry man, you don't have to rep me back.

      You are good people, plus you are :vegeta, enough reason to rep you.
    25. CA182
      Just posting ere while you're the princess of all saiyans.
    26. Sunuvmann
    27. Monark
    28. skillustrate
      Ya don't say... So you had to call in a favor there, did ya? Much appreciated.

      I've never been an admin of a site this large but I have Super-Moderated one for a few years, in addition to majorly directing that site's thriving Graphics section -- NarutoMania.

      The head admin of that site, Kakashi, also kept the staff in the loop with what was going on beneath the surface. He didn't hide the ups and downs from us, so I have a taste of what goes into bearing the weight. And even with that lower-level responsibility, I had my hands full.

      To call it a chore would be an understatement, and that's without even considering offline life as part of the equation. So kudos to you (and the others) for the time you spent in action.
    29. skillustrate
      You certainly can. Though, that's not the reason I initially stopped by...

      Just wanted to drop you a line to confirm Vegeta = you. Then I checked some old PMs between us (Ronin and ~Mirage~) and was able to confirm it after the fact myself.

      Anyway, I was gonna ask you or some other admin for a quiet name change from "dotCeyx♠" to "skillustrate" but if it's necessary for me to go through the proper channels, I'll do that instead (let me know).

      We haven't associated much but it's nice to see you're still around. A familiar face is comforting; especially since most of the others I knew well enough to have semi-frequent MSN convos with in years past are MIA or gone.

      I hope all is well.
    30. skillustrate
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