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Last Activity:
Jan 7, 2014
Apr 12, 2005
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Jan 4, 1989 (Age: 30)
Home Page:
Montr�al, Canada
Artist and web designer.


Art prevails!, 30, from Montr�al, Canada

vervex was last seen:
Jan 7, 2014
    1. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      Gooba... He's gone.

    2. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      Most of the HR referred to her as Cyn .

      I think her user name before was Cyncycc. . . something with those letters. And an 'l' somewhere, I think.

      Am I happy in life? Unfortunately, no. Last year was a full personal year that I wished had started and developed differently.

      My congratulations to your marriage!

      Yes, creative life. . . it's a path and dimension that I'm always aware of for constant negotiation with my 'formal/professional' life.

      Do take care! And once again, congratulations!
    3. Suzumebachi
      Look who's alive. Remember me?
    4. Suzumebachi
    5. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      Currently engaged with PhD funding applications. Then next, PhD applications. And then, conference paper submissions.

      I'll be at a university participating on a panel about Women & Comics. I have a paper being published in a journal this month (supposedly). Next year, I'll be presenting in Chicago at an academic conference. So, busy as an academic. As a creative writer, not much done. Have a publication I edited and contributed to, which needs funding.

      As for the news --

      One of our own HR members, Cynthia (TekJounin) unfortunately passed away due to anaphylactic shock from a bee sting.

    6. av
      I remember your art. I see you are one of the many people that hasn't been here for ages. Kind of sad.
    7. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      Finally done my Master's.

      Have you heard the news about one of our own from the HR?

    8. Toby
      Are you back? Do you skype? :O
    9. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      Hope you're doing well.
    10. Artful Lurker
      Artful Lurker
      There's a picture I like but I don't like the background can I blacken it or cut it out???
    11. sexualhealingeffect
      Verex, i'm a new member here. I've seen your work, your portfolio, and I must say you're a great example of some genuine inspiration. I only hope you continue to develop and progress as you have.
    12. Yagami1211
      Hey MCFly !
    13. Zorp
      And I, as well, thank you. :33 Can't wait to watch this Gintama movie. :yay
    14. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      Know of any great vector tutorials? For Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 that is :maybe
    15. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      Stories and photographs in the HR by yours truly.

      Only up until the end of June.
    16. NeytiriGrimmy
      Hey sweets ^^

      I did not get it back yet and some noob-mod is trolling me whilst I'm merely trying to resolve the issue, I would appreciate some help ;/

      I made a complaint/request to resolve this issue in the staff room.
    17. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      A reminder that my work will be gone by Friday.
    18. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      "The Life of Charlotte Bronte" is a Victorian biography of the author of Jane Eyre. Very, very long. I like reading biographies of creative artists. That, and this book is one of the leftover books I haven't finished from the previous semester.

      "Preventing Genocide" is what it is, a monograph on the subject of genocide and how to prevent it. Reading it out of my own interest.

      Rudyard Kipling is the author of "The Jungle Book". That said, he's fantastic with horror and fantasy. The foreword of the book I have is written by Neil Gaiman, who himself was influenced by Rudyard Kipling's stories.

      I've heard of all the books you mentioned except for Sookie Stackhouse. Of them all, I hope to start and finish the Song of Ice and Fire series before graduate school starts.

      On the story I wrote, as I mentioned at the beginning, it was inspired by the Buddhist stories of my childhood. In fact, it's the stories from the "The Love of Life" book that I mentioned in my Ask thread. IIRC, you asked that question about said book, which books I'd keep if my house was on fire.

      Ah, design. Curious, how are the clients and the commissions you had thus far?
    19. NeytiriGrimmy
      Hey you! :hug
      Any updates on when I can get my account back? Thanks in advance anyways for all the help ^^!
    20. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      What a pleasant surprise.

      I'm currently reading through a biography (The Life of Charlotte Bronte by Elizabeth Gaskell); a non-fiction book (Preventing Genocide); and an anthology of Rudyard Kipling's short stories.

      I've been busy with writing nowadays.

      stories & photographs by You-Know-Who

      How have you been?

      And how is reading and art for you?
    21. Kenneth
    22. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      I've been busy indeed, as you can tell from the following two linked threads.

      Have you seen the Swedish film adaptations of Larsson's books?

      A Hollywood adaptation of the first book is coming out this December.

      Ender's Game. . . another story I've yet to read.

      Also, where to start with Amélie Nothomb's works?
    23. Comic Book Guy
      Comic Book Guy
      2011's greetings, miss.

      How have you been?

      I like Larsson's Milennium stories, the third sitting on my bookshelf pending reading. A pity that Larsson died before his 4th and even 5th books were done.

      Once I'm done with them, I'll be tracking down Am?lie Nothomb works, unless I get derailed by mandatory course texts again.

      Thank you for your suggestions earlier last year.

      I hope you've been well.
    24. chrisp
      hi tina, remember me?:33
    25. Kaiwai
    26. Kaiwai
    27. Jαmes
      well i hope you're doing great out there :)
    28. Jαmes
      has rl kidnapped you? :argh
    29. Jαmes
      where are you? :(
    30. Raiden
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  • About

    Jan 4, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Home Page:
    Montr�al, Canada
    Artist and web designer.
    Favorite Character(s):
    Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Kankurou, Gaara and Naruto.
    Canadian freelance artist and design student.

    Digital arts, design, technology, history, networking, my patito :)


    Will be off for a while... Maybe back soon? Who knows!
    Contact me on MSN for any emergency or just friendly talking.

    - vervex

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