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Vivi Ornitier
Last Activity:
Jun 29, 2016
Jun 4, 2013
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January 1
Maple Syrup Land

Vivi Ornitier

Retired 1st Class Space Patrol Officer, from Maple Syrup Land

Vivi Ornitier was last seen:
Jun 29, 2016
    1. DestinyDestroyer
      We still remember you
      1. ShieldsPlus
        A legend in this whole VS debating community for sure.
        Feb 27, 2019
    2. Darth Nihilus
    3. DestinyDestroyer
      May you Rest in Peace
      1. is a
        is a
        did they die irl?
        Jun 2, 2018
      2. DestinyDestroyer
        No, he left the forum two years ago
        Jun 3, 2018
    4. Ryuji Yamazaki
      Ryuji Yamazaki
    5. Blocky
      you're always in our hearts
      1. cingetorix and marks3684 like this.
    6. Kryptonian Dominion
      Kryptonian Dominion
      Do You Have The Calculation That Makes Balrog & Birdie Town Level+ In Durability?

      If So. Can You Link It To Me? @Vivi Ornitier
    7. Gallavant
      Shinji u LCL fucker
    8. Hardboned
      Rip Vivi
      1. Santi
        Get boned. Hard.
        Aug 14, 2016
    9. Saint Saga
      Saint Saga
      Get your ass on skype.
    10. DestinyDestroyer
      By the way, what did you mean by being "retired"? Does that means you will no longer post in this forum? Why?
    11. DestinyDestroyer
      I was reading the old MM tier list and I was wondering the exact same thing Phil was: Has it been comfirmed that BN's cyberworld is effectively a universe?
      1. TJTheDuelist and RemChu like this.
      2. RemChu
        ohh MM bn talk o.o

        jack in
        May 1, 2016
    12. Jakers
      so hi what's up? isn't the new layout so damn shitty that it's hard to quickly respond to anyone anymore?
    13. Brightsteel
      Vivi, you ever play Fire Emblem?
    14. TTGL
      Old OBD had Magus at building level. What a bunch of plebs. :maybe
    15. ChaosTheory123
      I don't because I've never gotten around to checking out the Chrono series *shrugs*

      Sounds interesting though. Sounds like something Square would do too

      1) is nice.
      2) is true thinking about it given Terra sure as hell wasn't BFRed
      3) isn't a first for a Square product :maybe

      Kefka's laugh is contagious is all :maybe

      I can't think of anything Biggs and Wedge would scale. They're Terra's minders for the mission to Narshe, but that says nothing about their power.

      Especially when they were awed by the power Terra wields at the start of the game. Sure, its impressive, but BoG Terra's hardly a high tier by the end.
    16. Jakers
      Hey Proto Dude, I just want to ask... who you think would win between Ryu from Street Fighter and Jin from Tekken? And what do you think is the stronger verse? Street Fighter or Tekken? And ditto for Street Fighter vs King of Fighter and Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat (without the god beings)? And which of these rivalries have been the fiercest for Street Fighter in your opinion.

      I just want to know your opinion and learn more about these fighting game's feats and stuff from you. Thanks.
    17. Nevermind
      Vivi, how is your column coming?
    18. MatthewSchroeder
      ... I... Just found something insane happen as I was skimming through my low quality SS Ep G Scanlations.

      A sun was blown up.

      Not just any sun, but a Melas Planetes. I.E, a technique of the Titans that materializes and shrinks their "Patron Planet", from their original planetary / stellar size to only some hundreds of meters or so. Said celestial body contains immense power and Cosmos, and can even shape into humanoid or weaponized forms...

      Anyway, Hyperion's is a dark sun: C90PZeu

      And to absorb it's power, it first blows it up: 3YkCMaZ

      I'd love to see how haters would try to downplay this :trinny
    19. TTGL
      How did you get Frogs Masamune beam to scale to Crono? There's a similar speed feat in a series I like and I'm wondering if I can do likewise.
    20. Zyrax
    21. MatthewSchroeder
      You're welcome!
      Hopefully we'll chat more often from now on.
    22. Imagine
      m8, do I have your blessing to recover your Alita and Bison death explosion calc? :mikebatman
    23. cingetorix
      also i havent talked to you in a while.
      you okay?
    24. 8-Peacock-8
      Good, you have an FLCL set. :lmao
    25. Haro
      yo skype fixed yet?
    26. Haro
      because you are a fucking faggot lololol

      Fix it I want to call
    27. TTGL
      Dovahkiin & Osse. Added more to the Earthbound/Mother page, as it was pretty meh. Hope to start adding Daedric Princes when Nevermind has finished fixed up some problems on the wiki. I'll see if I can get the Dark Dragon quantified too.

      New FLCL is pretty exciting aint it?
    28. Overlord Murasama
      Overlord Murasama
      Please get on Skype
    29. Nevermind
      Whatever you wish. It's your column.
    30. Nevermind
      Have you begun that upcoming series article for Monthly?
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    January 1
    Maple Syrup Land
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    In a committed relationship with my 2d waifu
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    My Skype is kill


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