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Vivo Diez
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  • Ice ice baby :blobdj
    Vivo Diez
    Vivo Diez
    The game looks pretty dead huh. I might have to change my avatar again :catslam
    I thought about it ... but I'm just too to lazy do it :catkiji . Gonna give shrike some more time before switching for good. And Aokiji is the GOAT anyway.
    Vivo Diez
    Vivo Diez
    It's definitely pretty chilly outside, Aokiji kind of fits the theme of the season. We should go Akainu during the hot summer :catainu
    Hey man. How is life ? :catsadfeels

    Zoro > sanji :catnoms
    Vivo Diez
    Vivo Diez
    Pretty good considering the whole world's gone loco. Got back into Overwatch, russian bronze players bringing me down tho :explicat


    Sanji no map > Zoro with a map
    Do you actually think rep is a good thing? Its all about agreeableness with the ones who use it most.
    Vivo Diez
    Vivo Diez
    There's agreeableness, and then there's just being contrarian for contrarian's sake up to a point where you make yourself appear silly.
    "Contrarian thinkers are trailblazers in business. They are the polarizing visionaries who are just as likely to be called crazy as brilliant, and they have the foresight to see hidden opportunities and seize them at just the right moment."

    Regardless of your intention be it malicious or otherwise I'm going to take that as a compliment.
    Yikes, yeah, that does sound a bit dead. I guess you get bored of it?

    Bournemouth is nice, it's nice living so close to the sea. Summer is annoying tho because it becomes a tourist hotspot.

    Oh, fun. So I take it you know how to code, etc? One of my ex bfs studied computer science, but it was lost on me. I only know basic html and css lmao, enough for basic web design. What are you looking to do after you graduate?
    The world nobles are protected by the Gorosei. :facepalm

    They are not even close to the same thing.

    The Gorosei are not world nobles. They are men with one hell of a posture and position. They were not given their postion they worked for it proven by the fact they are NOT world nobles.

    The final villain is and is always far more powerful than the secondary./

    EoS BB is going to be way stronger than any admiral and if you actually think for a second that after beating BB that Luffy is going to have an extreme dif fight vs just one single admiral then god fucking help you.

    I'm done.

    No, bad story telling would be if the underling of an underling got defeated and the WG just drops dead.

    You simply don't fking understand Akainu's postion in the story.

    He is not the captain, he is not even the first mate. He is the Sanji of the WG.

    What you are saying will happen is the equivalent of Sanji going down and the SHs just admit defeat.
    Mad is how i debate with people that just say the same things over and over.

    I fail to see how someone as unimportant as Akainu can be the final villain.

    Why? Because he can get replaced however and whenever the WG wants.

    The final villain is always someone who ends everything. Once they go down, the battle is over and peace is restored.

    Akainu goes down, he gets replaced and the world carries on turning. :zaru

    Luffy will fight all admirals at the final war, just like WB did.

    If he fights 1v1 for an extended peiord of time, they are going down and Luffy is moving on.

    The battle ends when Luffy fights the real final villain and when that person goes down the war is over and the WG as it is, is simply no more.

    That's the way it IS going to be and i have no doubts in my mind it's going to be anything other than that.

    Sabo has taken up the mantel of Ace. Everything relating to Ace is getting passed down to Sabo.

    THAT is why he even exists. Without that, guess what? There is no reason for Sabo as a character at all.
    lmao, I never been to Bradford.
    What's it like? Is it as bad as people say it is? Like Hull?

    London is nice but very expensive, on the plus side there's always something to do.

    I live in Bournemouth at the moment, it is nice here. It's a weird cross between a lively, student town and god's waiting room but it's so small, I go to the same clubs/bars/restaurants and after 3 years it gets kind of boring but it's more chill than London imo. I like London but seems too fast paced and 'cold' for me sometimes.

    So, you're at uni now? What are you studying?
    i love crazy kanye.
    i bet he's so nasty in bed.


    lmaoooooo. fuckin nearly spat out the water i was drinking at, "bing bong language of the UK" :lmao :lmao :lmao
    whereabouts in the UK did you live? where are you living now? :0
    i'm waiting for kanye to snap and lose it completely
    he's finna do a britney
    i can't wait
    imagine the music after that tho

    I'm surprised you said that about the production quality. I usually get people saying production is dope but the accents and slang are off putting. I like that Ghetts song but personally prefer more "traditional" (for lack of a better word) grime that just sounds dirty and a turn up ting. e.g. Stormzy, Skepta, JME and Kano.
    p.s. I'm actually a huge Kanye stan so I'm glad you like him too.
    I usually have to defend him from plebs :catmad
    Haha, I don't mind the cheese. That one line from Freaks and Geeks about, "ee cummin on her face now that's poetry in motion" has me dying every time lmaooo. My favourite Gambino song is probs Hold You Down or Heartbeat. Money Baby is fun too.

    Ah Yeezus was goat, took me a while to get into it though. Reminded me of Death Grips on first listen. Dat Daft Punk coproduction on a few tracks though, wheeeew. Listen to Pablo when you get a chance, it's a good album. Some tracks are a bit meh on first listen, imo, but definitely grow on you. I think there's only one song I skip, well, it's not actually a song but a skit.

    Are you referring to George Fitzgerald or Bonobo? I don't listen to the former, only heard it because of Bonobo. If it's the later you're referring to, Sweetness is a nice, chill album.

    I'm into Grime too, but I guess that makes sense because I'm from London. Do you listen to grime? Every time I introduce people to grime I always get a meh reaction, I guess it gets lost in translation but it's a hype ting lmao. It's gaining traction, I think.
    That is a really nice song, thank you for sharing that. I should listen to more of them. Do you like Bloc Party? They are one of my favourite bands.

    Ah, those are some good choices. I'm really into Kanye haha, I'll fully admit he's an asshat but his music is so good. The Life of Pablo is one of my favourite albums at the moment. I like Childish Gambino too. I haven't really been keeping up to date with music at the moment, I end up sticking to what I like and haven't really branched out for a while.

    I also like post-rock and electronica. Recently I've been really feeling artists like Burial, Four Tet, Flying Lotus, Bonobo, James Blake, Massive Attack etc. Bonobo's remix of Full Circle is one of my favourites.
    One of my favourite songs and I have to make do with shitty lo-fi recording. That cuts real deep.

    I like Nick Drake and I have literally only heard one Fleet Foxes song, white winter hymnal - I think. I go through phases listening to different genres, at the moment, I'm really into hip-hop. I used to be into indie (I guess you would call it that) a lot more when I was younger but now have to be in a certain mood for it.

    Do you like Devendra Banhart? The Antlers?
    I think it's love you more than life, too bad it was only ever released as a demo, afaik. the lyrics are perf and jeff has the voice of an angel. ;~;
    Speaking of Jeff's perfection, his cover of I love how you love me is absolutely gorgeous.

    The whole of ITAOTS is great, Oh Comely and Two-Headed Boy are probably my favourites from that album.

    It's nice to see another Neutral Milk Hotel fan. :}
    Leaving NF and other forums for a bit to focus on university work. Hope to shitpost again one day. See you space cowboy.
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