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Apr 10, 2017
Apr 21, 2011
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Member, from Somewhere where it's nice

walkerandarazu was last seen:
Apr 10, 2017
    1. eluna
      Thanks dude :hug
    2. Amanda
      I sometimes wonder if the Baltic countries would have stood a chance if they allied and stood against Soviets together. We had such plans before WW2, after all: Poland, the Baltics and Finland were to form a military union. But nothing came out of it. Perhaps it wouldn't have helped... the Germans would have stomped over the place, and then later the Soviets would have occupied the region in their wake.
    3. Amanda
      Oh I see.

      To be pedantic... we didn't technically win Winter War. After all we had to give up 12 % of our territory, and to evacuate and relocate similar percentage of our population. What victory there was was not losing all the rest too.

      And interesting historical lesson to be learned from those days is the way in which Russia/Soviet Union started its attempted annexation of Finland. First they made suggestions of small territorial exchanges which sounded fair and justified enough: moving the border a bit farther away from Leningrad so that their second most important city isn't so exposed. We declined, on the basis that independent countries don't hand out territory when asked to, and because we had already seen Soviet Union using similar tactics with the poor Baltic countries. Once you give a finger, the devil will take the whole arm.

      After those offers were turned down, they framed a Finnish attack to their side and used it as an excuse to begin the would-be-occupation. Soon Finns were handed out propaganda according to which the Soviets are coming to free us from the right wingers... When they bombarded the cities, it was claimed the planes are bringing food baskets to help the poor starving Finnish citizens. That's by the way how Molotov's cocktail got its name: Finns made them en masse and claimed they're drinks for Molotov (Soviet foreign minister of the time) to go with his bread baskets. :lmao
    4. Amanda
      That's... quite a diverse background you have there, then. :lmao

      Sorry, I should have immediately asked in English too, to be polite. I was just so sure you're a Finn when you spoke of learning of Mannerheim in school.
    5. Amanda
      T?ytyy kysy?: oletko suomalainen? :)
    6. Hozukimaru
      EU is trying to be independent from Russia energy-wise as we speak but it's a very hard task. What Russia does at the moment just makes it a higher priority in the EU agenda. It's just that right now this takes money and time to do, which EU doesn't have. So for now they have their hands tied. In 10 years things will be different probably.
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