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Last Activity:
Jul 28, 2015
Jun 5, 2006
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Guess who it is!?

Wesley was last seen:
Jul 28, 2015
    1. Aries
      Hey not to bother you but do you want to join this mafia game?

    2. BlueDemon
      Haha, yeah, of course! Wonder what Yagi will come up with next!
    3. BlueDemon
      Thanks for the rep :)
    4. quicksilver
      Looks like I never gave it a proper chance, because it sounds like something I'd enjoy. I'll give it another go. And it turns out that Sunrise has a streaming site for the Gundams, gundam.info

      You didn't miss anything with CG; it was a mess.
    5. quicksilver
      I didn't feel at the time that he had been pressed into serving the EA rather than coerced, but I think I'll try watching it again. The crew of the Archangel weren't par for the course among the EA, it seemed. I'm still surprised the EA didn't fire on every ZAFT colony considering their Coordinator bias.

      Can I assume you watched Code Geass? Were you as upset about Suzaku as I was? What gets me was everyone who watched it sided with Lelouch v. Schneizel, yet happily rooted for Celestial Being when the original plan was Damocles-light.
    6. quicksilver
      Just the first five episodes. Kira was so emotionally fickle that I couldn't stand watching him anymore. I've heard he got somewhat better, but I also heard that he slept with Flay, so he can't have got much better and became a masochist to boot. I've seen some of the art though; how exactly does he go from Orb > Earth Alliance > Orb > ZAFT?

      Other than that, the others aren't on Netflix or Hulu, I don't want to pay for the DVDs, but I don't want to download licensed works. A friend from college watched Gundam Wing and said it was good, but a lot like 00.
    7. quicksilver

      I guess it's a good thing then for the both of us that I wasn't interested in Naruto back then. You'd be banned, and so would I as your sock. :(
    8. quicksilver
      It wasn't too vocal for me, since I repped you until I couldn't anymore! It's hard being one voice in a cacophony. And I do apologize for bring up old topics. I've been rewatching it for nostalgia, as it was my first anime, and was perusing the old threads for lolz, and I felt compelled to let you know you weren't the only voice of reason; without deus ex machina flying around, working within the system to affect change is the only way (which is why I like S1 Suzaku and abhor what he became), even if supermechs are fun to watch.
    9. quicksilver
      Can't rep you anymore right now, but I've been looking back at the Gundam 00 threads, and some things you said were absolutely right. In the end CB were terrorists, trying to enforce their demands on an imperfect but stable world. Might doesn't make make right, the ends don't necessarily justify the means. That's why I never liked Code Geass either. Anyway, thanks!
    10. LordPerucho
      Ok thanks.

      BTW do you a site where you can watch the Godzilla movie for free?
    11. LordPerucho
      I saw him post in Diva-Dirt. Is it you?
    12. LordPerucho
      Are you the same Wesley from Discus?
    13. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      That was more of a joke than a literal assessment of her character. :p
    14. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      Out of curiosity, what was that neg for?
    15. Aruarian
      Got banned?

    16. Guiness
      im reject in exile.
    17. Guiness
      hey wesley

      which server do you play oin? im always looking for some NA peeps to play with though i dont play much anymore
    18. Hitorio
      I notice that, in the FT section, you tend to have ideas that are more cinematically-awesome than the canon. I mean - it's Fairy Tail, so it's not hard, but - what manga do you like?
    19. Darth
      Oh I see what happened here, you posted your reply on your own profile so it never got to me :lmao

      What's your username on NA?
    20. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Note the stark contrast between my last two messages :p

      Still, massive reps are in order for your recent FT comment.
    21. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Why can I not rep you ? :O
    22. Wesley
      I still love it. Haven't played in a long long time.
    23. Darth
      Yo Wes you still play League of Legends?
    24. CA182
      There's a new miss fairy tail contest please vote!
    25. Wesley
      Probably. I don't really care.
    26. Ultra Instinct Vegito
      Ultra Instinct Vegito
      isn't tenchi masaki kami tenchi;s avatar? that is what most people agree but idk
    27. Shagia Frost
      Shagia Frost
      Hello Wesley.
    28. Sunagakure
      Roms, eh? Like the R4, right?
    29. Sunagakure
      Don't post on your own visitor message. Press view conversation and reply.
    30. Wesley
      I'm afraid I have never owned a Dragonball Z game.
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