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  • Did an April Fool's joke even happen on NF today? I didn't notice one but I didn't spend a lot of time on here today.
    I saw you in my profile. :hurr

    Did you see the cosplay vid in my sig with me dressed as Envy. :awesome

    There's also a pic in my profile album of me with Envy's English VA. :wtf Another fan wanted our pic together and I got him to e-mail it to me after. I would have been too shy to ask myself I think so I'm glad someone else wanted a pic of me with her. XD

    When she came into the room though the day before and first saw me in the Q and A session she saw me right away and commented on my outfit, saying it's really good. LOL.
    Yeah. I finally got it, though he kept saying I misspelled it, which was misleading. Either way, OCD peeps are welcome on NF too. :zaru
    actually here
    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/file/bynrqq

    it was still in the thread from the last time reznor fixed it
    normally i would say yes

    but my harddrive just crashed actually so i lost mostly all my files
    I see that you're posting in that Anti-mod FC by the way.

    I don't know if you saw when it got really dramatic a little less than a week ago.
    I've been okay although I had some dramatic times last week....that was fucked.

    I got some new panties the other day. Yay. They are sexy. I love green. :hurr

    Also, I got a pillow for 12 cents recently.
    Hey I saw you posting in Ryan's FC.

    I haven't seen you on NF for a while. ^^
    Oh I noticed something else....

    In the comic Laurie actually smokes fairly often. In the movie, there is no hint of it at all from what I recall. I don't really know why....I mean I don't mind that they cut it out obviously. It's just weird if they meant to censor smoking where as violence is obviously fine right? Although I guess they just felt it wasn't necessary....because they do show the Comedian smoking his cigar after all.
    I heard that Alan Moore doesn't answer questions about the characters for some reason.
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