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~Wondering Zero~
Last Activity:
Jan 19, 2016
Jun 4, 2007
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~Wondering Zero~

Nep-Nep Addict!

~Wondering Zero~ was last seen:
Jan 19, 2016
    1. Prince Leon
      Prince Leon
      I really need to check in more often lol. All is good with me though even a year later.
    2. QBnoYouko

      Potential Mighty No. 9 Bonus DLC:

      MMZ-style! :D
    3. QBnoYouko
      Oh yeah, MMZ style Zero is getting an S.H.Figuarts too. 488254491280840
    4. QBnoYouko
      Wondy, have you seen Inti Creates/Inafune's other upcoming game, Azure Striker Gunvolt? Sure is bringing back that old MMZ feel. Loving it:
    5. Prince Leon
      Prince Leon
      Sup Wondy, it's been a while. :)
    6. QBnoYouko
      Lol. Definitely. It's looking to be really really awesome and the updates just makes it that more amazing. If Capcom won't give us Mega Man, Inafune will bring his spirit to us. Hopefully the game gets a sequel where they introduce the badass red robot Mighty No. 0. Oh yes, I went there.
    7. QBnoYouko
      Hey, Wondy, have you already backed Mighty No. 9? :laugh
    8. Gene
      Trying to unlock all the costumes in DoA5 is such a pain lol. I'm just aiming for the girls at this point too. Fuck the guys costumes.
    9. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      Yeah I heard about that. So devastated. :cry
    10. Gene
      lol well you're still getting used to the pacing since you've been playing BF3. Once you do, you'll be beasting like the old days.
    11. Gene
      Good job out there today, solider.
    12. urca
      Excuse me but whats the anime in your set?And whats the anime in your profile pic?
      Thanks in advance ;).
    13. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      Yeah, you're right. I should've checked properly lol. But she voiced someone in MLA, not sure who though.
    14. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      So I just realized Gotou Yuuko also voiced Yuuhi in MLA. My brain melted.
    15. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      I only played her route. The rest of the game seemed too shitty to bother.

      I was surprised as hell when she showed up in Baldr Force. Speaking of which, someone needs to translate that series. Such good games.
    16. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      More Gotouza-sama love. :ohpek
    17. Jicksy
      hes deffo going on my team, might as well make a troll team with him.

      btw u remember a few months back this trailer came out 1eFpH_6ReWo!

      theres 2 more chars announced for this recently http://www.neoempire.com/?p=10000 looks pretty kool overall.
    18. Jicksy
      yo wondy, you seen phoenix wright gameplay in umvc3 yet? :awesome
    19. QBnoYouko
      Hey ya, gonna do the Subway thing? http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/09/30/uncharted-3-multiplayer-experience-is-just-hours-away/
    20. QBnoYouko
      Doing this thang, Wondy? http://kotaku.com/5843453/heres-how-to-get-uncharted-3-a-week-early
    21. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      As long as I can have Naru and Hikaru...
    22. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      I'm starting to become a Gotou Yuuko fan. :uwah
    23. QBnoYouko

      The happiest place on Earth for Wondy?
    24. QBnoYouko
    25. QBnoYouko
      Check this out: http://kotaku.com/#!5795648/youll-never-guess-how-much-these-drawings-cost/gallery/1
    26. Lord Yu
      Lord Yu
      I'm learning to use my arcade stick for Arcana Heart 3. My damned double jointed thumb locked up during a match and I started getting slaughtered. Clarice is a beast.
    27. Minorin
      /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
    28. Six
      No, I was using Normal mode. :oh

      I honestly didn't know much of the controls and have mostly been button mashing. I mean I just got the game when you asked me to fight. :p
    29. Phoenix Wright
      Phoenix Wright
      lol, you only just saw that? It'd been done ages ago.

      Anyway, stupid move. It's going to get delayed massively, feel so sorry for everyone waiting to read it, especially those who played through the partial patch.
    30. Gene
      You not prestiging at all for this game?
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