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May 26, 2020 at 1:22 PM
Apr 7, 2012
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Apr 28, 1997 (Age: 23)
Shattered remains of OL
Booty Bandit


That's lovely..., 23, from Shattered remains of OL

Wosu was last seen:
May 26, 2020 at 1:22 PM
    1. Santi
      You’re still around, Moe Lested?
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      2. Wosu
        Oh right, definitely not FCs anymore. doesnt satisfy me no moar, but I will go to OP section to discuss OP.
        That's a good memory you got there tho.

        UFC still goes on?
        Jan 28, 2019
      3. Santi
        Well, there weren’t many openly perverted 16 year old knuckleheads around so your face doesn’t blend in with others as much as “20 year old anime/manga fan #8276” does. I doubt you would leave that same impression on me if we were to meet for the first time today.

        And yes, the UFC lives still.
        Jan 28, 2019
        Wosu likes this.
      4. Wosu
        LMFAO, I am still openly perverted, and probably still a knucklehead. I just grew up a bit I think, but not sure. I like to think I should still leave that impression for different reasons.

        Damn, maybe ill check the UFC again for a bit.
        But how you been holding up Santi, how's the last ugh... 6 years? been treating you?
        Jan 29, 2019
    2. Jezebel.
      You may not remember me, because I’m you, and we aren’t important, but I came back from the future to elimate you/me. I got too powerful.
      1. Wosu
        YOOO! Do not remember you at all. Any old names m8? how do i read our old convos?
        Dec 29, 2017
    3. Alexandra
      Yeah, it was a pain in the ass. My least favorite prompt had to be "Why ____?" Because it is just.. the most uninspiring thing you could possibly ask? Versus like Stanford, where every prompt was a fuckin trip.

      LOL. Spontaneity is a good word.
      Ag thats so long.. what do you do in the meantime

      Yoooooooo what I hate speaking in front of ppl so much.. I think it's mostly bc im afraid of looking like a bumbling idiot bc i dont know what the hell im talking about

      I've just been getting sick and stressed out after period of intense stress and work.. just finished the musical, and now im starting to hear back from colleges, and im just sick as all hell :cry
    4. monafifia
      Yup, what are you studying?

      Lol no not yet, I've had a pretty tame year so far. How about you? I hear Americans have more fun :lmao
    5. Alexandra
      They were pretty vague intentionally, but at their cores, one was asking you to tell a story about your background, and the other was asking about something your proud of (a talent, a moment, etc). I happened to have a piece of expos about myself that fit in one promptline or another for all of my schools, so it worked out well. Jesus christ it's been so long since I finished.. I did a lot more and a lot better after that :lmao

      UMCP? No, I haven't-- though I'm guessing it's too late to consider now, d'oh! omg I just googled trademark symbol and did the good ol copy n paste

      oh my god.. that's pretty crazy, but I get the basic concept. I do the same thing, but with things that are a lot less.. mischievous? I'm just out here to have fun

      Aww, well it's good that you didn't then! How long is your normal commute?

      SAME! I can't dance at all but it's ok because that's really no one's business! Yeah, I play piano, altho im not some pro player, i just struggle and stumble through complex pieces
    6. monafifia
      I've been good thanks! Just about getting through my first year at uni :zaru

      Do you go to college now?
    7. monafifia
      Sorry for late reply, last year was a bit crazy for me :faint

      I've been fine thank you :hug Have you finished high school yet?
    8. raizen28
      Time Heals
    9. raizen28
      Oh so Ive finally Romanized your Barbarianess, acceptable hmmm
    10. raizen28
      Frumentarii operations.
    11. raizen28
      Explain to me why does "Bitches want that Super Saiyan dick" sir
    12. Alexandra
      I mean there were only two, but that only made me feel more obligated to make them into something worth reading, since I only get two chances. I actually just blew through a bunch of the smaller essays in my private school apps last night.... yay copy and paste?
      Yeah!! I'm mostly applying to schools that are around the NYC or Boston area tho, im too Liberal and Quirky? to really fit in anywhere else. I mean, not that I can't adapt, I'd just prefer not to.

      Hmm.. I don't quite understand the latter half of that, could you explain?
      omg, same. I just enjoy doing it bc it makes me feel good, and i think its good to do things you enjoy, even if you arent particularly good at them. Thats great yo!
    13. Alexandra
      I just finished my UC apps today.. NERVE-WRACKING :cry
      Everything else is still up in the air.

      Heh, fair enough. Bruhhhh, why? What do you play tho?
    14. Alexandra
      SAME!!! It's app season and I'm in hell and I have 7 reach schools two targets and one maybe safety can i cry yet

      You do you! I'm sure you'll get there.. but how are you doing it?
    15. Alexandra
      hurray! hope you've been less busy than me at least ;33

      Yeah, that's the general gist. Maybe you can branch out with a hobby or something? Colleges usually have like a bajillion organizations too

      oh yeah? Thats awesome! I've just been trying to keep it together and keep up, and that's been enough
    16. Alexandra
      HELLO! Life decided to punch me in the face repeatedly, so I haven't been checking NF with any endeavor of replying/posting, so sorry about that!! Any changes from last postage?
    17. Alexandra
      Yeah, it kinda comes in rushes, yknow? I think about it a little too hard and suddenly I'm really sad. He had my back a lot of the time, he was v supportive, and now that important link is gone. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be, though. I thought I would be a mess by now.

      Just a various sequence of events has left me with little hope for the future and even current situations, though people like my teacher kinda alleviated that feeling

      Yeah, I don't really enjoy that either. It's kinda hard to yell over the internet, though :headscrat That's a good question!

      So, just use that as a meeting spot, of sorts?

      Well, that totally sucks. Sure, I guess. Rule #1: if you already read the chapter in the textbook, don't reread it. That's pretty much all-encompassing, but I might need you to get a lil more spec with what u want

      More like one teacher in every part of ur high school career, ughh. Well he's not horrible, it's just that his one weak area leads to total chaos
    18. Alexandra
      Eh, i don't think so. i just play up the highlights. I mean i did used to see him like every day and blab his ear off and get in a few good laughs here and there but i dont think it was that close. I just miss having him in my life for those reasons, he was a rly cool guy, and its just kinda weird when you see someone for the majority of days in the week and you get used to it, and then suddenly theyre not there anymore

      almost impossible to be more critical, i already think so little of the world

      LOL, okay. Well I'll be scary if i wanna be scary, dont live by other people's rules :hmpf

      Ohhh. yeah, that is a real bummer, dang. Water you gonna do?

      Yikes, I mean rather than leaving all at once teachers kinda trickle out, both good and bad, so the part everyone's leaning over their seat for is who comes to replace them

      Just the one, and he's really, really bad with it... he also has no established control so its so easy to just derail it, even with an offhand comment to a discussion that had the intention of being relevant to the topic at hand
    19. Vermin
      and this is why people need to have a job lol

      i was a good manga but eh, stereotypical high school bullshit :mlpshrug
    20. Zyrax
      I see :quite
      From which african country/Tribe do you come from?
    21. Zyrax
      Hispanic? :hmm .
    22. Zyrax
      Are you Spanish?
    23. Zyrax
    24. Vermin
      lol two days, we'll see how long that lasts

      well i enjoyed it. kind of getting sick of the schoolgirl theme in anime but it fitted perfectly with the manga so w/e
    25. Zyrax
      What is it about?
    26. Vermin
      hey, watch it now :(

      i've read it, pretty good manga, why do you ask?
    27. Alexandra
      Yeah, he left for London mid-August. I miss him a bit every day... its a bit haunting at times. I like to sit in his old chair in the office, we built it together at the beginning of last year..

      I mean it's good in that sense but it's like.. how can i possibly make sure it doeesnt happen again?

      Well, kind of. At our school we're all introverted/otherwise occupied/unwilling because your friends arent really your friends, they're more like necessary acquaintances. Yeah maybe I'm just not close enough with people or i just dont roll with a crew. I dont do crews.

      Ye!! I'm the one who gets the most scary the fastest in those situations, LOL. Well thanks, I think?

      What the hell? Are they taking summer courses to catch up or something? That's kind of unfair, yo...
      Yeah they're almost too chill. Like, this week in gov, he's done maybe 25 minutes of lecture and maybe 5-10 minutes of it were actual content. it's just notes and a couple worksheets like.. its nada
    28. Kusa
      It's okay. I have made peace with my age.

      You were not fast enough. Now i belong to someone else. :maybe

      I did choose it but found out it does nothing for me. My parents wanted me to continue, but i did not want to and i did that what i believed was good for me.
    29. Kusa
      I am 21. Gonna be 22 in two months.

      Well, I have a bf now and i stopped studying law which i started last year. Now i will be studying biochemistry.

      Otherwise, nothing new or interesting about me. L'allemagne is pretty nice. :skysun
    30. Kusa
      Time flies very fast. Now you are already 18.

      So how is the new older version of you doing ?
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    Apr 28, 1997 (Age: 23)
    Shattered remains of OL
    Booty Bandit
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    Too ashamed to disclose
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    Sakura is great in the hentai Doujins...
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    Episode:One Piece: 571
    Chapter:One Piece:650
    Pissing people off is very enjoyable! I should be a fucking villain!
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