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Feb 29, 2020 at 2:46 AM
Dec 10, 2011
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wowfel was last seen:
Feb 29, 2020 at 2:46 AM
    1. TheForgottenPen
      Not an anime. Its a fighting game called Blazblue.
    2. DarkLordDragon
      It seems you are new to Saint Seiya, I've posted a thread about Saint Seiya: Powers and Feats


      just now I posted the feats I know of the Bronze Saints for the first season/arc/chapter of the manga. Go through them you will get an idea about SS powers.
    3. Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
      Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
      I've only sent out one request myself.
    4. Godly Giraffe - King of the Uverworld
    5. Ernie
      Hy. Sorry to bother you, but just letting you know the 5th poll from the 'Miss Naruto 2013' Beauty Contest is on. This time it is between Tenten and Hinata.
      Your vote is very welcome. And also, the 4th poll between Tsunade and Temari is also still ongoing for one day. It is in the HoU section too.

      PS: Naruto and Guts fan! :quite Quality! :brofist
    6. Xam
      It's from UQ Holder, which is a sequel to the Manga Mahou Sensei Negima!
      UQ Holder is only one chapter, but I quite liked it, and Negima is a great read, although not all the arcs are battle shonen feel.
    7. manidk
      Akame Ga Kill.
    8. Animeblue
      Happy Holidays and have Joyful NewYear:beer:beer
    9. Razor Ramon HG
      Razor Ramon HG
      That's strange, that's where I downloaded mine from and most of part 3 is still yellow. Did you download the batch or individual volumes?
    10. Razor Ramon HG
      Razor Ramon HG
      hey where did you download the JJBA part 3 with no yellow tint? Every download I could find had that yellow tint that puts me off reading it
    11. Algol
      yeah i really should. i've heard so much good things
    12. Algol
      hey, what's your sig from? it looks really cool
    13. Chainer
      Your signature is over the size limits, if you would kindly fix that~
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