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May 10, 2016
Sep 24, 2008
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Texas, US
It's a secret.


I hate stupid people, from Texas, US

WraithX959 was last seen:
May 10, 2016
    1. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      hey there!
      as for the soldiers no idea! i don't really know what to make of black zetsu either... she also didn't seem the type to reign at all she seemed so utterly pointless.
      the sasuke naruto fight kind of dissappointed me! i was hoping for several mythological references but i guess the ending did touch me =D
      i was wondering whether we'd hear of each other at all once naruto's over and decided i kind of wanted to stay in touch so are there any other manga you read? then I'd get in on that ;)
    2. NarutoShion4ever
      Thanks for the rep :)
    3. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      hey wraith,
      any idea where kaguya was from that she looks the way she does?
    4. Kung Pow
      Kung Pow
      Post what you think:)
    5. SoulFire!
      Hi Wraith! How do you like where things are going in Naruto? I'm quite pleased with the pairing situation thus far. Good to see a return of some of Naruto's old moves. I much prefer hand to hand over Bijuu bombs.
    6. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Hey Wraith,
      What do you think of Naruto right now? I've been satisfied with the latest chapters.
      Looks like you got Obito's story right. Even if Naruto can't convince him because he's too scared to suffer the consequences in general Obito's just a hurt child.
      So that leaves Madara and Orochimaru and Sasuke. Sasuke's story can't be over yet his reintroduction seems very anticlimatic something's coming there. He won't be happy with Naruto's way to deal with the Bijuu I think.
    7. Glutamminajr
      Thanks for the rep!
    8. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Mine too! I even think that this might have been one of the best episodes yet.
      Who do you think'll kick the bucket? I'm counting on Jessie being the only one to survive this. Shrader has got to go for Walt to get away and Walt must teach the Nazis how to cook otherwise they wouldn't sell Walt the weapon but Jessie will be the one to write Heisenberg on Walt's wall.
      But is he really out to kill Jessie with his weapon? It surprises me that Walt would kill Jessie for his cover although he wouldn't kill Hank.
    9. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      I was going to ask you something about Sasuke but then I saw that you watch Breaking Bad!
      Have you seen the last episode??
    10. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      I REALLY enjoyed Naruto this week! NarutoJesus was obvious since Pain but I didn't think he'd do Adam and Eve! Here's the other side of the coin btw: Hagoromo, Tennin and Kaguya-hime.

      As for Naruto being Hokage I think he's worthy as a person of integrity and he can rely on every friend he has which would allow him to compensate all abilities he lacks. However, I'm not sure that Hokage will be such an important position when this war is over. The following steps should be disarmament not finding the strongest leader but the strongest diplomat. I think that Naruto's true talents lie in peace and seeing the best in people. I'm sure he'll get the post but I think a new Naruto-position would be more sensible.

      I was going to ask you whether Naruto would have to surrender his Bijuu to recreate heaven but Kishi's put a lot of effort into pointing out that there was no time when there was peace. Humanity has always raged war even before chakra was controlled. I don't know what to make of this.

      Do you think the obvious and less obvious connections between Hashirama and Madara are relevant?
    11. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      You disagree with me??! I consider this an act of treason and you shall be hanged at once when I have the power to do so! (Just watched Game of Thrones) While responding I wondered whether I should add that Naruto has never killed anyone. I agree that he won't kill and it would be relevant to Naruto's political position that everyone sees his ability of revealing the best within everyone a.k.a. „talk no jutsu“.

      Thanks for the link, that does help me understand the dialogue between Kakashi and Obito. I knew something was going on because Kishi was adding nonsensical sentances again but I couldn't put a finger on it. Now that I reread it I might just agree that Obito seems redeemable, he might not really believe what he's saying: http://www.[Blocked Domain]/naruto/630/17

      Aww, crap, you're right. I'll take my time to think about the hokage.
    12. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      You're right, Kishi's going to focus the battle on Naruto vs Obito as it has been forshadowed by Kakashi. He always sees Obito in Naruto. Naruto will get Kyuubi's yin from Minato when he kicks it and the other two will kick it while Naruto transforms. Sasuke could assist Naruto but it makes more sense for him to confront his anscestor.

      I'm not sure what Kishi will make of Obito but here's my guess and my reasoning: I do not think that Obito is redeemable; he is actually different from any former enemy of Naruto. Obito hasn't been hurt and can't deal with his lost love. Obito was hurt and embrassed love. It's his source of strength:
      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/naruto/640/12
      http://www.[Blocked Domain]/naruto/640/13

      If I remember correctly most villains fall for hatred like Nagato's chain of hatred. It reminds me of dragonball. Son Goku can become a super sayan because his soul is pure but Vegeta becomes one too because he as well is pure, just the other kind.

      I'm sorry I don't connect this up to the guardians of the worlds but I must admit that I don't quite understand why Kishi decided to connect up this part of mythology to Obito.
    13. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      enjoy this: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=935990
    14. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      I agree, the latest chapters haven't enticed me. But I did like this one, obviously Minato will die and give Kyuubi on to Naruto who will then have access to yin and yang just as Obito does. Naruto's cloak already suggests what is next.
      It seems contradictory to me that this is the same chapter Naruto figures out how to attack Obito. It might be that a real sage of the six paths needs senjutsu as well? I think I remember the younger brother having sage chakra surrounding him.
      I wonder what Sasuke can contribute to this though. He almost seems a bit too weak to fight here.
      Oh and just as an interesting question: Who do you want to be hokage and who do you think should be hokage and what would you think would happen if Sasuke were hokage?
    15. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      I like this quite a bit, Yin-Kyuubi for yin-yang attacks. This might get better. I was starting to fear that Kishi would simply ignore sage techniques now.
    16. Ernie

    17. Glutamminajr
      Thanks for the rep!
    18. Shakar
      Thanks for the rep :datass
    19. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Are you buying this??!
      "No, a clone is too boring. I'm waiting for the real you."
      That makes no sense, how can anyone be waiting when they've all put such efforts into achieving their goals. This is a ruse, right? There are scenes missing from the Madara-Hashirama flashback. Madara decided to act in the shadows like Danzo did. Unite the world by creating a common enemy.
    20. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      what do you think? Team 7 reunion better kick ass.
    21. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      I hadn't really thought about the childhood friends aspect. I definitely liked it but I agree that it's seems to be a "forced" idea. I enjoyed/believed Madara's compassion though right until his turning evil scene. That just doesn't make sense to me. It's such a right angle. Hashirama's development is smoother from idealist to the tinge of realism he allows when he kills Madara. (you think he used izanagi to survive this?)

      Kishi did write this manga leading up to Naruto redeeming Sasuke. I kind of forgot that while answering your question. Well shit, that's just wrong. As I said though I do think that the Itachi element makes it very believable and if Sasuke did attack the leaf or side with Madara how could he ever be reintegrated into society. Whatever Kishi would have tried there would have been pathetic. This way we get a second Naruto&Sasuke team fight. That might be pretty sweet.

      Kishi is in my eyes the Shyamalan of Mangaka with the good and the bad qualities. The Danzo-Tobi-Madara triangle was his first BIG mystery and the question of WHO is the REAL badguy is a mystery still unresolved. But there must be one and the way I see it and we seem to disagree on this it is neither Obito nor Madara. They were both good guys and if they aren't evil to the core then they are redeemable. It MUST be Oro.

      So what do you think of Naruto & Sasuke vs ex-Hokages, Orochimaru, Madara and Obito with Juubi? That could be pretty epic.
    22. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      oh come on! Don't just tell me you think this sucks, tell me why it sucks!
      looking for mythology in current Naturo doesn't work but I've been wondering about this and couldn't figure it out. Would you mind giving me a hand? What's the monster in chapter 346 page 7 in Sasuke's genjutsu? There has to be a second meaning..
    23. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Just read another pm, do you remember this thread by chickmashine?
      link to thread
      It could need a couple tweeks but the general idea seems to have come true don't you think? It's funny to me that he used to write like a kid ;)
    24. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      hey wraith,

      yup, I tune in (almost) every week and read the chapter.
      I think I'll point out the pros first: I liked the excourse on Konoha history and the village system by Hashirama and his goofy personality seems legit. I didn't expect Sasuke's redemption this early and actually considered him to become a tragic villain but I'll wait and see what Kishi does with this before I judge him. (It was a bit too easy in my eyes but Itachi admitting his unconditional love may have contributed [strongly] to his new found rational) I definitely like Saskue more again, because the major part of part two he's been such a cry baby.

      Contra: I'm annoyed by Orochimaru right now, he shouldn't be this pathetic, I hope he has some evil master plan and I don't think Karin and Suigetsu are funny or plausible in this chapter. I mean when did Oro become a follower? On the other hand: Maybe Oro understood that picking a fight with Hashirama who can break the edo tensei would be unwise and he's waiting for a solution.
      Feel free to complain, I always enjoy your take.
    25. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Yup, agreed, Kabuto is simply a mislead ninja, pain, solitude and regret have lead him down the wrong path from which he never recovered. He can only return if he becomes good. Which is pointless.
      Oro did just steal the genes he needed. I guess it's possible but that would stink, Sasuke has to do something interesting now. We've been following his decisions for years now and he MUST meet Naruto again. They MUST be a confrontation or an alliance between the two, Naruto forshadowed it again in the last chapter.
      On the other hand... killing Oro again would be very repetitive almost slightly mundane :D I don't know.

      ps: woops, I forgot the small talk: You're doing fine I assume?
    26. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      I agree, the Juubi is returning and it's definitely ending up in Naruto. I guess the rest of the Kyuubi's chakra might return to Naruto and it might culminate in Naruto using yin-yang jutsus as Rikudo once did. Maybe not though. Since Kishi established the Jesus connection Naruto combining Kyuubi and Sage or Juubi and Sage mode seemed trivial but at this point I hardly see the point any more.
      The connection between Naruto and Rikudo seems interesting. Who was he and what did he know about the futuren and about Naruto?
      I like the connection you suggest between Uzumaki and Onmyodo. Seems probable that Kishi was thinking about this while conceptualizing the families.
      But seriously, wth is happening in this manga? Tobi and Madara and with them this war seem to be becoming another distraction... Was it Oro all along?
    27. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      oh btw: what do you think Sasuke and Oro are up to in the shrine? Anything interesting on that tablet?
    28. Ninigi Uchiha
      Ninigi Uchiha
      Hey Wraith!
      The showdown begins. What do you think: Is the yin-yang prediction concerning Naruto fiiiiiinally going to happen?
    29. SoulFire!
      Been a long time coming, hasn't it! :grin I recall the old argument that there wasn't time in the manga for Kishi to develop a relationship between Naruto and Hinata. I always said that it could be incorporated easily into the main plot line and that's just what Kishi did! But first he made it clear that Sakura retained her feelings for Sasuke and that Naruto fully accepted that fact. :wink He all but cleared the path for NH before initiating the indications of mutual interest between them. It is murder waiting for this next chapter, I tell ya!!!
    30. SoulFire!
      Hey! Haven't seen you in a dog's age!!Whatcha think of how NH is going in this current arc?
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