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Last Activity:
Aug 12, 2010
Mar 1, 2006
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Jul 16, 1988 (Age: 31)



Wrathchild was last seen:
Aug 12, 2010
    1. Philip.J.Fry
      Yeah, he is. He's at the playhouse square in downtown cleveland, right next to my college. It says he's just starting to do standup again, so this might be the beginning of his standup acts again or the first time he's done it in a while. The micheal richards thing was extremely suprising, and it ruined seinfeld for me for like a month, but it doesn't bother me anymore, i like him again :)
    2. Philip.J.Fry
      Yeah, I don't see why he doesn't make a fourth. Everyone loves those movies and he would make a shitload of money.

      I guess he's like Jerry Seinfeld though, another King of Comedy. He ended the series with a great ending, and was offered a shitload of money to produce another season or just 1 more episode. It wasn't the money to him though, it was just enjoying his work. Actually, i'm going to see him do stand up jan 9th :)
    3. buff cat
      buff cat
      Cool! :D
      I'm glad you had fun. :3
      Oh man, yeah I can't wait for christmas either. :ohpek
    4. buff cat
      buff cat
      It went alright! :D
      how did yours go, besides...hectic probably?
    5. buff cat
      buff cat
      Yeah. slimscane, CMX, and I have similar sets. :sag
      That bastard, CMX.
      You should join the plaid. Joooiiin usssss.

      ...Anyway, what's up?
    6. buff cat
      buff cat
      I usually think of everyone as a male by default. =P
      A lot of people think I'm a guy though. I don't know why. :pek
    7. buff cat
      buff cat
      Of course I am a woman. :C
      wait wait, you are a man, then, right? :wha
    8. buff cat
      buff cat
      *late reply* you're probably gone by now. :D:
      But, cya later. :hug
    9. buff cat
      buff cat
      Hick cities are the worst.
      I don't even want to think of alternatives to the election...
      I'm just gonna be grateful for Obama. :sag
    10. buff cat
      buff cat
      I know, right? ><
      The only reason those children, or people my age, don't like him is because their parents tell them not to. They'll just blindly go along with their parents' views. Oh, and because he's black. *rolls eyes*
    11. buff cat
      buff cat
      Actually, most people are happy but I honestly got insulted for wearing an Obama shirt today. Ridiculous? I think so. And stupid little freshman in school were saying how they will be the one to shoot him. I just WISH I could drop a bomb on this entire shithole town. :zaru
      Me and my friends were pretty stoked about it all; the new President, I mean. :amuse
    12. buff cat
      buff cat
      haha I know what you mean. I get so sick of political commercials pretty quickly; also, listening to schoolmates talk about politics like they actually do know what they're talking about. I'm not saying I know much, but I did agree with Obama, and have faith in him.
      Obama. :ohpek
      Oh that's alright- late reply. You must not be using the Akatsuki skin huh? It tells you when you get a comment. :hurr that's why I use it. xD
    13. buff cat
      buff cat
      You don't care??? xD
      I'm glad Obama won. :wtf
      oh, while I'm at it, hello! :3
    14. Akatsuki529
      Thank you. I'll do my best.
    15. buff cat
      buff cat
      Ah, me too. *homework*
      Later. :3
    16. buff cat
      buff cat
      Well my hair was a bright orange but it has since faded. :(
      I'm dying it dark auburn. O:

      ...yeah...I can't wait to graduate. :ohpek
    17. buff cat
      buff cat
      I have so much homework! :argh
      I gotta dye my hair, possibly hang out with a friend, and still have time to be distracted! :hmm?
    18. buff cat
      buff cat
      Sounds like someone else I know. xD
      Duly noted though.
      So, what's happenin'? :awesome
    19. buff cat
      buff cat
      I thought you were, but I don't know you so I couldn't tell. xD
      And yeah text doesn't reveal much, often enough. :pek
    20. buff cat
      buff cat
      I just meant that you had visited my profile... xD
      Unless you were being sarcastic. :pek
    21. buff cat
      buff cat
      hello lurker :hehee
    22. L. Lawliet
      L. Lawliet
      Gar, why did you pos rep me?

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    Jul 16, 1988 (Age: 31)
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    Episode: 101
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