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Wu Fei
Last Activity:
Sep 30, 2017
Feb 18, 2005
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Atlanta, GA
Architecture Major

Wu Fei

The Unknown Ninja, from Atlanta, GA

Wu Fei was last seen:
Sep 30, 2017
    1. Sol_Blackguy
      You play Garou? Awesome whats your GGPO name? Lets do some matches
    2. Amanomurakumo
      lmao. Those fights made me cringe so much :laugh
    3. bbq sauce
      bbq sauce
      word. basically the character in my avy fights with chains that have like 1/3 screen reach. I thought the mobb deep reference was relevant.
    4. bbq sauce
      bbq sauce
      you talkin' about my user title? it matches my avy!

      youtube vids of Scharlachrot from Arcana Heart 3, you'll get the reference.

      I am part black though
    5. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "For normal members, your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 400 (Height). This includes space taken up within closed spoiler tags, text, and images."

      Your "Ready for the end?" image (600 x 208) is over the allowed width and needs to be removed or resized.
    6. SAFFF
      I think because he was Sensui's most dangerous henchmen compared to some kid who puts you in a game and a guy who snipes objects.

      This guy could kill you without you ever knowing.
    7. Federer
      What's wrong with my set? ;33

    8. Nathan Copeland
      Nathan Copeland
      :giogio . . . my dream
    9. T-Bag
      Oh I watched all seasons of 24 in tv. Im a big fan of that show lol.
      As for LOST.. what I dont get is that, how they fuck are they stuck on that same island for 7-8 seasons man...?
    10. T-Bag
      All great shows I agree. Never really watched Lost, but I'm not even gona start because it continues forever (like 24) I'm just too far behind to catch up.

      But yea I can't wait for new seasons of SoA. Btw watch Dexter if you haven't given it a try, it's pretty addicting trust me.
    11. HInch
      Crows is fantastic. Although I'm more of a Worst fanboy due to Guriko and Tesshou. The Gaiden focused around them is fantastic.

      Tough is a bit more adult in its content, at least violence wise. It's good though.
    12. Sharingan-Uchiha
      Akaboshi. I believe that's what it is called, been a while since I read it.
    13. LayZ
    14. LayZ
      You want to play tonight?
    15. Koroshi
      The hell ?
    16. Rannic
      It's awesome isn't it.
    17. Sphyer

      This episode was filled with so much gold
    18. Agmaster
      all good. AND i playssf4 on psn a little. What's dudes name? Wonder if I got an evil twin.
    19. Agmaster
      Nope, Va. Sup?
    20. Bart
      Ah lolol :lmao
    21. Violent-nin
      Just curious, are you paying attention to the SSFIV tournament thread? You have a match pending right now and I wanna get things done as soon as possible, so I'm trying to push everyone to finish now.
    22. hustler's ambition
      hustler's ambition
      You tell me first. I kinda don't disclose personal info like that over the internetzzzzz
    23. hustler's ambition
      hustler's ambition
      Foreva I <3 Atlanta!:yell

    24. LayZ
      My bad. I was in a party and those guys aren't on your level yet. I can play today though.

      Nah, I just mess around with Makoto if I'm significantly better than my opponent.
    25. Violent-nin
      Yeah honestly, I wish I could force these guys online but sadly I can't. :ano

      Looks like you'll advance to the winners with no exp. :sweat
    26. Violent-nin
      Try to get your tournament match done as soon as you can please. :amuse
    27. Violent-nin
      Yeah I gave you the win, new brackets are up in the thread.
    28. Violent-nin
      Have you been able to contact your opponent?
    29. SAFFF
      Its from Clerks 2.
    30. SAFFF
      lol no its rosario dawson. hotter than super head and not aids-stricken.
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  • About

    Atlanta, GA
    Architecture Major
    Favorite Character(s):
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode:cant decide
    Chapter: Part 2 is great as whole
    Drawing, anime, video games, architecture stuff, basketball, females


    Check my neglected DeviantArt page: 1 | Check me out in Narutofans Art Gallery: 2

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