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Jan 29, 2013
Feb 27, 2009
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    1. Hikui
      I saw you reply in the debate thread, have never seen a thread degenerate so rapidly after a couple of solid arguments. Missed your logic, I can't understand why is it so hard to understand for some people to look at the bigger picture.

      Anyway, good work. I'm not as active as I used to, I'm afraid.
    2. Hikui
      Awesome post. That rocked. Been reading about literary analysis ("specially the, use support for fact and opinion") lately, I'm on my way.

      Again, your post about Hinata's confession rocked.
    3. Hikui
      They brought up "archetypes" in the debate thread. Lol. That made me laugh hard. :lmao
    4. Y
      I kinda brushed up on that after Towel Day:zaru
    5. Erendhyl
      I still can't rep you again, but you definitely kick ass in the debate thread. Keep up the good work!
    6. Hikui
      I too read all the time. After being years on the Harry/Hermione forums, let's say I took an advanced literature course. Bright people those were, too bad Rowling went another way. Oh well.

      And you have an idea of what you're talking about. At least, I'm on the same boat. Maybe we should do a LAP/manifesto on NaruHina from a narrative point of view with elements all that jazz....one of these days. Maybe :lmao
    7. Hikui
      It's all about the narrative, XXXTurkey, we're on the same boat. Most of the thread should look at the bigger picture more often. I believe, most of them have little knowledge of the workings of an established and planned fiction. :lmao
    8. Hikui
      Luck. Luck. Luck. :D
    9. Hikui
      Can't rep you again :(
      But that was exactly my point, I'm just buggin Tyrannos to explain me why it is romantic. Lol.
      Good work.
    10. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Part of. I wanted to be friends with you cause you are awesome and your posts are great, specially from the debate thread.

      In short: you are very likeable.
    11. Hikui
      You're awesome :iria. Lolz, I loved your response.
    12. Louchan
      Alright! :awesome
      I'll read it but I probably won't be able to reply until I get home from school.
    13. Louchan
      You never answered my reply to your view on PoaLT in the debate thread. :zaru
    14. Celebrianna
      Stopping by to reiterate how awesome you are. You're doing an excellent job on the debate thread. By the way, I think you have remarkable patience.
    15. Hikui
      I think we are. This is the fairest it has gotten in the pairing thread having stalked it for years myself.

      We have the guns now. :sun
    16. Hikui
      I agree on all your arguments. I admire the way you're patient with the lot repeating yourself.
    17. Celebrianna
      There are so many of your posts that I want to rep you for but I've gotta spread the love around. Anyway, excellent job on defending Naruto and Hinata's feelings as positive. Great job all around on that debate thread.
    18. Hikui
      Good job keeping them at bay. I'm surprised at the sudden NaruSaku bombardment myself....lolz.
    19. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Nice comments on the debate thread. Pretty respectful and good.

      Just one thing: Naruto?s and Sasuke?s bond has evolved from friendship to brotherhood.
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