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Yakushi Kabuto

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  • >Overly fond of entirely deranged villains (who have depth to them, damn it).

    Kabuto doesn't have a single speck of complexity to him.
    Hi. Do you still post pics in the bathhouse? I went to see your old pics, but the pics don't work anymore there.
    Agreed about the mom being horrible, but disagree about their being an inconsistency or problem with the plot. I just think the point was suppose to be that the mom is indeed fucking horrible

    And mannn, I'd be so mad if these games had no rules in place. Better moderators, bwahah! Since cash could be exchanged I would have thought it would be Extra careful about the rules. There are only a handful of games that do that irl. D:
    Well we have to ask do they even get cash from killing monsters; or is it only for killing other players? But aside from that it really just seemed like a seedy underground to me.
    So I know that were were in shock about being robbed at gun point but to see that no one at all stepped in during the entire gun scene just had me rolling around in arghhh.
    To be perfectly honest at no point would I have stepped in during that gun scene. When the robber was pointing his gun at the bank teller I would have just let him rob the bank; as it's not worth risking lives to try and stop him. When Sinon was shooting the gun at the guy, I probably would not been quick enough to intervene ether as I would hesitate to throw myself between a crazed murderer and a crazed kid who was shooting haphazardly at said crazed murder. Especially if I was just a by standard and that was not my kid. The mother on the other hand probably should have reacted more, but given her expression at the end of the scene I think we can safely assume she isn't winning mother of the year and may indeed have her own emotional problems (or had emotional problems).

    Then Kirito being all doubtful about the real danger existing despite what happened before.
    I didn't take the scene that way. It seemed as if Kirito thought immediately realized exactly how Death-Gun was killing people (through an electrical outlet discharge), and simply kept denying it because he did not want to be sent back into a scenario where he could die. You have to realize the kid has been through one hell of traumatic situation and it's pretty reasonable that he wouldn't instantly be like, yeah definitely send me into the game to get shot. But the scenes hint at the fact that he believed it all along and certainly him choosing to go through with the detectives plan can be taken as sign of that as well.

    I already asked why Sinon needed to get close as a ranged class but you or someone else already explained that's going to be addressed at some point in the future so at least that's one thing out of the way. I still don't know how she managed to fall where she jumped from to get that close to him but I'll pretend that's wacky game physics, like some kind of slow fall even though it looked like she was going pretty fast. Heck, even within the first couple minutes of the first episode I was going, wow, that's some path exploitation on a boss. She should get banned for that.
    I don't think these gams have rules man. Everything kind of became free source after the world-seed was released, and out of all the free sourced games it seems like this is one of the shadiest because it's cash can be exchanged for real money. So I'd actually find it more unrealistic if Sinon was banned for exploiting a game mechanic,
    What stuff are you referring to, maybe I could explain them. Though if your referring to nobody knowing who Kirito was at first in EFO, than that also tested my suspension of disbelief. However that's really the only thing that I had issue with in the suspension of disbelief category.
    I think it just depends on how people cope with fear. There is no accetable or normal response imo. On-top of that I don't think Sinon is afraid of death, but more afraid of being seen as a monster. However in the game where killing other is acceptable her not having that fear makes sense. Basically her fear is more of social invention, while yours is more a flight or fight response.
    Me neither, it was such a low key thing that I thought would never get brought over. I was expecting it would need some sort of popularity, but I guess the underground fanbase was enough
    :yay I know right, I just love the introduction of Striker and his gang, and Alex, Worrick, and Nick, I love them too! I just recently bought volume one and two of the manga, I just...Loooovvvee ittt
    Yessshhhh official art by the creator hun! :yay And you know Gangsta?!

    I come to you in the name of Tywinn Lannister.

    Our army will be embarking on a dangerous mission soon and we are in desperate need of "camp followers" . The pay will be generous and a tent and other bare necessities will be provided for you.

    You can find us here if you?re interested.

    Spread the word to your green, blue and black-coloured colleagues.
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