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Yohan Kokuchouin
Last Activity:
Sep 6, 2012
Mar 9, 2009
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Yohan Kokuchouin

Child of the Lost Time

Yohan Kokuchouin was last seen:
Sep 6, 2012
    1. ~Greed~
      I work at an auto parts store, won't say what the name of it is in a VM though. And good for you with that teaching job. I pretty much gave up on college since I was spending way too much money on it.

      And yea, I know, some of them think that the FCK can beat Fiamma and Aiwass, which is kind of funny actually.
    2. ~Greed~
      That's good to hear. I've pretty much given up all of my hobbies and am selling most of my stuff except for my game systems and computer so that I can buy another car, something like an 80's Monte Carlo SS, so I haven't been doing much of anything these days other than playing games, hanging with my brother and friends and working....working taking up most of my time.

      And I see, either way, I don't think that GB will ever be respected here, even though that really sucks.
    3. ~Greed~
      I'm doing fine, how about you? And I saw your PM about GB speed. Sadly I don't think that GB's speed will ever be respected on this forum.
    4. Basilikos
      Lol I forgot about that. :lmao

      Sure, post 'em up.
    5. Basilikos
      Hmm...I'm not super knowledgeable in physics. Though I can at least see that Ginji's electricity in general seems to function like RL electricity. He can even interact with electromagnetic waves, create high frequency waves to boil opponents, and according to you, plasma contains ions and electrons. So I suppose it's possible that he could shoot RL lightning. The question is, does he ever do so?
    6. Basilikos
      I'm just starting volume 10 now. I would be farther into the manga but RL stuff has been coming up the past several days. Hopefully I can finish at least volume 10 tonight. I'm going to eat dinner and then get started on that soon.

      Hold off on the spoilers for now. I can already tell that something elaborate is in the works with this manga's plot. :maybe
    7. Basilikos
      Superhuman indeed. But so far from a combat/power standpoint, GBverse would struggle to fend off even Narutoverse mid tiers. I am only on volume 10, however.

      I'm pretty sure Ban's speed feat of casually speedblitzing Ayame was later accepted to be mach 10. Though I could be wrong. :hmm
    8. Basilikos
      I'll get to volume 10 likely sometime this weekend.

      I'm not moving all that fast through GetBackers due to my following multiple series simultaneously.
    9. Basilikos
      Don't sweat it too much, dude, it's not your fault. Part of me was being facetious in the way I reacted. Just how I am. :lmao

      But it was certainly rather awkward to see yaoi bait. :geg
    10. Basilikos
      http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/get_backers/v07/c000.2/9.html
      http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/get_backers/v07/c000.2/10.html

      What is this yaoi shit doing in my manga, son? :pek
    11. Basilikos
      Ban is probably my favorite at this point.

      "Did you have a nice dream?" :pimp
    12. Basilikos
      How did he kill those guys then if it's mere thread? :confused
    13. Basilikos

      I'm trying to avoid repeating displays of abilities unless they are used in a new way. I also stopped noting whenever fodder (like the Manji guys) get wtfpwned. :lmao

      Not only that, I left out a couple of Shido's beast transformations: cat and wolf because they don't seem to differ much in combat performance from his primate form.

      However, I'm taking note whenever a new ability/feat is shown. I just started the Infinity Fortress Arc so things look like they are about to pick up real soon.
    14. Basilikos
      Ok, I'll try to remember to let you know.
    15. Basilikos
      I'll be sure to pay extra attention to the last 9 volumes then.

      I'm currently on volume 4.
    16. Basilikos
      I'm also making blog entries to record any important feats and abilities I encounter.

      I'm really psyched to get to the supposed multiversal stuff that has caused so many shitstorms. :lmao
    17. Basilikos
      I just started GetBackers. :maybe

      About to finish the first volume, in fact.
    18. ~Greed~
      Hey, how are you man?
    19. Bamboo
      Hey bro, sorry about that lol

      But, some of the members already know your name right?
      Anyway, I'm gonna edit it now :)
    20. Lord Raizen
      Lord Raizen
      It's nice to see some objectivity when discussing GB, though I doubt you'll ever get those numbers to be accepted given the conditions under which the feat was performed as well as the origin of the sword.
    21. Utopia Realm
      Utopia Realm
      The hell did you start? Weighing more than the sun? Damn, didn't even think about the weight o the sword, not to mention Yukihiko had almost half a dozen shingetsu rings and manipulated them flawlessly.

      Weighs more than the sun though?:geg

      Good job :maybe
    22. Basilikos
      Sorry about that. I wasn't able to get a good look at it, been occupied by that math class lately.
    23. Utopia Realm
      Utopia Realm
      Yo. Nothing really curbs the idea of needing to cross dimnsions, reailty warp, etc. to hit guys like Kagami from another time frame. One thing that scares me is that Akabane was casually handling devil arm Ban like a child with really no effort until he brought out the angel arm in the second round.

    24. ~Greed~
      Volume 2 of New Testament or Volume 2 of the original novel? And yea, it's an awesome series.
    25. ~Greed~
      Yep, It's good stuff, have you read it?
    26. Basilikos
      Ouch, no breaks? :geg

      What kind of school system are you in?
    27. Basilikos
      Hm, interesting to hear things from another perspective. I am planning on reading through GetBackers myself this summer (I just need to get this summer school course done with). So assuming you plan to stick around for a while, I'll personally let you know what I think once I've finished the manga.
    28. Basilikos
      What you've reported is hardly surprising, unfortunately.

      At the same time, though, aren't you nevertheless guilty for claiming GB characters were multiversal when they actually aren't?

      Want to know what's also baffling? People nowadays claim to not care at all anymore about anything OBD related. Many of my fellow regulars have literally said fuck it all and that the section should be deleted and that everyone should move on.

      Yet Lord Raizen and I merely try to get the wiki representing SDK fairly we get met with uncompromising resistance, pages being reverted, illogical appeals to personal incredulity, etc from people that don't even know what they're talking about. Funny how the very people that claim to be lazy, indifferent, and supposedly doing this only out of sheer boredom suddenly create endless excuses to dismiss the obvious and clear cut. Truly amazing.

      I don't have a problem if Kizaru, SDK characters, or GBs characters are lightspeed to FTL. If the evidence is there then we should except it rather than resorting to sophistry and double standards to explain away the obvious.
    29. Basilikos
      I agree. Which is the point I made that authors don't know or care about adhering to physics completely. I also noted that we shouldn't cherry pick how we apply the laws of physics only when it's convenient for our biases. Furthermore, it's damn obvious that when authors put light based attacks/abilities in their works, those thing are actually lightspeed. Why violate Occam's Razor and arbitrarily assume something else that is speculative and without basis?

      At the end of the day, people are just doubting based on their gut feeling, not what's plainly shown and explained in the manga.
    30. Basilikos
      Yeah, the manner in which Sekireigan manipulates time is controversial due to conflicting translations and little information about it even mentioned in the manga. How people years back in the OBD ever thought that Hishigi's "lightpseed" slash was anything other than poetic language is beyond me.

      I agree with you that Anthony's light beam attack is debateable. I lost my marbles in the thread about it because GM wouldn't acknowledge this ambiguity and kept insisting ad nauseum that my position had no evidence and merit at all when it clearly did.
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