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Sep 2, 2019
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  1. QMS
    1. QMS
      LOL ... good arguments young one!
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  • About

    Status: Currently have a lot of time on my hands...
    Hobbies: Piano, Origami, Kickboxing (I'm very new to it), Gaming

    Favourite Anime/Manga: I honestly don't know
    Favourite Anime Character: Mirajane
    Favourite Naruto Characters: Mei, Tobirama, Haku
    Favourite One Piece Characters: Sabo, Monet, Big Mom
    Favourite Anime Opening/s: Immoralist (Dragon Crisis), Yura Yura (Naruto)

    Controversial Opinions: The Avatar is an anime, Tsunade can defeat Minato, Flampe did nothing wrong, Disney > Studio Ghibli

    Rant: Sharingan is the worst plot device in the history of anime/manga including Aizen's shikai.

    Why can that guy read movements? Sharingan. How does he copy ninjutsu? Sharingan. Why is he able to control the nine tails? Sharingan. How does he put you in a 2 day torture chamber with no possible chance at escape just by looking at you? Sharingan. Okay where did those black flames that burn forever come from? Sharingan. Whoah look at that 50 foot tall indestructible monster with a sword that can seal anything, how'd that happen? Sharingan. Surely he can't phase through objects and be immune to all damage? Sure he can, he has Sharingan... But how did that guy rise from the fucking dead?? SHARINGAN IT WAS JUST A PRANK

    Does that even scratch the surface of all the bullshit abilities Kishimoto explained away with Sharingan? I'm getting emotional just writing about this again; not only are they all asspull, most of them are incredibly overpowered. To make things worse, you don't even have to train to get most of these abilities, you get them through 'stress and love', give me a break.

    Despite Naruto probably being in my top 5 anime, Sharingan almost ruined this awesome series for me and Kishimoto has my simultaneous respect and disgust to this day.


    i have a plan for an amazing signature but yur just gonna have to wait... (well done ash!!)
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