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Jul 18, 2015
Jul 8, 2007
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college student


used to be azn, from usa

yukito was last seen:
Jul 18, 2015
    1. Balalaika
      I know, I thought the same thing. I figured I do one last contest so we could go out with a bang.

      Just livin' the good life. How about you?
    2. Balalaika
      It's been so long. :iria
    3. Zach
      Smite him:LOS Mostly because I'm doing or watching other things. But also just haven't felt like Supernatural lately, I've been rewatching Skins.

      I need to workout:( I completely agree it's worth the extra expenses. Like you said it's worth paying more to live where everything is at. Also you actually paid more to work in big cities so it evens out really. I love those 2, SF, SD, LA, Miami, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Tokyo, and Berlin. California would be awesome to me. I also love beaches so it would be good for me to be near a beach. Yeah the city lifestyle is so appealing for some reason. I just like being around people and seeing all of the big structures. Yeah a lot of people usually don't have a car because of it. I'm not in the country, I'm in a suburb of Memphis. You have to go in Memphis for shit to do though. There's just a lot of country people around here since the country isn't far from this suburb. Wouldn't describe them as cornies but I've met so many redhecks and even some legit hillbillies.

      Group of girls would be fun for me:hurr Pretty much yeah, guys always want to meet hot girls wherever they go. You should see the guys I play tennis with, if a hot girl walks by they all of sudden start hitting really hard and trying to look pro to impress them:rotfl Nice I like her taste. I find it really interesting.

      Nah on days I work I work 8 am-5pm so only get the nights to myself:lmao At least it's free of doing school shit at nights after work. At least my step dad/boss agree to me just working mon, wed, and fri all day so I get tues and thur to myself. I don't work weekends either. I'll be starting summer classes at the end of next week. I'd be having fun all summer as well if I could. Spanish classes.

      I wish you had skype because I hate vms:lmao
    4. Zach
      Too late already did:hehee Nice I still need to finish it. Haven't felt much like it in a while. I don't recall that one.

      I probably could if they have one. Yeah if you get 2 failed serves it gives your opponent a point. However if it hits the net and falls into the appropriate square on your opponents side it's called a let, which it doesn't count against you and you serve again. That's why I like the city is everything is all right there jammed together so you don't have to go far. It's nice to be able to walk to a lot of places. I just like being around all of the people and I love the scenery of cities. It all looks really cool to me. Living in a flat in NY, London, etc would be a dream to me. I know what you mean the country is bore city. I know since my grandparents live in the country and most of the south is country. Everything is so spread out and there's nothing really. Shitfaced cornies:rotfl

      Awesome! Got a hot date? No I go alone since they are busy or never want to do shit:( Would be so fun going with a group. It's the best place to find hot girls too. I'm weird like that I know. Being a psychogloy major it should make sense that I like observing people. Nice, I love those kinds of people.

      Sorry for being so late I've been really busy. School+work+papers+finals. Now I'm done with finals and no school until my summer classes in a couple of weeks. Working more though :(
    5. Zach
      Not if I steal him:LOS No I'm not caught up, still in season 6.

      I'm good enough. I keep up with people who played on various tennis teams. I usually don't win the matches but I keep it close. I really don't play many matches I mostly just hit around. Last time I played I got complimented a lot for having such accurate serves, every time I served it was in. I'd have to teach you how to get it over the net:hoho I'll probably end up having to root for this team :( Not going to be a fan though. Just root for them while I'm going there:lmao I'm the same way I just enjoy being in the city. Just sitting around and watching everything and everyone go by would be enjoyable to me. I just like being where everything is ok. Suburbs and country is boring. Wooster does sound like it's surrouned by corn:rotfl

      From that bday pic you gave me you were a very cute and feminine 50 year old man:hurr Exactly, its just fun hanging around. There's a really big and busy mall 30 minutes away from me that would be fun to go with friends to. I have fun going alone but dont stay too long. I like just watching all the people while I sit there:lmao I can't either, both have their good and bad points.
    6. Zach
      No idea what that is. I'm glad you understand:hurr Yeah it was hilarious then he made that girl run out screaming:rotfl

      Not in shape enough to do sports unless they have a tennis team. I'll go to sports games since student tickets are cheap. I've always hated this school's sports teams though:( I'd rather not mess with loans unless I have to. You'd spend so much time paying them back. I've never even been invited to a party:lmao That is actually true because there is less to do. It's a big drinking spot. The only thing in this town is the college, gas stations, and bars. I hate being in the middle of nowhere I like cities. Which one was that?:lmao

      You're so manly:hehee At least you'd be someone I wouldn't mind going shopping with. That's to be expected because they are different styles and cultures.
    7. Zach
      Is it just because of Misha Collins like all of the other fangirls?:hurr I like Cas because he's a humorous character in a weird way. He's so serious and clueless it's funny. He's cool and I like the deep voice. I loved that episode where Dean was hanging around with Cas and said Cas was boring but more fun than Sam:lmao

      Just went to the local community college. It doesn't even have dorms or sports, those are on the main campus. My mom basically said I have to go to Ole Miss now because she's not paying out of state tuition which sucks because wanted to get out the south. I hardly ever go to the city though because no one ever wants to go with me. Ole Miss is in the middle of nowhere, 45 minutes from where I live. Apparently it's a good school, good small college town, and a big party school. No don't have a roommate set up.

      Stopping because your feet hurt:rotfl I don't like to shop for long either. I just go for specific things get them and leave. If I go with nothing in mind I just end up not buying anything. I've heard a lot about Merlin but not about Sherlock.
    8. Zach
      So Cas is your man huh:LOS Yeah I was just saying.

      That's how I was. It's basically been decided for me where I'm going. I wish I could go far away from here. Yeah I should have made plans to get out of here sooner somehow. I do live in a very boring place. I live in Mississippi, that should tell you. I guess the upside is it's a suburb of Memphis where I live. It only takes 30-45 minutes to be in downtown Memphis. Yeah I would I got a cool roommate.

      Just like you women and your shopping:hurr I was the same, haven't cared much for anime/manga in a while. What shows are you obsessed with now?
    9. Zach
      You have good taste:pimp You're in love with Dean and Castiel?:LOS Funny I'm more like Sam, but usually don't like characters similar to myself.

      With all the time you spend on it of course you care:zaru It'll be awesome. Time until then can't come soon enough. It's what I've been waiting for 2 years to finally get some change. Been way too long in this house, town, and job. I really don't know yet. I'd prefer to get a single dorm if possible but might not be able to.

      I figured it would be opposite, most of us stop watching tv. I mostly only watch sports.
    10. Elle
      Thank you XD. So glad to see you back around again :hug
    11. izzyisozaki
      Yay I will add you. Trust me I add tv stuff I don't even watch or care for at times.

      Whoa lol. Mangastream doesn't scan NRT anymore methinks. There's another one you can try called naruto...uh...nvmd I forgot elle knows though (on my phone I can't view my links)

      They say apathy is the opposite of love, not hate.

    12. Zach
      Cas and Dean:pimp You?

      Never thought I'd see you again:lmao You about to start college? Prepare for more business. Good for the most part. Yeah about done with my second year. Can't wait for the fall to transfer to uni and stay on campus. How have you been?

      Night I guess?
    13. izzyisozaki
      link me your tumblr :distracted?

      Sasuke seemed pretty surprised. GAHAHA.

      yes, melt into the indifference that Sakura's character brings.

    14. Zach
      I know right.

      You're still alive? Long time no see.
    15. izzyisozaki
      tags are what the spoiler things go under.

      She...........................................................is an Uzumaki :hurr

      It never changes, though it's not srs bsns for everyone at least.
    16. izzyisozaki
      well for example sequences of fanarts from tumblr that are ancient or painfully resized without tags, really random things that can't be described in words (great source of hilarity tho), and general lack of experience you'd hope would have been gained by lurking, stuff like that.

      There's an amazing (hilarious) spoiler about Karin you might want to know.

      an issue for laughter, I suppose.
    17. izzyisozaki
      The SN fanclub is undergoing a flow of new blood that have some questionable posting habits :argh but most of the old members are still around and shit is cool.

      you should :hurr

      that is the only relevant news :hurr
    18. izzyisozaki
    19. izzyisozaki

    20. izzyisozaki
      QFT XDD

      god finally I finished all my secret santa exchange shit. Was seriously loaded doing them things right before the deadline.

      yes XD
      lol NH best pairing. at least it actually appeared in the manga this year

      I saw some nice stuff but not that nice.
      it is!? lol.
      Well I know someone from university (saishin) that signed up after I prompted him to :). Other than that I've only met Kage. I know some people on dA through university and viceversa.

      Did I tell you how it happened? im still waitin. everyone one else section'd in the incident have been freed, so I feel it's as if I'm extra controversial or something :(
    21. izzyisozaki
      Yeah it's pretty much beyond belief now :hehee
      Been meaning to use it since ages

      you're not the only one I know that does XD

      I saw the towel too...no, not because she got out of the shower with it :hehee
      It went well, didn't get to do everything planned though. We were mostly eating typical things but I wanted to take her to the Chinese and Japanese as well so :lmao Her parents are from like Puerto Rico or something, so basically of Hispanic origins.

      god I just want to go back to the FC section :lmao
    22. izzyisozaki

      Oh yeah the Nwards, did you get it in the end?

      Kage is very attractive /no het She came over towards the end of October.

      And it keeps going and going and...
    23. izzyisozaki
      OVERRATED I SAY...even if it's the author himself that...oh god I'm not going to even bother :lmao

      They still need someone I hear :wtf

      I took some with Kage but she is holding them hostage.

      Wow, you lurk well :LOS
    24. izzyisozaki
      Kishimoto's peach :LOS

      Hmm should I be worried :hehee?

      A girl's opinion matters more :hoho

      Maybe you missed something epick this time :hehee
    25. untangledheart343
      Hello I would like to join anti sakura FC may I join? I think it looks amazing. :}
    26. urca
      i wanted to join the Anti-Sakura club,and i've been sent to u tobe added to the fanclub,may i join it..??:)
    27. Choutarou
      Thanks for the rep! Much appreciated, :iria

      I really liked your character entry! The drawings were especially nice, ^^
    28. izzyisozaki
      LOL WAT you're kidding right :nuts!? Beats me. It can't be actually be taken seriously right :nuts?

      Ohhh nice logic thar ahaha :lmao

      Orly :hoho?

      I wonder what happened :uwah:awesome

      That weren't always the same thing? :zaru
    29. Zach
      That's why I got a black car, black phone, etc:datass Some people love macs and some hate them. They seem really good but are crazy expensive. I looked up the prices the other day and was like :uwah That's how I am. There's a few games I love but I'd rather do something else than play video games.

      You sound kind of like me. I never stay mad for long. It also takes a lot to get me mad. Someone has to do something a lot or a lot of different things that will eventually combine to make me snap. I had way more yugioh cards than that. I used to play a lot and would go to a local tournament every weekend. I've been to a few bigger tournaments and actually got 2nd in a regionals. Doing that got me an invite to U.S. worlds but I didn't get to go:-( Everyone makes fun of Sakura. You're old enough to work now, you going to try to get a job? Makes me think of wet t-shirt contests:hehee It does suck living here, it gets over 100 degrees:arg At night it's still in the 90s. The movies is just a fun place to go with friends, it's extra fun if the movie is good.

      I wonder why all Asian parents seem so strict:hmm It's so nice to not have to depend on her so much and actually have some freedom.

      I haven't decided yet XD Even though I'm a driver I still like the snow but then again haven't driven in the snow yet. Snowball fights are the greatest. Playing football in the snow is fun as well. Your friends are fail then. You're so cute:ohpek Don't leave:wth If you do I'll miss you:ano

      It's part of life so get used to it now.
    30. izzyisozaki
      hello :datass
      My dad works out of Rome, but for a good part of the year he's usually around. My dad is stingy, I can't mooch off shit that isn't like talked into. And think that when I came back to Italy (age ten) he gave me a good impression :cry
      You would :iria?

      I've 'burnt' the pan so many times boiling water for ramen but luckily is can be eventually washed off XD

      I looked at that photo in dismay when I was kid :lmao

      Oh I still have the same ava XD It was relatively good at Contursi Terme, we stayed a bit longer than expected.
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