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Last Activity:
Nov 17, 2012
Jun 1, 2012
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Zaregoto was last seen:
Nov 17, 2012
    1. CA182
      I've seen the Raw for the OVA, you should be happy. :hurr

      Although there's no nipple... :sniff
    2. GMF
      I'm sorry that it's still the same level of work for but I guess your alright.

      Thanks for your vote of confidence. :)

      I'll be sure to view these posts.
    3. GMF
      Hopefully your work won't be killing you as much as it was before, that's good.

      As for me yeah I'm good I was slightly depressed about something for the past couple of days but I'm all well and good now.

      Currently preparing a post for the Laxus thread cause it reminded me of something that I posted awhile ago.
    4. GMF
      Hey, how's it going.
    5. CA182
      ...You sir are epic!:bow

      (Plus fans of fairy tail and To aru are awesome.)
    6. Mdri
      Wendy rules :haha
    7. Mdri
      Can't wait to see that shit :haha
    8. Mdri
      Just saw your post, episode already out? I can't seem to find the torrent
    9. GMF
      What's up, are you alive???:P
    10. Mdri

      Just arrived home, downloading the episode now. Can't wait for next week :33
    11. Mdri
      Mavis solos. Too much Kawaii :iria

      I'm really curious to see Mavis magic after this chapter though, seems promising.
    12. Sedaiv
      Brother you're not the only one. I'm about to bite the fucking bullet and pay. I mean his stuff is funny, to me at least. I still prefet games like SIM Girl (Newgrounds) or Reiko Biker Girl (WTB Version of this with Erza). I lack ALL Flash Programming, knowledge and drawing ability, otherwise I'd do one for FT myself.
    13. Sedaiv
      That reminds me. Did you eve play an of those games by Destro (sometimes it's Desto)? I only found the oe with Lucy. Appearently there are ones with Wendy, Erza and Levy.
    14. Mdri
      Yeah, it's good :yay

      Thank you.
    15. Mdri
    16. GMF
      Wow thanks for that you truly are a cool dude. In the future if things go well enough i'm gonna pretend i'm playing budokai and button mash your +rep button. :)
    17. GMF
      I just got rep -450 points by one guy just for a simple comment. Wow really??? XD.

      If the color of my bar wasn't red I wouldn't mind being a sword of despair.
    18. GMF
      I am so angry that I figured it out just as you got back to me XD. Thanks Again.
    19. GMF
      Also how did you make yours pushed to the side??
    20. GMF
      Thank you for the signature, you don't mind if I keep my avatar as Rogue. I might switch her avatar part in later but I really like the way it looks.
    21. GMF
      If you haven't already started then don't worry about it if it's close to finished then i'll gladly take it.
    22. GMF
      That would be awesome!!! I understand hatred for Sting but not Rogue.
    23. Mdri
      Hell yeah I am :iria
    24. Mdri
      :haha .
    25. Mdri
      I wonder if anime team will do the special pool chapter :hurr
    26. Jeral Fernandes
      Jeral Fernandes
      May I ask where do you get all those HQ gifs from FT?! Or do you know where to watch them with such quality? Thank you.
    27. Mdri
      Next episode, fanservice at it's best :canttouchthis
    28. GMF
      I honestly wished that I could've asked for a Rogue signature but not enough of cool things have been shown yet anyway, so thanks for the one that your already making.
    29. GMF
      Thanks for the explanation. And the update.
    30. GMF
      Sorry for the late reply. Here's what I have. When you said stock did you mean downloaded episodes or did you just want video links? If it was the latter then this what I have. I added these links as examples so you would know exactly when since some videos may have slightly different time frames.


      Time = 5:47 - 5:50


      Time = 6:16 - 6:19


      Time = 11:21 - 11:24
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