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Sep 10, 2017
Nov 7, 2004
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Active Member

Zhongda was last seen:
Sep 10, 2017
    1. Toad Hermit
      Toad Hermit
      sorry bro one year too late :p
    2. makeoutparadise
      I'm currently reading a book on the 7 chinese military classics you know sun tzu and stuff with commentary I don't know what's wrong with the Chinese and the need to bite parts of their body but I found a story similar to xiahou dun
    3. ximkoyra
      I'm not much of a debater. I just thought it was an interesting idea and wanted to read more about it and wiki didn't really seem to be talking about the same type of thing you were.

      Thanks for the sources
    4. ximkoyra
      What are some good sources to read up on this "orientalist" business you've brought up recently?
    5. makeoutparadise
      Lol I've seen a few episodes
    6. makeoutparadise
      :LOS!!!!! Zhong....
    7. makeoutparadise
      They're deleted !!!
    8. makeoutparadise
      you don't want to see it it's gore porn
    9. makeoutparadise
      People making dupe accounts of me posting porn in the FC
    10. makeoutparadise
    11. butcher50
      Military might gives a right

      the japanese and the indians got their shit wrecked hardcore, look at them now.

      yes it does, yes it does :maybe
    12. makeoutparadise
      awwwe thats a shame lol
    13. makeoutparadise
      Now that you're in London you ever hook up with black wraith
    14. halfhearted
      I saw pictures of the salt flat in Salar de'Uyuni, Bolivia during the rainy season, and they reminded me of our playful conversation about Jesus.

    15. Sasuke Uchiha
      Sasuke Uchiha
      You're avatar scares. Take it off.

      - Sinisterly B.S
    16. kakashi4ever

      It's so obviously that you were living in a environment which makes you take a wrong idea by Islam.

      Billions of People who just converted to Islam says that their life become peaceable and secured also they found the rest in their heart. as Allah said in quran :"But the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest".
      we all equal Therese no different weather you were White or Black.
      वहाँ में कोई अंतर नहीं है सब बराबर इस्लाम
    17. kakashi4ever
      what's the point from having a races signature like yours.People are not equal the same as religions. I did not hate in my specific religion, because I know that the person depending on his education.Also this is mentioned in the Quran .. Do you know how much of a Buddhist and christian has killed and raped in our country !! why we didn't hate them or having idea that all equal in raping and stealing.on top of that we provide them with jobs and housing and health care. Yes, there are a lot of Jacked Saudi guys or girls, but those receiving the punishment by execution them.Why dont you look at the positive side of Islam it is forbidden to ethnic discrimination and abuse to the workers .. and given the right before it dries.
    18. Outlandish
      arent you meng de ? when did convert to aehtism ?

      i guess you arabs are missing out on tasawuff hehe
    19. WT
      well?? .......
    20. WT
      "Don't come back, you inconsistent contributor a people's fail"

      Care to translate for me please?
    21. Terra Branford
      Terra Branford
      Who is God-dur? :hurr
    22. kunoichi_doctor22
      I'm only average but thank you.
    23. Icognito
      But if you know/remember Legan then you know/remember me.

      This was in response to the rep btw.
    24. Icognito
      It does and it doesn't you must forgive me my memory has never been all that great.
    25. Magnificent
      Dubai :giogio I wouldn't deny it if you are talking about that Emirate.

      Other Emirates aren't like it, or at least not as bad. Sharjah is the best of them. I live in Abu Dhabi BTW.
    26. Magnificent
      Constitutionless government. :giogio

      I'm still proud of my country no matter what it is :del
    27. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      tammam :datass

      yea.. bahrain is okay as well.. always wanted to visit kuwait.. everyone i know went.. i am the only one left :(

      definitely going next time :LOS
    28. Charlotte D. Kurisu
      Charlotte D. Kurisu
      OMG, you're from kuwait :X3

      awesome, kuwait's awesome :LOS

      am from bahrain
    29. butcher50

      i always like to make my russian-to-english transitions funnier.
    30. Buskuv
      I'm not certain I do, but I'm almost positive the picture was a the one and only Frank Zappa. The one wear he's twisting it in his hand?

      It's one of the first results when you google search it.
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