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Search Results

  1. gabha
  2. gabha

    Favorite Part of this Arc?

    Position -- 18 --

    My answer is the exact same as yours OP
    Post by: gabha, Aug 6, 2016 in forum: Bleach
  3. gabha
  4. gabha
  5. gabha

    The end

    Position -- 9 --

    And almost at 700 chapters if you count the TBtP arc, people called it.
    Post by: gabha, Jun 23, 2016 in forum: Bleach
  6. gabha
  7. gabha

    Kisame Facts

    Position -- 24 --

    Kisame is the reason Ninja villages are hidden.
    Post by: gabha, Apr 17, 2008 in forum: Konoha Library Archives
  8. gabha

    GB members Drawings

    Position -- 14 --

    You captured the essence of my Forehead perfectly :love.
    Post by: gabha, Apr 17, 2008 in forum: Art Lounge
  9. gabha
  10. gabha
  11. gabha
  12. gabha
  13. gabha
  14. gabha
  15. gabha
  16. gabha
  17. gabha
  18. gabha
  19. gabha
  20. gabha
  21. gabha
  22. gabha
  23. gabha

    It's not a very good idea

    Position -- 13 --

    It didn't hurt kishi so far.
    Post by: gabha, Apr 9, 2008 in forum: Konoha Library Archives
  24. gabha
  25. gabha
  26. gabha
  27. gabha
  28. gabha
  29. gabha
  30. gabha

    Hinata clan

    Position -- 20 --

    Your Op and set confuse me.
    Post by: gabha, Apr 7, 2008 in forum: Konoha Library Archives