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10 Kage Bodyguards Run an Akatsuki Gauntlet

(5 Kage Summit)
Gaara's Bodyguards + Mei's Bodyguards + Danzo's Bodyguards + Onoki's Bodyguards + A4s Bodyguards Will All Work Together as a Team to Beat as Many Rounds as they Can.

Team Bodyguard:
(10 Members)

#1. Temari
(War Arc Version)

#2. Kankuro
(War Arc Version)

#3. Chojuro
(War Arc Version)

#4. Ao
(War Arc Version)

#5. Torune
(5 Kage Summit)

#6. Fu Yamanaka
(5 Kage Summit)

#7. Darui
(War Arc Version)

#8. Cee
(5 Kage Summit)

#9. Kurotsuchi
(War Arc Version)

#10. Akatsuchi
(War Arc Version)

Rules: Team Bodyguard gets Recovered back to 100% Every Round They Win. Manga & Anime Feats Allowed.

Mindset: In Character.

Location: Orochimaru vs Jiraiya & Tsunade.

Starting Distance: 45 Feet apart away from each other.

Knowledge: None for all.

Win By: Death. Or KO if Death is not an option. Or Neutralization if that's not Available.

#1. Hidan

#2. Animal Path

#3. Asura Path

#4. Konan (No Prep Time)

#5. Sasori

#6. Deidara

#7. Kakuzu

#8. Orochimaru (No Edo Tensei)

#9. Taka Sasuke (Killer B Fight)

#10. Kisame

#11. Itachi

#12. Team Taka (5 Kage Summit/Danzo Fight)

#13. Pain (Deva Path)

#14. 6 Paths of Pain

#15. Orange Mask Obito

#16. White Mask Obito


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They should hold out up until taka.. or pain at absolute best. Though I don't fully agree with your order of strength
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