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325 - Translation by Kaito

Discussion in 'Naruto Translations' started by The Black Knight, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. The Black Knight

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    Mar 8, 2006
    325 - Translation

    I will try to finish before I go to homecoming tomorrow

    Page 1

    The "extremely awesome move" that Shikamaru came up with is....!?

    Hidan: Gughh

    Kakuzu: So, that Shadow Jutsu forces the target to copy the user's moves...

    Page 2

    Shikamaru presses on!

    Naruto 325: There wont be an after..!

    Hidan: This guy knows the Jutsu's true form.

    Izumo: What're you goin' to do?

    Shikamaru: I'm gonna drag that guy out of that circle he created on the ground.

    ...his jutsu..his curse will be removed

    Page 3

    Izumo: Whaddya mean?

    Shikamaru: ..His huge weapon....three sickles are attached to it.
    Considering the shape, he chooses to widen the attack distance rather than aim for one hit kills.

    At any rate, it can give wounds to the opponent, big or small.
    Basicly, if he can just inflict one wound...
    He has a jutsu to certainly kill his opponent.

    Izumo: What about that curse?

    And...What's the relation between the "curse" and the wound?

    Page 4

    Shikamaru: The Blood..

    In order to link with the person he wants to curse, he must take in the opponents blood into his own body.

    Izumo: ..I saw him lick some blood.

    A hah! ..So he wounds his opponent
    And even just a little bit of blood sticks to the scythe...
    He then can put a curse on his opponent.

    Asuma: ah, I see...

    Page 5
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