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913 Official translation

Discussion in 'Ohara Library' started by HawkEye13, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. HawkEye13 Member

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    Nov 11, 2015
    From OJ and stephens.

    One Piece Chapter 913

    Chapter Title: “The crane returns the favor”

    Cover Page: The saga of the self proclaimed straw hat grand fleet, Vol 41, Orlumbus: “5 P.M.: Given a hero's send-off--my big pirate debut was a failure ”

    Page 1:

    Hawkins: "I would advise you not to sightsee here...Are you aware of who controls this country...from the shadows?"

    Zoro: "Nope! Don't know!!"

    Luffy: "It's Kaido!! And I'm here to whoop that emperor of the sea!!"

    Zoro: "Shut up, Luffy! Kin'emon said...we're not supposed to know that..."

    Luffy: "I was just kidding!! I don't know who!!"

    Komachiyo: "Grrr.."

    Otama: *Huff, huff...*

    Hawkins: "The cards say your probability...of being alive one month from now...is 19 percent."

    Worst Generation - Basil Hawkins - Bounty: 320 million berries

    Page 2:

    Zoro: "...Say, where'd you get that sword, huh?"

    Luffy: "Hmm? It's a verily good blade, right?"

    Zoro: "Uh, exactly. It seems like a famous one, so let me--"

    Beast Pirates: "Get 'em!!!"

    Luffy: "Yeah!! Bring it on!!!"

    Zoro: "Wait, no! Let me see it! It's not like you even know how to use a..."

    Luffy: *Toss*

    Zoro: "Don't throw the scabbard!!!"

    Luffy: "Yes I do! I'll slice and dice these fools, verily!! Gum-Gum..."

    Page 3:


    Zoro: "A gun's not a sword!!"

    Lizard: "Hss-!!"

    Luffy: "Whoa!! Even the lizard is trying to get me!!"

    Lizard: "Hsss-!!!"

    Luffy: *Grank!!* "Well, chomp on this!!"

    Page 4:

    Luffy: "Yaah!!!"

    Hawkins: "Straw Sword!!!"

    Lizard: "Gyaooo!!"


    "What's up with that sword?! Now I feel sorry for that lizard!!"

    Double Pages 5 and 6:

    Beast Pirates:
    "Aaah!!! Gyaaa!!"

    Luffy: "Whoa!! Got 'em already!!"

    Zoro: "Mmm?!"

    Hawkins subordinate: "Aiee!!!" *Thud*

    Zoro: "Huh?"

    Hawkins: "Very impressive..."

    Luffy: "What the--?"

    Hawkins: "Minus one life."

    Page 7:

    Zoro: "What did you just do?!..."

    Hawkins: "My strawman is a stand-in for my followers' lives. With my Straw-Straw powers, I infuse my body with my subordinates' spirits...so that no damage reaches me!!! When I have 10 infused, I can die ten times...Now...let us begin a game...of strawman cards!! Know that I am not so forthright as to battle two of my fellow Worst Generation members in a fair fight!!"

    Luffy: "Whoa!! Something just came outta the sword!!"

    Page 8:

    Zoro: "This guy's more trouble than he looks...but I should've figured!!"

    Luffy: "Game?"

    Hawkins: "Let us begin...The fool, reversed. Blast it...this is the card of infighting."

    Beast Pirate 1: "Take that!!" *Slice*

    Beast Pirate 2: "Aaah!!"

    Hawkins: "I'm sorry...I will draw a good card next round...Despite the inherent risks, there are also cards...that expand one's beyond its natural limits!!"

    Luffy: "What the heck are they doing?!"

    Komachiyo: "Woof!! Woof!!"

    Luffy: "Hey!! What's the big idea, dog?!"

    Komachiyo: "Boof!! Boof!!"

    Double Pages 9 and 10:

    Hawkins subordinate: "Hawkins!! They're getting away!!"

    Hawkins: "Do not panic!! I've just drawn a good card..."

    Luffy: "Yikes!! Tama's burning up!!"

    Otama: *Huff!! Huff!!*

    Zoro: "I guess that's why the dog was rushing us."

    Hawkins: "Ooooh...The hierophant...Reversed!! The card of pursuit!!!"

    Hawkins' Straw Monster: "Kyo kyo kyo"

    Luffy: "Whoa, he's catching up!!"

    Zoro: "Protect the kid!! I'll handle him!!!"

    Hawkins and his Straw Monster: *Swish*

    Hawkins' Straw Monster: "Kyo kyo kyo kyo"

    Zoro: "Oof!! Where's this power coming from?!"

    Double Pages 11 and 12:

    Zoro: "Hrrrrrg...Nails?!! Raaah!!"

    Luffy: "Zoro!!"

    Zoro: "All right, enough of this!!! Nigiri...Tower Climb...Ripple!!!"

    Hawkins' Straw Monster: "Kyaooo!!!"

    Hawkins: *Dshk!!*

    Hawkins subordinate 1: "Gaah!!!"

    Hawkins subordinate 2: "Sh-shall we go after them...Hawkins?!"

    Page 13:

    Hawkins: "The hierophant. I've drawn a card of reinforcements. Someone will lead them to a clean escape..."

    Otsuru: "Why, what mighty samurai you two are!!" *Boink*

    Luffy and Zoro: "What?! Who are you?!"

    Otsuru: "You defeated that dreadful Hawkins!! I am the woman you saved earlier, green one. My name is Tsuru."

    Introduction Box: Teahouse Owner - Otsuru

    "You've been hiding in the tail this whole time?!"

    "If you'll forgive my asking...is that child Otama from Amigasa village...?"

    Luffy: "You know her?!"

    Otsuru: "So she has been drinking from the river! In that case, forget the doctor. Take her to my teahouse!!"

    Page 14:

    Zoro: "This is no time for sipping tea, lady!! I don't even know who this kid is, but she's--"

    Otsuru: "Oh, but it is! The best course of action is to give her tea mixed with a special herb...that will counteract the river's poison! I will show you the way. Please allow me to return the favor! I can tend to the green gentleman's wounds too!!"

    Luffy: "Okay!! We'd appreciate the help!! Thanks!!"

    Narrative Box: "Okobore, The Town of Leftover Scraps, Kuri"

    Urashima: "I'm just sayin', you can't pay the protection tax, right? So I'm willin' to help you out with that! C'mon, Okiku!:redheart: All you have to do is be my wife...and you'll never hafta work again! You can eat all the fresh clean food from the farm you want, every day..."

    Page 15:

    Okiku: "I am too far below your social standing. Now, if you're not ordering, would you please take your leave...?"

    Urashima: "I don't want none of your food!! Who wants dumplings and tea made from leftover scarps?! Don'tcha know who I am? I'm a famous Yokozuna in the big city! I'm Urashima, the greatest sumo wrestler in Wano!!!"

    Introduction Box: Teahouse waitress - Okiku

    Page 16:


    Okiku: "Oh! Otsuru!!"

    Urashima: "Tsk...Dammit..."

    Otsuru: "Brew up some of the evil-purging herbs!! Otama drank from the poisoned river!!"

    Okiku: "Oh no! I'll get right to it!!"

    Narrative Box: "Atop a mountain..."

    Penguin: "You know I'm right! It's the Straw Hats!!"

    Bepo: "Should we go get them before trouble starts?!"

    Shachi: "You're gonna stick out if you do, Bepo!"

    To be continued…
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  2. HawkEye13 Member

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    Nov 11, 2015
    - Hawkins lost 3 lives, not 2 :skully

    - Oda own words

    :bookerskully :hestonpls

    All that desperate attempt to give Zoro an L prior to this translations
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  3. Donquixote Doflamingo Master Puppeteer

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    Oct 17, 2010
    Zoro :bury
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  4. xmysticgohanx Zoro > Law

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    Jul 14, 2014

    Also it looks like the Straw Monster was boosted by a card, yet Zoro still destroyed it while taking Hawkins' life in the process
  5. Zern227 Slifer Slacker

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    Feb 5, 2013
    His friendly fire card took out one of his dolls. You can bypass hawkins "life-minus" by defeating his doll-carrying henchmen which will also cause the doll to fall out.
  6. TheWiggian #AdmiralsIncorporated

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    Aug 28, 2013
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  7. Gilgamesh you all deserve to die

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    Sep 5, 2010
    He defeated him by running away :hestonpls
  8. neonlight Only God - Buggy Sama

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    Aug 19, 2016
    Translation clears it up that both Luffy and Hawkins are impressed by Zoro's first kill.

    BTW why is there so many versions of translations? Can Japanese be interpreted in many ways?
  9. xmysticgohanx Zoro > Law

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    Jul 14, 2014
    besides the normal problems that you see with translating:

    1. Deciding whether to translate extremely literally, word for word, or being okay with just translating the thought/message of the passage (I'm not a Christian anymore but compare any verse in the NASB translation with the NLT translation and you'll see exactly what I mean)

    2. Dumbing it down a little or not if your audience's reading level isn't anything crazy

    Japanese has extra problems. It's not a Latin language like English, and it is very context based. Often times pronouns are not even used, they have to be assumed based on context. Which gets annoying when the sentence could be meant for multiple people.
  10. neonlight Only God - Buggy Sama

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    Aug 19, 2016

    The missing pronouns are really annoying while multiple characters are present. More often I even cant make out who is addressing because the dialogue box will not be indicative of the specific character in multi-character crumbled panel.