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Well found the thing while reading the rules so I guess I should write a couple of lines about myself so let's go yooooo

First thing, I hate the formation of "favorite characters" damnit. BC the ones of me are more than that, I cant imagine my life and myself without them. So yeah there go the akatsuki. Yup the antagonists, i somehow love the antagonist formations. I love how they were showed, each of them, playing their role, aiming for their own goal, hiding their own feelings... just the way each of the Akatsuki of Pain were showed. Then it was different tho. My otp sasodei (mannn i love ths two more than Deidara loves explosions tho). Also I kinda like kakuhida, sasunaru, yahikonan. I like canonic stuff, I am a canonist yet i like to make it a bit like out of canon.

so that is basically the whole thing about me, if we are simular of sumsin' text it, yeah


don't hate fictional characters, it makes your lifespan short and salty

welcome to the forums, have fun enjoy the rants
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