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Anime Expo 2018

Discussion in 'Konoha Country Club' started by Yamato, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Yamato ANBU- Sadist

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    So it has already begun, well on July 3rd was day -1.
    5th - 8th is when the expo is this year.

    I already went today and it was pretty fun. Glad the badges were mailed out this year, too hot to be waiting outside in line, but there was a short and quick line for the swag bags and lanyards. Saw a huge line to get in from Pico and Figuerora. Screw that, skipped it. I had to go to ticketing to get my One Piece Puzzle hunt ticket so I went around to West Hall by the streets to pick that up and went in from the LP entrance. No lines, was great.
    I didn't get too much this year. Just two AX pillows, AX hat, AX pin and a Kakashi fan art print.
    I have been going for ten years already and already kind of bought what I wanted already haha. Previous years I got to meet some of my favorite voice actors and got their autographs and pics with them. Was awesome. Still waiting on one more person though.... Hope they do include him in the Guest of Honor some day.

    This year, there is also the One Piece Puzzle Hunt.

    I completed the puzzle and yeah, it was a bit more challenging than what I expected it to be.

    Anyone else going or have gone this year?
  2. Alwaysmind Lunesdi al vespre.

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    Wrong section.

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