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Another Life Ch. 9

Discussion in 'Fanfiction' started by Sedaiv, May 24, 2012.

  1. Sedaiv

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    Nov 26, 2009
    Disclaimer: I don't own ANYTHING! Everything in this story from songs, to cars to Bleach itself are of their respectful owners. PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE!

    Author: Sedaiv

    Email: RealGateGuardian at gmail dot com

    Rating: PG-13

    Warnings: Language, Action, Violence

    Notes: Single quotation denotes English, double denotes Japanese. Please leave me reviews, and SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE!

    Bleach: Another Life
    Chapter Nine: Tatsuki VS Abel


    Abel and Tatsuki come face to face. Abel tosses out a couple light jabs that he knows she'll duck. Sure enough, she moves around the fists. She brings a knee stiff into his gut. He hunches over, and grabs her other leg. He stands up, and she brings a roundhouse kick to the back of his head. He grabs the support ropes, and looks to see his enemy is smiling. He rubs the back of his head and stands up.

    He gets back close, this time he tosses his fists out more aggressively, but not wanting to hurt her, he stays slow so she can duck. Tatsuki returns a few fists in his face, which she realizes only gets him angrier. Tatsuki doesn't go easy, she tries to kick him the head, which he ducks and shocks as he delivers a soccer player's bicycle kick. She rolls under and gets him into an ankle lock. Abel quickly gets himself out, by over powering her from his greater size. He rolls backwards, and tastes Tatsuki's knee in his face.

    Abel holds onto her leg and locks a submission in. She yelps, which causes Abel to release and try getting on top of her. Abel brings a few fists down on her face. She takes several to her face, and lays motionless. Abel gets up, and backs up some. Tatsuki's eyes open and she kicks out his left knee of his and he falls flat on his face. Tatsuki gets on her hands and knees; Abel takes a knee and tries massaging his knee, trying to dull the pain. Tatsuki gets behind Abel, and wrapping her legs around his waist, she puts her forearm and bicep around his throat and begins applying pressure.

    Abel stands up, feeling his air get choked out. He begins spinning around fast, with Tatsuki on his back. She closes her eyes, and continues applying pressure. Abel suddenly stops as he and Tatsuki see a large explosion outside. Tatsuki loosens her hold, and his tossed off violently. She looks at Abel, to see his body, sitting on the ground. Abel's back against the ropes, not breathing. Tatsuki shakes his body, and he falls over.

    "Hey don't worry about me." Abel is on the other side of the room in his Shinigami body.

    "What the? how did you do that so fast?" She wonders looking at him.

    Abel breaks the window with his Zanpakto and jumps out. Two large, flying Hollows swoop down and try to attack him. Abel slices one in half as it flew got close to him. The second Hollow manages to make a really sharp U-turn and cut Abel's left leg. He takes a knee, and slashes as it comes by for a third attempt.

    It flies past taking a minor cut to its wing. He rolls out of the way, and stands up, putting his wait on his opposite side to favor his wounded leg. The Hollow screams loudly and fires an orange energy attack at Abel. He jumps out of the way; to watch the attack explode just feet away from him. Abel puts his palms together and aims it at the Hollow.

    "Hado #58! Tenran!" Abel tries knocking the Hollow out of the air with a tornado attack.

    The Hollow manages to keep itself in the air. Abel jumps up attempting to cut off its wing. However the Hollow moves at the last possible moment, and he misses his attack. The Hollow screams and kicks Abel back down to the ground. He grabs onto a light pole, and watches the Hollow fly away. Abel returns to the gym and see's Tatsuki and his body.

    "Sorry about that." Abel says sheepishly, realizing that he ruined their fight.

    ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~

    Sear ran across building tops, jumping from building to building. It was early in the night and he looked two different ways. He placed his hand over one of his creatures, and in several minutes made a fully grown copy of himself; only it lacked it a mouth.

    "Orihime's pure hear is resisting my influence. Collect your sibling, and give it to one of Ichigo's sisters. I doubt one of them would be able to resist. I'm going after Tatsuki, she appears friendly to Ichigo and Abel." Seer and his copy head in two different directions.

    ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~

    Sear's copy made its way quickly to Ichigo's home. It stopped and looked out at his home. It prepared to jump onto the room from a neighboring building.

    "Getsuga Tensho!" The copy crashed into the ground hard.

    Ichigo was in his bankai form, waiting for him. The copy aimed his hand and summoned a green cero, charging it quickly and fired it at Ichigo. Using Tensa Zangetsu, Ichigo deflected the cero into the sky. It pointed its other arm and summoned blue lightning, gathering into a ball. Ichigo, using his superior speed in bankai he ran over to Sear and stabbed him in his gut.

    "Die already." Ichigo growls

    He releases the lightning against his chest. Ichigo flies backwards into a building, but quickly charges forward. The copy doesn't know how to react, and Ichigo slashes him across his chest. A large squirt of black blood covers him. He attempts to decapitate his enemy, but the copy catches Tensa Zangetsu. He lifts his hand up, and it morphs into Tensa Zangetsu and he swings at Ichigo, who jumps to the left but still gets his arm cut. He pulls back his Zanpakto, causing the copies arm to return to normal.

    "What the Hell are you?" Ichigo asks, reading his Zanpakto

    ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~

    Tatsuki was at her home. In the family bathroom, she was looking at her face. Abel got some bruising in on her. She had a fresh bruise on her right cheek, alongside her jaw on the left, here eye was puffy, and she thinks she sees teeth marks on her arm but isn't sure if that was him scratching her. She started a bath, and began undressing. As it neared full, Tatsuki completely disrobed and lay down. The radio is playing, with a different blend of Japanese and American pop songs.

    She sighs loudly and allows her body to soak. Her cell phone began ringing; she looked at it and picked up. "Hello?"

    "Tatsuki-chan!" Orihime's voice came over the phone.

    "Hello, Orihime. What's up?" She asks enjoying her bath.

    "Not much, have you seen Abel or Ichigo anywhere? Neither of them are answering their phones." Orihime asks her friend.

    "Ichigo? No. Abel? Yes. He might have shut his phone off." Tatsuki lather a wash cloth with soap.

    "Oh, that's sad." Orihime says dejected.

    "Why do you have Abel's number? You barely know him?" Tatsuki's eyes flatten, both interested and disappointed in her friend.

    "Oh, he's a really American. I know you'll get to like him, I think Kurosaki-kun and him are starting to be good friends. I saw them get to school together." Orihime's optimism was both inspiring and disgusting.

    "If you say so Orihime?" Tatsuki sinks deeper in her bath.

    ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~

    Orihime stood at her bedroom window, looking over the moonless sky of Tokyo. In her pajamas, she was enjoying the night talking with her friend. Orihime walked around her apartment, talking about whatever young women their age talked about. Finally found Orihime and looked at her from a distance. She continued talking on the phone, so he waited. Eventually she hung up the phone, went to her bedroom and shut off the light.

    Sear flew over and landed on her balcony. The door was left unlocked, and he slipped inside. Had a normal person saw this, they might have freaked out seeing a door open by itself. He quietly walked around the apartment, and waited for Orihime to fall asleep. It didn't take long as he snuck into her bedroom. He placed his hand over her back, and his creature slowly lifted itself out of her and back into his body. Sear walked away, angry that Orihime was too resistant to his powers.

    "At least nobody's home?" Sear walked out onto the porch, only to get an arrow through his right eye. "Or not?"

    Sear's body falls over the railing and into a dumpster. He leans up, and rips the reishi arrow out with no difficulty. He looks over to see Uryu standing on an adjacent rooftop, with another arrow ready. He shot it at the monster, and Sear deflected it harmlessly upwards. He got out of the garbage and jumped into the sky, then behind Uryu and they faced each other.

    "What do you want?" Sear snarled at Uryu.

    "We never finished out fight." He shot the arrow

    Sear caught it, and snapped it in half. "That's right."

    Uryu ran forward release arrows at the monstrosity. Sear swiped away at each arrow as they flew at him. Uryu pulled out Seele Schneider, and began fighting him. Despite not using a blade, Sear's wrists proved just as tough and most likely just as deadly. The two swing their blades and fists at one other, each one deflecting the other's attack.

    "Why is he suddenly weaker? Last time he destroyed me, Ichigo and Chad but now he's weaker?" Uryu back flipped away, shooting several arrows at Seer.

    The arrows went into his body, but didn't do anything as he ripped them out and tossed them back at Uryu. Sear pointed his palm at Uryu, and quickly fired a fully charged cero. He rolled under, but was knocked away as a second was fired quickly. His enemy ran at him quickly, although he lost some of his power somehow, his speed hadn't suffered. Sear kicked Uryu up in to the air, and readied another blast.