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Anti-Stats Tier List

Discussion in 'Naruto Battledome' started by Silnaem, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Silnaem This Time is not Ours to save

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    Mar 16, 2017
    For each stat, list the top 5 shinobi who are least dependant on it

    1. Speed
    Body movement

    2 Strength

    3. Chakra quantity

    4. Chakra control

    5. Intelligence

    6. Durability

    7. Area of Effect
  2. Speedyamell Lions don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep

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    May 15, 2017
    I got ya.

    Chars like obito/konan don't really depend on speed due to phasing and paper form.

    Minato doesn't deal with strength at all.

    Hidan. He doesn't use any costly jutsu and hardly depends on chakra.

    Chakra beasts like bee,raikage e.t.c don't have to minimize use of chakra.

    Choji for example is just plain powerful and hardly uses intelligence. Its still part of any high shinobi's arsenal tho

    Also chars like konan,obito & suigetsu. They don't depend on durability.

    Chars like hidan,tenten,ino,shikamaru,e.t.c deal with precision rather than Aoe
  3. MawDezrtarsh22 Read my name....slowly

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    Jul 10, 2016
    This is a tough list btw haha

    1. Obito (Rinnegan, MS). Never relies on his speed, rather he relies on his warping speed
    2. Kisame (Samehada) never relies on his speed outside of his WD merge.
    3. 6 paths of Pain. Never rely on their speed, rather they fall back on their busted arsenal

    Not doing 5 per stat.

    I'll be excluding god tiers in my lists btw

    1. SM Kabuto. Never relies on physical strength but rather relies on his impressive Ninjutsu and sage jutsu. Almost never engages in CQC, not that he can't
    2. EMS Madara. Short of PS he relies on agility and speed against most opponents, as well as his incredible skill in CQC
    3. Nagato. Relies almost exclusively on his Rinnegan, is never seen doing anything that takes exceptional physical strength

    1. Gai
    2. Lee
    3. Kakashi

    1. Everyone Kage level needs exceptional chakra control, otherwise they can't use the techs that actually make them kage level

    A stupid reverse stat

    Rinnegan Obito. Rarely employs his intelligence, but rather pure muscle with his Jins and MS, not that he's not incredibly intelligent, we just never really see him put it to use in combat. You can only do the things Obito has accomplished with a top tier intellect
    2. Kisame. Rarely uses his intelligence, prefers to drain and muscle his opponents down. Like Obito, Kisame possesses intelligence in spades but rarely uses it, especially in one on ones.
    3. Nagato. He's just OP with the Rinnegan, no notable accomplishments lead me to believe he's exceptionally intelligent

    So glass cannons basically?

    Idk, most people kage level have decent durability, there's just those with slightly more impressive showings

    So strictly single target attacks?

    1. Itachi. Outside of Amaterasu his Totsuka elevates him to the top of this list

    2. Orochimaru. Relies almost entirely on single attacks, poisons and summonings. His one AOE move is not something that's gonna threaten a kage level

    3. Kakashi. Has next to no AOE, instead relying on powerful Raiton, intellect and his Kamui
  4. Silnaem This Time is not Ours to save

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    Mar 16, 2017
    I would think,

    Ferocious Fist users,
    KG users also need less CC than most. Reason being that their elements are deadly enough that simply having them out, no matter how unstable, would hurt most opponents. Mei at the FKS for example.
    Jinchuuriki, due to their exceptional quantities
    Juugo clan, for the abovementioned reason
    SSSotM, only really need Hidden Mist, on top of their kenjutsu. Ringo is even better coz hwr sword makes ninjutsu for her. Kisamehada could also afford to be wasteful.
    Puppet Style
    Temari, as her fan starts the job for her
    Aburame clan
    Flash Pillar users, as disorientation removes the requirement for exceptional control and convincing illusions
    Summoners, as their summons fight for them


    Mei, Minato, Kakashi, Neji, Ohnoki, Gaara, Hidan (technically) and so on.

    Their techniques indicate that they lack durability, as they work to avoid taking a hit

    I like your common sense tho (leaving out Transcendants etc)