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Are they still Kage level?

Discussion in 'Naruto Battledome' started by Shark, May 16, 2018.

  1. Shark Ikimasu yo

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    3 tomoe Itachi, and no he cannot use Susano'o (nor Izanami).

    Kisame w/o Samehada (not the Kisame from the flashbacks but the current one).

    Jiraiya w/o SM, Ma, Pa and Gamatrio.

    Tsunade w/o Katsuyu and Byakugo.

    Minato w/o Hiraishin and all of its applications (barriers, etc) and SM.

    Deidara w/o C3 and C4.

    Base Bee w/o Bijū (access to partial transformation is allowed).

    Danzo w/o Izanagi and Koto.

    BoS Sasuke w/o Kirin.

    Hebi Sasuke w/o Kirin and CS.

    Armless Orochimaru w/o Kuchiyose (no large snakes nor Rashomon).

    BoS Kakashi w/o Kamui.

    Will add others later.
  2. WorldsStrongest Umu

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    Closer to high Jonin tbh

    He has no lethality or game enders whatsoever here

    Fireball jutsu isnt ending any decent Kage level fighter

    Only thing that even makes this half a discussion is Genjutsu

    Look at what he did on Turtle Island

    For sure a Kage tier performance


    With no summons Jman loses A LOT

    Dark swamp and Toad mouth trap are not enough to carry him into Kage tiers...

    High Jonin same as 3T itachi

    Jonin level if not lower tbh

    Literally BoS sakura
    Still has Kage bunshin, top tier shunshin, cho odama tier rasengans, sensing, top tier sealing and boss summons

    Yeah still Kage level for sure
    C2 Dragon likely carries him to low kage

    He did manage to press and outwit and escape all of Team Gai and Team 7 without either of these techniques

    Or his goddamn arms for that matter
    Acrobat still wrecked 3T sasuke

    And he still has raiton game, ink clones, and partial transformations

    Id say yes

    Maybe low Kage

    Baku is decent and his fuutons are pretty legit

    His seals are also scary
    Yes...Easily...The dude is stronger than a sick Orochimaru in his own dimesnion and is stated to be >KN3 Naruto by a notable margin

    He beat Deidara without Kirin

    Nor did he rely that heavily on CS

    And is superior to BoS sasuke who is easily Kage tier in base given how he bitched Team Kakashi casually
    Id say yes

    Even Immortals Kakashi wasnt considered Kage tier by Jman
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  3. King Itachi ^/_\^

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    Mid Kage

    High Kage

    Low Kage

    Elite Jounin

    Low Kage

    I'll assume he doesn't have C0. Low Kage

    Mid Kage

    Elite Jounin

    Low Kage

    Low Lage

    Elite Jounin

    Low Kage
  4. Maverick04 Susanoo's nose is a waste of Chakra

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    Yes..he can still 1 panel kage level shinobis who have no genjutsu defense..His hand seals and combat speed is also quite fast and was able to keep up with KCM Naruto, SM Kabuto and Killer Bee in CQC with just 3T..He also has top tier shuriken jutsu, kage bunshin feats and can deceive high level opponents like Hebi Sasuke and Kakashi with his crows into trapping them in genjutsu or just use an elemental ninjutsu (Katon, suiton and fuuton according to the databook)

    Yes he is a Kage tier without Samehada..Still has massive chakra reserves..Can absorb chakra through skin (if chakra is being sent into the skin)..Still has his bigass suitons, 1000 sharks, daikodan, waterdome etc.

    Yes..He still has his katons, fuinjutsus, yomi numa, rasengan, toad mouth trap (which almost took out Kisame), Toad gourd prison, Lions mane, Yatai kuzushi, and smaller toads which in itself are capable of taking out some low jonins (like Ebisu) and blocking samehada attack from Kisame.

    Still has yin seal and creation rebirth (regular mitotic regen with hand seals)..her taijutsu skills are also quite good along with ranshinsho and CES capable of doing some large scale damage..She should still be a kage level shinobi

    Hmm..his fighting style revolves around FTG and barriers and stuff..Without that and SM he only has his rasengan, his toad summons, FCD, elemental ninjutsus (fire wind and lightning according to the databook)..his base speed, reflexes and intellect is still high level though..He should be kage level but barely

    Yes ofc..Keeping up with team guy with a kunai in his mouth and armless..One shotting a Tailed Beast with a small explosive..C2 dragon and being able to clone feint a sharingan user also puts him comfortably at kage level

    Turned Early MS Sasuke(who is a kage tier) into shish kebab..And totally wreck his shit..Easily Kage tier

    He should be able to hold his own against a few low kage tiers..IIRC he killed a bunch of assassin shinobis with just his fuutons..Since you have only restricted Izanagi and Koto, im gonna assume that he still has 3T

    Yep..Low Kage tier..CS2 + 3T should easily put him at Kage tier.

    He can still cover the battle field with a whole bunch of snakes each carrying a sword..He also has the kusanagi blade which he used go carry and pin down KN4..So yea he should still be kage tier..atleast a low level Low kage

    Elite Jonin in part 1 so he should be above his part 1 self in shippuden with three years of training..Was considered worthy to be a hokage..1000 jutsus + 3T Sharingan + 1st gate + high level intellect..This dude even without the MS has got it all..Even if you dont consider him as kage level, he should atleast be borderline
  5. The_Conqueror Well-Known Member

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    Egypt, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Serbia, Russia, Portugal, , Germany, France, , Denmark, Croatia, Belgium, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Australia, Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Senegal, Nigeria, Morocco, , Poland
    Itachi was a kage level at the age of 7 when he did not even have sharingan :blinditachi
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  6. Ultrafragor Well-Known Member

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    You rated Hebi Sasuke, in base, higher than BoS Orochimaru.

    Wakanda shit is this?
  7. Architect of the Works of Beauty

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    1. Probably
    2. Probably
    3. High Kage
    4. No
    5. No
    6. Yes
    7. Yes
    8. Yes
    9. Yes
    10. Yes
    11. Dunno
    12. Yes
  8. Tri

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    I’d say they’re all still Kage level bar maybe BoS 3T Kakashi.
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  9. Bonly Tailless Tailed Beast

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    I'd say all of them would be bumped down to Low Kage lvl with Kakashi and B not making the cut
  10. Eliyua23 Well-Known Member

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    Itachi take away MS and he’s still top tier in mutliple categories Gen , Int, Spe , Tai he could hold his own against most Kages if not defeat them his Ms merely pushes them beyond their level

    Jiraiya Ma and Pa merely make him A High Kage beyond 98% of Kages without them he still has excellent base stats probably best in the manga has very little weakness has good CQC strong , fast enough , experienced long,mid range nin still Kage level

    Minato for sure still can outspeed and duel most of he narutoverse still has a keen intellect and access to dangerous Uzumaki seals , FTG merely make him one of the 3 strongest non Juubi Jins to ever live

    Tsunade’s whole aresenal of what makes her special revolves with her support and CQC boost with that taken away probably a decent jounin Level Shinobi

    Kisame hell no hes jackshit w/o Samehada

    With Deidara weirdly yes becasue those things make him more dangerous but it doesn’t take away from what he is a long distance fighter with a powerful jutsu he can still fights the same and still has versatility with his C2

    Danzo yes very low though still has a powerful summon , seals , very solid intellect

    Sasuke BOS Hell no Kirin is what seperated him from his peers and made him special early on he’s a kid jounin here

    Sasuke again pre MS , Kirin is what makes him special , he’s not adept at using Orochimaru’s power but it makes him close to Kage but not quite

    Kakashi hell no , Kamui makes him special in pt 2

    Armless oro, low Kage only becasue he’s insanely difficult to kill he guy went head to head with KN4 close to body failure
  11. Gin Ichimaru's Shadow Sanban daihyou taicho Ichimaru Gin

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    Itachi-yes. He can still use Crow Jutsu, fast seals. His intelligence also gives him a chance.
    Kisame-yes. He was able to fight with Gai on quite good level. He could also break out of Mokuton and fool opponents.
    Jiraiya-no. Without SM he loses a lot of power. If you take away Toads, he is high end of Elite Jounin.
    Tsunade-no. Same tier as Jiraiya.
    Minato-yes. He can use Rasengan variations and has very good speed. If you mix it with his intellect, he is low Kage level.
    Deidara-no. Mostly Elite Jounin(unless you count suicidal C0).
    Base Bee-yes. Watch his CQC against Sauce and Itachi.
    Danzo-yes. Low Kage level. He still has Baku, cunningness and powerful Futons(watch his road to the Summit).
    BoS Sasuke-yes. He beat Yamato who is Elite Jounin and was able to kill weakened(still strong) Orochimaru
    Hebi Sasuke-yes. He is mid low Kage. Sasuke can still use Snakes, Chidori variations and Hydra.
    Armless Oro-yes. He still can take a punch from strong opponent(Tsunade), has Kusanagi and big speed.
    Kakashi-Elite Jounin. It is a bit better Part 1 Kakashi.
  12. walpurgis Burgoo ohtanishoheiohtanishoheiohtanishohei

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    3 tomoe Itachi yes

    Kisame w/o Samehada (not the Kisame from the flashbacks but the current one). yes

    Jiraiya w/o SM, Ma, Pa and Gamatrio. yes

    Tsunade w/o Katsuyu and Byakugo. w/o Sozo Saisei, no

    Minato w/o Hiraishin and all of its applications (barriers, etc) and SM. no

    Deidara w/o C3 and C4. yes

    Base Bee w/o Bijū (access to partial transformation is allowed). yes

    Danzo w/o Izanagi and Koto. of course, yes

    BoS Sasuke. no

    BoS Kakashi w/o Kamui. no
    Last edited: May 17, 2018
  13. Silnaem Nothing for Wisdom

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    Elite jounin because of stats and intelligence
    His MS, however, was his 'something exceptional' that put him in the kage tier

    Epic Water Releases as well as his swordsmanship still make him exceptional

    Skilled (low kage) because his resourcefulness is still second to none

    SS still makes her good for random scenarios, never mind her prodigious healing abilities.
    Highly Skilled (low kage upper echelon)

    What about Uzumaki seals?
    Even if he doesn't have them, his speed, intelligence and Rasengan make him exceptional

    C1, C2, flight and creativity are still very good.
    Also, you forgot C0
    Leader, barely (low mid kage)

    So V1, V2 are allowed?
    If so, the stats boost alone is enough for kage tier
    Even if not, his stats and genjutsu are good enough to make Skilled tier, with his raiton pens adding a nice touch
    Highly Skilled

    Seals, elemental releases and intelligence are still highly useful. Never mind the speed to tag MS Sasuke
    Leader (mid kage)

    Good skills but nothing exceptional
    Useful (jounin)

    Oral Rebirth is still a great 'get out of jail' card

    Kusanagi and Oral Rebirth
    Highly Skilled

    Genjutsu, elemental releases and support abilities still make him exceptional
    Highly Skilled
  14. Hi no Ishi Well-Known Member

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    Elite Jonin to low Kage. His genjutsu and shruiken jutsu are top notch still.

    Yep, turtle island made that obvious, 10,000 sharks and Daikodan are still dope, and he still has Kage level strength.
    Low kage.
    Yep, definitely. Hair that can shred a boss summon and act at mid range and defend, an earth trap that can sink even a boss summon or Kage level, paralyzing oil, can turn you into a toad, BFR barriers, great tactics, super fast Katon. Mid kage

    Yep, still has a terrifying attack, is super hard to kill, signal scrambling, and good speed
    Low kage
    Lol of coKage.

    Can seal you into a rock. Top class Shunshin, impossible sight and reflexes, Boss summons. Rds mid kage

    Low Kage, still a flying explosion artist.
    can shred Sharingan users and overpower the Raikage, great speed and power, lightning blades, Samehada. Mid kage.
    Good speed, cursed seals, Wind mobility, boss summon, high power Futon, Sharingan user, mid Kage
    Low kage.
    Low kage
    Poison, Regen, 5 elements, cursed seals
    Good speed and strength.
    High Jonin.