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Bastard!! games

Discussion in 'Featured Manga of October 2010' started by Aldric, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Aldric

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    Feb 13, 2007
    I thought I'd start a thread about the games based on the Bastard!! franchise

    The first one to be released in 1994 is a fighter for Super Nintendo, simply called Bastard!! - Ankoku no Hakai-Shin (Bastard!! - The Dark God of Destruction, which is the original name of the manga). That's the only one in the list that I played.

    It supposedly took advantage of the system's famous mode 7 to offer original gameplay but the result was far from being satisfying. You could only chose 6 characters (DS, the Riders of Havoc and Dai Amon), the sprites were small, the game ugly, and it was more or less unplayable. Basically garbage.

    Two years later it's the Playstation's turn to get a Bastard!! game, this time a rpg called Bastard !! Utsuro Naru Kamigami no Utsuwa (no idea what it means :LOS).

    The story was about DS, Yoko, the Riders of Havoc, Generals and Samurais being teleported to a mysterious island. DS loses his memories and begins an adventure to regain them.

    I never played it but from what I've read the game was still very poor. However it's an interesting game for Bastard!! fans as it involves some new characters like former Riders of Havoc Gain Esperanza and Ikal Monroe who act like bosses or Gara's deceased best friend and former bearer of the Murasame Jin Simon. It also had a few nice cutscenes:


    Then of course you've got the most recent one, a mmorpg by Tecmo called Bastard!! Online. It's still under development, here's the [DLMURL="http://www.bastard-online.jp/"]official site[/DLMURL] with some nice artwork and an awesome trailer can be seen here:


    Finally, a fanmade game this time, Mugen Bastard!!.

    As its name indicates it's a version of the famous fighter Mugen with Bastard!! characters. It's an ok little game with some cool sprites (Lars especially, confirming Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear is a complete ripoff of his design) and some pretty terrible ones. Here's a link to download it for those who're curious about it:

    And that's should be it.