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Chapter Black Clover Chapter 277 Spoilers/Discussion


nap time
I'm all caught up. :blobspaz

I feel like none of the triads are going to lose here. I think the squad will retrieve yami and william then retreat. IDK I just don't see vanica going down without noelle being there.


Well-Known Member
Hm, I guess it's because the Wizard King equivalent in the Heart Kingdom doesn't get picked purely based on strength and achievements unlike the Clover Kingdom, but based on their lineage. I didn't get the impression that Lolo tapped into her full potential yet, so she has a lot to learn still.
Due to her age she might not be at full power, but still should have more knowledge on arrays and stronger arrays then Charlotte. I mean only in 6 months she learned array magic and surpassed Rolo (since Rolo failed to break her curse and turn it against Megicula). Like Clover captains are absolutely best at everything, even foreign country magic. To be fair this doesn't make sense.


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Its even worse for Lolo cause she has access to all the memories of former Queens and one of the great spirits on top of that. She has no excuse to be that bad. And since Heart Kingdom was already breached once there is no excuse for everyone else not to have hit the gym and trained their assses off.

The other nations and mages have been jokes besides the Top 3 of Spade.


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8 shining generals can't catch a break :catdefeat

But glad Charlotte's getting more time to shine as a captain class knight and especially like her transformation as Queen of Briars :obamabury
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