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牧場物語 Bokujō Monogatari fun game...

Discussion in 'NF Archives' started by hmfan24, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. hmfan24

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    Oct 22, 2006
    uh I found this hard-to-find game and it's so cool. It lacks fans because of it's outward apperance. This game has everything


    uh try one of the games out, it will keep you busy for hours here's a review of it

    The Game-10/10 Harvest moon, a farming simulation game, is a very unique game with a good story line to back it up. Being 110% original, this game contains more secrets and things to explore than any other game I have played. With the exception of being a highly difficult game, this makes playing all the more addicting. As you are playing, there are goals you feel you must meet, but only if you are a serious player. Natsume has created a flawless entertainment game;yet, the company is often misunderstood. All the people I have ley play this game feel they must go out and buy one of their own; what can I say, I would do the same thing.

    Difficulty-10/10 Although some people think this game is for kids, I am sure a kid would never be able to fathom the world of harvest moon. The game requires a large quantity of work and effort to attain the simplist of things, such as photos for your album and falling in love with another character. Aside from eing difficult, the game will force you into eing responsible foe animals and your social life. Secrets, photos, and being friends with every person in the game requires patience and skill.

    Music/Sound-10/10 Harvest Moon has different toons for each of the four seasons you play within the year. To my suprise, these repeting songs don't seem to become annoying because you are so focused on the game. As well as good sounds, the game contains many songs for festivals and events. An example of a well done sound effect is when you are nearing the end of a horse race and the crowd begins to cheer, or even the church bells that ring when you are getting married. These are all classic toons that help the game be original.

    Secrets-10/10 This game totals over 100 secrets that are not facile to achieve. To acquire every power berry, requires great skill and curiosity to explore. I have played over 200 hours on this game and I never cease to discover something I have never seen before, such as a social event or more secrets. Anyone who thinks they have found all there is to find should think twice before making that statement final.

    Overall-10/10 Harvest Moon is the second best game I have ever played because it prooves to be so difficult;yet, the Star Ocean series requires more effort and skill because the bosses are etherial and just about impossible to beat. Because Harvest Moon uses all the old fashioned farming tools and storylines, this is a game worth playing forever. Pricing at $40 to $50 in your local gamecrazy prooves that it is a rare antique that is hard to find. This game will never get boring due to all that is has to offer, and I asvise others to play this game to find out for themselves.

    of course that's all opinionated crap. You could go rent it to try it out. They got a girl version out and a boy version. You can get married and stuff and kill things and in one of them you can hit people with garden utensils. In them most recent one on DS I've enjoyed killing the mine monsters that suck the stamina from you.

    it has many different things to do on the game in comparison to your own life. It's kind of like sims, only you get more freedom and check this out you Farm!
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2006