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Can Itachi use Izanagi?

Can Itachi use Izanagi?

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  • No

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He can use Izanami so I see no reason for why he wouldn't also know Izanagi. It's a handy Jutsu to know and it's far less situational than Izanami.

But for the purpose of the BD the default assumption is that he can't use it since he hasn't shown it. :oldshrug


Wasn't it implied that he mastered every Uchiha clan jutsu? Why wouldn't he have also mastered Izanagi?


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Probably there just never been a time for him to use it

I do also think that adult Sasuke probably knows as well along with Izanami the same goes with Madara and Obito who can probably use they just never needed to use Izanami


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He prolly could as he knew about so he prolly knew how to use it just like he knew how to use Izanami without using it first
I think all of the prominent Uchiha became capable of using it at some point. We know Madara and Obito could, and Itachi is likely, especially since he knows and used its sister jutsu.

Sasuke probably knows how to use it now, though since he currently only has EMS, it's a no-go.


It’s tough to say as I’m sure he would have learned it if he wanted to but he seemed against the concept of using it. So I’m not sure, but I am a sure Kishi would asspull it for him if necessary
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