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[Contest] Contest Central Drawing Contest 2 -- First Choice Votes

Discussion in 'Contest Central' started by Azeruth, Sep 15, 2019.


Best choice?

Poll closed Sep 19, 2019.
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  1. Azeruth Retired Staff

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    Nov 25, 2012

    First Choice Vote
    Entries for the contest can be found here:

    Please vote for your first choice in this poll. Your vote will have a weight of 2.
    And vote for your second choice in the Second Choice Votes poll. Your vote there will have a weight of 1.

    • Entrants may not vote for themselves.
    • You may not vote for the same entry in both polls.
    • Entrants who vote in BOTH the First Choice Votes and Second Choice Votes polls will receive a bonus 2 points towards their own entry.
    • Accounts that were made in September 2019 cannot vote. (Newcomers who entered are permitted to vote.)
    • Comments and can be posted here if you wish.
  2. Viole

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    Dec 17, 2016
    Catdank Faction:

    This was a tough one for me personally.

    While Entry 6 and 5 have the best art of all the entries without even a contest.

    I simply can't see what 6th has that links it with the Theme

    In dictionary terms its
    "denoting or relating to the time following a nuclear war or other catastrophic event."

    Nothing in the entry resembles of the sort, The Man with Horse, The beautiful scenery, Clean Water, Clear skies, Flourishing greenery are the stuff opposing the apocalypse nature itself. Only the robot may be argued to be of the supporting part but honestly if we are in cyberpunk future where spider robots exist, its not the result of some catastrophe.

    Even in 5th the outgrown greenery, clear skies and sunny vibe describes a phase much much later then that of Post Apocalypse, But the ruined buildings in background being a strong part still describes it to some extent.

    Thus I give first choice to Entry 3, which is quite beautiful to me
    Second choice to Entry 5

    Good stuff by all nonetheless :3
  3. Mysticreader

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    Apr 6, 2014

    Good effort by all the contestants :thumbsup

    Entry 5 for my top choice and Entry 6 for my 2nd choice. Tbh, couldn't really decide between the 2 :hehee The art is really well done(usage of colours, overall scenery)and I kind of got similar vibes from both. That, being the discovery of the remnants of an advanced civilization now covered by overgrown foliage and ruins or hidden/lost in sunken subterranean caverns. Kind of like Red XIII's scene overlooking post Midgar.

    I was quite drawn by Entry 4 too. Dividing the face mask and slotting pre and post apocalyptic scenes into each half was pretty neat and creative imo. Nice contrast. Not sure about the background being black as well even though there was a grey layer partitioning the mask area. Still, good job. Kind of poster like even, with the "frames".

    Entry 1 - Nice sketch

    Entry 2
    - I like the "smoky"/hazy background effect in contrast to the centre main guy. Those flame sparks look neat too.

    Entry 3
    - Interesting concept

    All the best to everyone :awesome