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Food Cooking Contest #6 - Sweets Baking [Submissions]

Discussion in 'Konoha Country Club' started by Velvet, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. Velvet Helper

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    Dec 5, 2007

    Cooking Challenge #6 - Sweets Baking


    - Submission Thread -

    Deadline: September 8th [1600 EST]

    Discussion Thread -


    • New: 30k rep for each person who takes part of the contest!
    • 1st place- 13 points
    • 2nd place- 8 points
    • 3rd place- 5 points
    • 2 points for participating for everyone else outside of the top 3 and 30k rep


    Please read the rules and guidelines of this challenge:

    - To join the contest, contestants have to submit one photo of a dish that suits the topic of the challenge in the submissions thread

    !!! New rule added: Second picture with the name of the contestant on a piece of paper next to the cooked dish is required to verify it was made by them. !!!

    - You are free to interpret each contest theme as you wish, as long as your submission falls reasonably within the thematic parameters.
    - Please explain briefly in your submission post why your submission is suitable. You may include any further relevant info, such as ingredients, cooking methods, recipe, etc.
    - The photo entry must be new and taken specifically for this challenge by the person submitting it. The food cooked in the photo must be made specifically for this contest by the contestant.
    - The maximum file dimensions for each photo is 800 x 800 pixels.
    Please always use spoiler tags for the picture.
    -Subtle photo modifications are allowed, such as color adjustments.
    The photographed food must be clear in detail and easy to see.


    Good luck and have fun! :foxlove

    Last edited: Aug 22, 2019
  2. Azeruth Global Moderator

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    Nov 25, 2012

    Azeruth's First Cupcakes

    Normally I bake a few cookies as a dessert every couple of days but since those are just pre-made dough squares I thought it would be too cheap to enter it. So I decided to make cupcakes for the first time since I like cupcakes and I may as well use this as an excuse to learn how to make some.

    Ingredients and Directions

    One box of cake mix (said it makes 24 cupcakes)
    Vegetable Oil (1/2 cup)
    Water (1 and a 1/2 cups)
    Egg Whites (4 Whites)
    Frosting (I chose White because I'm boring)
    Cupcake Cups and Pans
    Optional: Sprinkles/Jimmies/Artistic Ability

    Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Put cake mix into a bowl.
    Add 1/2 a cup of vegetable oil, 1 and a 1/2 cups of water, and 4 egg whites.
    Mix for about 2 minutes until batter is ready.
    Fill cupcake cups halfway with the batter.
    Put into oven for about 20 minutes.
    Toothpick test the center and when done, carefully remove and let sit for 15 minutes.
    Remove from pans and place on plates.
    Add frosting when cupcakes are cool enough.
    Dump half the sprinkles on the floor.

    Additional Photos


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  3. Yamato

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    Oct 20, 2012
    Argentina, United States

    I went with one of my favorite cookies, snickerdoodle and added a little something extra and turned it into a snickerdoodle cookie coffee ice cream sandwich. Twas my first time making these kind of cookies too. I didn't burn the cookies so yay! And the flavor with the ice cream was the right match; the coffee ice cream toned down the sweetness of the cookie and made the whole thing creamy.
    I made the cookies at night and the next day I put the ice cream sandwich together.
    My second idea would have been macaron ice cream, but screw that. I can't even make macarons. I've tried a dozen times and they didn't turn out good. So I went with snickerdoodles.

    Nice cool treat on a hot evening.

    Spoiler: Ingredients and process

    I followed the recipe of . Only thing I didn't have was the cream of tartar so I just squeezed a tad bit of lemon into the mix.

    Mixing up the dough.

    Rolled them up into balls and put them on the tray for baking. I also used Pam's baking nonstick spray.

    Some remaining dough that didn't fit on the tray. Two large ones and I put those in after baking the first batch.

    They came out a little thicker, but was nice and fluffy on the inside and crispy outside.
    The recipe said I should have used 400 F........ but I knew my oven would char them and so I just set them at 330 F ish and in for about 9 minutes.

    Spoiler: Bonus photos with my dogs

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  4. Velvet Helper

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    Dec 5, 2007

    Velvet`s Fresh Fruit Cake

    For my entry I wanted to make one of my favorite cakes, a fresh fruit cake!

    It`s not as good as the one from my favorite bakery but it came out just as yummy!
    Used the cake layer recipe that my gramma uses so it was super yummy!

    Other pictures:

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  5. Soul Helper

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    Aug 29, 2008

    Gordon Ramsay's Soul's Spiced Apple Cake

    Spoiler: Ingredients

    1/2 cup plain flour
    1 tsp baking powder
    pinch of salt
    2 Tbsp superfine sugar
    1/4 cup butter
    1 large egg
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    3/8 cup milk
    zest from 1 orange

    4 braeburn apples
    1/4 cup butter
    2 Tbsp clear honey
    1/2 cup dates, diced
    1 tsp ground cinnamon1 Tbsp sliced almonds


    1. Preheat oven to 350 degF

    2. For the cake mixture, sift flour and baking powder into a large bowl with the salt and superfine sugar. Cut in the butter and rub together with your fingers until you form a bread crumb texture (or use a food processor).
    3. Beat the egg in a measuring bowl with the vanilla extract, then pour in milk (up to about 1/2 cup mark). Add the milk and egg to the flour mixture and bring together to form the cake. Add a little orange zest (leaving most for the apple mixture), and mix through.

    Spoiler: Step 2 and 3

    4. Peel, core and dice the apples. Add the butter to a hot frying pan and toss the apples before caramelizing with the honey. Add the chopped dates and cinnamon to the pan along with the rest of the orange zest. Cook for a few minutes, making sure that the apples are evenly coated with honey.

    5. Divide the cooked apples into individual baking dishes (approx 1 cup each).

    Spoiler: Step 5

    6. Use a piping bag to squeeze a thin layer of the cake mixture on top. Sprinkle sliced almonds on top of the cake mixture.

    7. Bake for 18 minutes until golden brown and risen in the center.

    Spoiler: Step 7

    8. Serve the individual cakes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dusting of powdered sugar.

    Spoiler: Step 8
    Didn't do it because I didn't buy ice cream ):

    And that's it. Hope you like it.

    Spoiler: Signature

    Recommend a bit less than 1/4 cup of butter, but that's just me.
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2019
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  6. Skylar

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    Jan 3, 2019

    Very practical and easy to make recipe to share with your family and friends. :foxadorbs



    Estimated Cooking Time

    45 Mins


    7 Eggs
    1 Can of Evaporated Milk
    1 Can of Condensed Milk
    1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
    1 Cup of Sugar
    1 1/2 Cup of Water


    In a saucepan, pour the water and the sugar. Stir and let it cook until it is dark golden brown. Pour a thin layer in the mold.


    Whisk 7 eggs, add condensed milk, evaporated milk and vanilla extract. Whisk all the ingredients and then pour the mix into the mold . Prepare a hot water bath in a baking recipient with the mold submerged and put it in the oven at 180C. Bake for about 35mins. After the cooking time has passed, let it cool, serve it and voila!.

    Spoiler: Ingredients

    Spoiler: Signed

    Spoiler: Flan

    So Yummy:foxadorbs

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