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Game Cross Epoch Mafia II: Dragonball x HST

Vivo Diez

Well-Known Member
Hmm, that's a bit suspicious missy. Questioning everybody's answers but avoiding such a simple question yourself.

Hancock protected Naruto... So I'm assuming she's either town or town friendly indie
And town is getting to know who the other town players are, good job all around :catnoworries


Favorites X Mafia Winner

Day 0 is coming to an end. But before it does Whis has a parting gift. One time only. Roll a dice of 5

1-Grab Skill
3-Shield Skill
5-Super Skill

Unlock one of your skills early.
Is this still open? Rolling just in case.
Day-1: Assist item New



Raditz was activated to give Vivo Diez a chance to face 2 players over one for the budokai tournament
Day-1: Shunsui New



Activated tsukiyubi on charles to subtract 2 from his dice roll giving him a grab skill instead and add to his dice roll to get a super skill
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