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Cyclops vs Storm


Active Member
The battle for leadership.

Fight takes place in the danger room, Scott isn't insane.

Who takes this? The boy scout vs the African goddess.

Tranquil Fury

The Only Thing I know
Cyclops is a better leader but Storm would win this fight. Her powers are either electromagnetic and/or magic. She's got tons of H4X and raw power i.e she's a watered down Thor and watered down Magneto mixed into one. She simply screws with the molecules on his dress using her winds(they might as well be actual TK) or fires an electromagnetic pulse into his brain(Cyclops is not Clor) or sucks oxygen out or freeze him etc.

This is not getting into stuff like ripping out electrons from someone then creating lightning. She did this to Stardust(this is PIS) as per the writer's explaination of what she did with that lightning scene in the comic, offcourse it's still useable on characters below herald level who don't have good control over their electrons. Incidently she can perceive things as energy down to electrons and neurons.

Tranquil Fury

The Only Thing I know
That was pretty badass(not his most badass moment though) but oddly enough it seems I confused this with another feat possibly as there was only one Sentinel(but the AOE covers the entire panel so it could have done more than 3 even)

"To me my X-men" is better



I'm better than you.
^Among numerous other options.

Storm's powers are significantly more versatile and destructive than Scotts... and she is able to defend herself from his optic blasts. She takes this.
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