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Databook Collection Thread Part I

Discussion in 'Konoha Database' started by Chainer, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Kumonenkin
    Black box:
    秘伝 忍術 蜘蛛粘金
    Secret Ninjutsu Sticky Spider Gold

    使用者 鬼童丸
    User Kidoumaru

    Text on picture and heading:
    Amazingly adaptable metal woven from inside his body!

    Peculiar and unbreakable spun gold!

    Kidoumaru uses this jutsu to harden the golden metal that releases like sweat. The weapons created from this process form the core of his style of fighting.

    This metal hardens like steel upon contact with air, so by chewing it in his mouth and changing its shape Kidoumaru can create weapons appropriate to each battle.

    Captions and speech bubble:
    It hardens the instant it appears! It can be easily shaped into even a sword or bow.

    The bizarrely shaped sticky gold becomes a devastating projectile weapon--

    Because it instantly hardens, direct attacks from a distance are possible.

  2. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Mangekyou Sharingan
    Kekkei Genkai: Mangekyou Sharingan
    User: Uchiha Itachi
    Supportive, Close range, no rank.

    Main text

    The culmination of the Sharingan that makes the Uchiha clan so special! Eye techniques holding the utmost potency even above both the insight and hypnosis, such as Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu become possible. Assuredly, Mangekyou Sharingan is the ultimate doujutsu*.
    It apears these heavenly eyes** have further special powers that are yet to be clarified, but just what those could be about (is unknown)......


    -The extreme clairvoyance of those heavenly eyes, gazing down upon past, present and future is the reason why they are feared as the strongest (tn: not 100% sure I got this one right).

    Picture comment

    -Perhaps because of the absolutely small numbers of people who have awakened to it, its powers are still a vast and unexplored territory.
  3. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Kyou Tenchi Ten
    KEKKEI GENKAI; Genjutsu; Magen: Kyou Tenchi Ten (Genjutsu; Demonic Illusion: Universe-Mirroring Reversal)
    User: Uchiha Itachi
    Supplementary; Close range; Rank: none

    Main text

    One decrypts a genjutsu that has been applied onto them, and casts back a jutsu with identical effects onto the opponent!! It's a form of illusion reversal, but in order to instantly read through a jutsu and cast it in return, the Sharingan's power is necessary. As genjutsu is initially used to confuse the enemy, this technique which sends it right back to its caster deals a high amount of mental damage, more than anything else. Every half-baked genjutsu will fall prey to the mirror that is Sharingan!!


    -The mechanics of a false image is duplicated by these eyes, its effects largely turned back onto the enemy!!

    Picture comments

    -Conditions such as the presence or not of a Kekkei Genkai and the relative strength of both casters play a great part when operating this jutsu.

    -Thanks to the Sharingan's power, Itachi uses a similar technique.
  4. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Mizu Bunshin
    Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu

    Black: This body borne of water, completely endowed with the user's ability!!

    Picture 1: The first Mizu Bunshin is seen through, but the second was not
    reckoned on...!
    Picture 2: The Bunshin spawned from the water's surface puts fear in its
    Picture 3: Even though it is called a Bunshin, the strength of its taijutsu is
    at the original's level. Even Sasuke cannot oppose it!!

    Wtih water as an ingredient, this ninjutsu creates a clone of the user! With
    water, a firm real body can be created, so the user's abilities such as taijutsu
    can remain the same. Furthermore, as multiple Bunshin can be created at the same
    time, it is a jutsu that can be used freely at will. Zabuza specializes in this
    jutsu, and at that tine Naruto and Sasuke could not even compete with Zabuza's
    Mizu Bunshin...
  5. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Mokuton Jutsu
    Mokuton Jutsu (Ranking: -- ) pg 279
    User: Shodai

    Masses of wood that tear up through the ground!! Once caught, there is no escape.
    (Pic of Shodai)
    The incredible vitality of the wood pierces through the mud walls and in an instant spreads its branches and leaves towards its prey.

    This is an unbelievable (as in transcending reality) ‘tree’ jutsu developed by the founder of the Leaf, the Shodai. Because of its incredibly high level of difficulty, none but he was able to master it. Using chakra as the source of life, a large tree(woods) is grown. This versatile and all-useful jutsu is then used at will to attack, defend as well as surround the enemy all at once. Without this jutsu, it is not an exaggeration to contend that the Leaf could not have been.
  6. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Nikudan Hari Sensha
    Spiked Human Bullet Tank (肉弾針戦車, Nikudan Hari Sensha)
    Taijutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0-10m)
    User: Akimichi Chouji

    A ball of destruction, armed with blades, trampling down the battlefield!!

    [picture of Chouji taking out threads with kunai]
    [picture of Chouji wrapping these threads around his body]
    ↑←The kunai wrapped around the body allow for a firm grasp on the ground!!

    With its effectiveness raised several times by using it together with weapons, this is an enhanced version of the Akimichi-clan's secret "Human Bullet Tank"! After wrapping ropes with kunai attached around one's body, "Multi-Size Technique" is used. From that state, one switches over to the "Human Bullet Tank"! Using the kunai as spikes, the rotation power increases. Because of this, the attack power also drastically goes up! Because of the destructive force in one hit, this technique is in the highest class among all taijutsu!!

    ↓By approaching in round form, the rotation power and destructive force go up and the enemy is simultaneously driven into a corner...! Now, it's time for the assault!!
    [picture of Chouji rolling towards Jiroubou]

    Shocking destructive power!!

    ↓With the power of speed, rotation, and the "Multi-Size Technique," Chouji's body becomes a miraculously dangerous human bullet weapon!!
    [picture of Chouji breaking through Jiroubou's defences]
  7. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Oboro Bunshin no Jutsu
    Oboro Bunshin no Jutsu

    Black: Becoming a thousand hazes and bewildering the enemy...

    Picture 1: While attention is drawn to the Bunshins, the real body attacks from
    the blind spot!!
    Picture 2: As the Oboro Bunshins are not physical bodies, attacking them is
    useless...!! The attack just passes through uselessly.

    At first glance it seems like a regular Bunshin no Jutsu, but the Boro Bunshin
    uses a cunning trap to lure out the enemy. Using this jutsu with "Dochuu Engyo
    no Jutsu" (a ninjutsu using movement through the ground to attack the enemy),
    the enemy is led to believe that the real body is among the Bunshins! During
    the illusion and resulting chaos, the enemy, who is caught up in the jutsu, is
    easily defeated.
  8. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Ranshinshou
    Body Pathway Derangement (乱身衝, Ranshinshou)
    Ninjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
    User: Tsunade

    Disturbing body control by severing the pathways of [brain←→body] information flow!!

    [pictures of Kabuto discovery his loss of body control]
    ↑One's own body moves in any way, except how one wants it to move...!? For the common shinobi, battle, not to mention even just walking, will become impossible

    An attack that severs the control threads with a flash of lightning

    [picture of Tsunade hitting Kabuto with this technique]
    ↑As soon as strike of the hand lands, electricity is poured into the enemy's nervous system, severing the signals!!

    By transforming the chakra within one's body and giving it the properties of electricity, one creates an electric field. By pouring this into the nervous system of one's opponent, one deranges their body control! An extremely high-level technique, used as a medical ninjutsu. The human body is controlled with electrical signals from the brain, but a person who had those electrical signals cut off with this technique will become unable to make their body move as they want. Because she's an expert in medical treatments, Tsunade was able to master this technique.
  9. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Rasengan
    Rasengan (pg 282-283)

    A jutsu left by a hero! The storm of the Rasengan that rages like the whirlwind within the hand!!Level:A
    Users: Naruto, Jiraya, Yondaime

    Chakra is spiraled in all directions and then compressed into the hand, a jutsu that is released in a shape of a sphere! No hand seals are necessary and anyone with chakra can learn its basics. But as it took the 4th three years to complete, this shows that determining its level is beyond imagination as well as the extreme difficulty of the lessons to achieve it.

    (Pic of Naruto and his bunshin attacking Kabuto)
    Naruto uses his bunshin to press down the chakra in his hand.

    (Pic of Naruto with Rasengan in his hand)
    The chakra that is compressed into his hand changes into a sphere shape and tears through the air in its rotation.

    The Three Lessons to achieve the Rasengan
    “Rotation,” “Power,” "Compression"

    The three lessons of Jiraya…The basic requires the rotation of a high level of chakra in the hand. During the lesson, a great burden is placed on the chakra(circulatory) pathways of the body due to the high level of chakra focused in one region.

    (Pic of Naruto sweating)
    First lesson is to burst the water balloon with chakra by causing the water to spin wildly.
    Second lesson is to use the power of the rotation to burst a rubber ball.
    hird lesson is to compress the greatest force of the rotation.

    Pg 283

    The Compressed power of rotation! Its power is ultimateness itself!

    The compressed force of the rotation is released on the enemy. (Pic of Kabuto and Naruto)

    Once the compressed highest level of chakra is released, incredible rotation and power of destruction synchronize and speed ahead.

    The shockwave moves ahead and sweeps(swirls) everything in its path and overturns the earth. Unless it collides with something in its way, there is no stoppage of its power.

    If chakra that swirls like a typhoon can be maintained hand-sized, then its power does not disintegrate and its rotation and power are limitlessly produced. Upon release its power of destruction is greatly heightened. It is equivalent to having a ‘small hurricane’ in one’s hands!!
  10. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Medical/Shousen No Jutsu
    Page 192 Medical Ninutsu

    Black box on right:
    Shinobi Compendium ・ Medical ninjutsu

    At present, medical ninjutsu are widely used as a shield to protect shinobi. The history of their development and various characteristics are revealed here!

    Black diamonds:
    源流 - The beginning
    転機 - Turning point
    確立 - Establishment

    Bold headings:
    The technique of healing with chakra

    Structure overhaul due to war

    The systemisation of medical specialists and the foundation of hospitals

    Even before medical ninjutsu were established as a jutsu, a technique of using chakra to heal wounds was commonly used throughout the shinobi world. Modern medical ninjutsu are based on the same principles.

    Medical ninjutsu, created to protect peoples lives, were ironically improved by the advent of war. The rapid increase of casualties caused a great interest in the development of new medical techniques and the training of medic ninja.

    At present, medical ninjutsu are acknowledged as being essential in battle. The systemisation of medical specialists and the creation of functional hospitals helps to protect the villagers.

    Pictures and captions:
    (Pic of young Kakashi)↑医療忍術は古くから使われていた。綱手の若い頃には、すでに術としてあったようだ。
    ↑Medical ninjutsu have been used for a long time. It seems that when Tsunade was young, they were a recognised jutsu.

    (Pic in forest) 綱手・・・

    ↑The Shinobi world war and other conflicts gave rise to many victims

    (3rd pic) そのうちの一人に医療スペシャリストを配備することで
    By assigning one member of the team as a medical specialist,

    小隊の生存率 任務成功率は大幅にアップするはずです
    the survival rate and mission success rate should greatly increase.

    ←Tsunade contributed to the advancement of medical ninjustu, suggesting the addition of a medical ninja to each team.

    ↓Konoha Hospital is has considerable facilities and is a treasure to the village.

    ↓The sanitary and functional inside of the hospital where many shinobi heal their wounds.

    MEDICAL JUTSUS pg 193-194
    Pg 193

    The medical way that needs a talent different from ninjutsu.

    (Pic of Tsunade)
    “It’s a different type of skill from combat. The greatest control of the smallest amount of charka, great professional knowledge, and the brains and dedication to use them.”

    The biggest problem with medical jutsus are their particularities. Meticulous chakra control is needed and thus a natural aptitude is needed for users. These are why it takes a long time to develop and there aren’t many medical ninjas.

    Difficulty: Medical Jutsus and their possibilities and limits.

    The greater the wound, the greater the ability needed. Also, its effects are not unlimited and reviving the dead is impossible.

    Wounds and their healing difficulties
    Scratches and stab wounds: difficulty 1
    Broken bones, muscle and severed tendons: difficulty 2
    Great damage to the body: difficulty 3
    Death: impossibility

    Regrowing a damaged organ is also an impossibility.

    (Pic of Sandaime)
    “Even if Tsunade uses medical jutsus it is impossible to grow a whole organ. My kidneys have been blasted. It’s the end.”

    (Pic of two hands grabbing the legs)
    Incision healing using charka scalpel

    Incision healing using charka scalpel can also be used for attacks!

    Types: Various medical jutsus

    Healing of external wounds using charka
    (Pic of Naruto with a hand on his chest)
    Procedure of putting chakra on the body and healing wounds

    Healing using owner seals
    Using owner seals to control chakra levels and flow.

    The Ultimate medical jutsu
    (Pic of a bloody Tsunade)
    “I’ve been gathering chakra in my forehead for a long time and I can use it to prompt proteins to speed up cell generation and regeneration.
    An ability that is not about healing but about regeneration. It can remake all organs and parts.”
  11. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Shiki Fuujin
    Corpse Demon Consuming Seal (屍鬼封尽, Shiki Fuujin)
    Fuuinjutsu, S-rank, Offensive, Close range (0-5m)
    User: Sandaime Hokage

    Giving up one's own life to the God of Death, one can seal the soul of one's sworn enemy forever!!

    This ultimate Fuuinjutsu can, by sacrificing one's own life, seal the target's soul for all eternity. Once, the Yondaime Hokage used this jutsu to seal the Kyuubi no Youko, loosing his own life. Because of this technique so secret, even a shinobi like Orochimaru didn't know about, the late Sandaime is now entombed in eternal darkness, seemingly never to see the sunlight again...

    For those who've seen this shape, no technique exists to allow them to escape the Realm of the Dead~~

    [picture of the Death God appearing above the Sandaime Hokage and his two Shadow Clones]
    ↑Dressed in white clothing, the grotesque Death God appears...!! Only when a shinobi has invoked the technique, can this figure be seen.

    ↓On the arm of the Death God which holds the rosary surfaces a Cursed Seal. This arm penetrates the user's body, and pulls the target's soul out.
    [picture of the Death God's arm]

    [picture of the Death God's face]
    ↑The soul of the person possessed by the Death God, is eaten, and faces a Fate of eternal, continuous anguish.
  12. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
    Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu

    Black: The power of the chakra augments the shuriken, and creates iron blades
    from which there is no escape!!

    Quote: Dance and confuse, countless shadow blades!!

    Picture: Bunshin add to a single thrown shuriken, and in an instant become a
    thousand blades. As each one is a physical form, evasion is next to impossible,
    surely an absolute encirclement of blades!!

    Creating a thousand Kage Bunshin from one shuriken and attacking the enemy, a
    combination jutsu of weapons and ninjutsu. It can be said to be a more advanced
    material Kage Bunshin than the regular Kage Bunshin. As it does not require
    previous preparation or stocking up, and each Kage Bunshin is a substantial
    form, not an illusion, the concept and efficiency is surely that of a
    "Professor" alone.
  13. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Souzou Saisei
    Genesis* Rebirth (創造再生, Souzou Saisei)
    Ninjutsu, S-rank, Supplementary
    User: Tsunade

    The absolute pinnacle of medical ninjutsu~~ a "forbidden regeneration technique"!

    Created by the greatest of medical ninja, Tsunade, this is the ultimate regeneration technique!! By releasing a large amount of chakra at once, the body's cell division is forcibly stimulated, reconstruction all organs and all tissues making up the human body!
    If this technique is used, a body whose vital organs are so gravely injuried that it cannot bear it any longer will be instantly restored to its uninjured state. It's impossible to die by any means... for the sake of continuing to protect the lives of one's comrades. That's the resolution hidden in this technique.

    [picture of Tsunade releasing her Yin Seal** and performing this technique]
    ↑By releasing the great volume of chakra stored in her forehead, Tsunade can make her body do the work of an untold number of years in an instant.

    This wound may have brought her on the verge of death, but she won't die~~

    [picture of the wound on Tsunade's shoulder healing]
    ↑↓The acceleration of cell division that allows for the complete recovery from wounds is paid for with the shortening of one's life span.
    [picture of the wound on Tsunade's chest healing]

    *Souzou means "creation". Especially a deity's creation of the world and everything in it. It isn't specifically the Christian Genesis, though. It can be applied to any religion. For example, the creation of Japan by the gods Izanagi and Izanami in Shinto is also called "souzou". I simply chose to use the word "Genesis" because I like the sound of it.
    **Yin Seal (陰封印, In Fuuin). The diamond-shaped seal on Tsunade's forehead.
  14. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Suiton: Suigadan
    NINJUTSU; Suiton: Suigadan (Water Fang Bullets)
    User: Uchiha Itachi
    Offensive; Close range; Rank B

    Main text

    A technique to deal physical damage to the enemy with a liquid mass brought forth from underwater. Its power to kill and maim is augmented by adding a spinning motion to the compactly pressured water. During fights on water, taking advantage of its characteristic ability to attack from anywhere in a 360 degrees radius, in conjunction with other jutsu for distraction, confusion and so forth, this technique has an extensive array of applications.


    -Lightning-fast bullets gathered from water. They come out of a blind spot and gore the enemy!!

    Picture comment

    -Depending on the methods of use, such as launching an attack from underfoot to avert the opponent's attention, the field of strategies will expand far and wide.
  15. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Suiton: Suijinheki
    NINJUTSU; Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Release: Water Encampment Fence)
    User: Nidaime Hokage; Hatake Kakashi
    Supplementary, Close range; Rank: B

    Main text

    Enemy attacks are completely intercepted by a fence of water blew out and raised from below with tremendous might! For the water fence is blew out in such a way as to draw a circle, it makes for a defense without openings. It is also possible for the caster to control the amount of water and duration at will. Then again, since a wall's strength and resistance change following the quantity of chakra poured down into the water, a skillful shinobi will be able to build a sturdy one. Furthermore, because the field of vision is maintained even while defending one can easily go on to the next move, which is a great advantage.


    -A solid water fortress that erases the flames

    -The violent and tumultuous waters change into a stable fence and thoroughly intercept the enemy's offensive!!
  16. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Suiton: Suikoudan
    Water Release: Water Shark Missile no Jutsu
    User: Hoshigaki Kisame

    It is materialised and converted to violent, murderous intent!!

    CAPTION: The water shark missile shakes the ground with the crash of comrades.

    The jutsu where a mass of water is held, the enemy aims at a breath and shoots and shoots! You should observe not only the quantity of water, but also the speed! The result of calculating speed and impact, the water comes to the point of inevitably imitating the form of a shark.
  17. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Suna Bunshin
    Suna Bunshin

    Black: Copying the user's form, a sand puppet.

    Quote: Changing into an incarnation, the killing intent destroys the enemy!!

    Picture: As it gets a backfist, the head's form changes and attempts to grab
    Sasuke, trapping him!!

    The sand takes Gaara's shape, becomes a Bunshin and fights. The Suna Bunshin is
    different from the other types of Bunshin in that the sand does not completely
    assume the form of the user, but remains as sand the entire time. That is to
    say, the Bunshin's form can be changed instantly into sand, and the enemy's body
    can be trapped. Its many applications with long-range attacks can have it act as
    a lure and a decoy. This is where it draws the line with other Bunshin.
  18. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Suna Shigure
    Sand Drizzle (砂時雨, Suna Shigure)
    Ninjutsu, No rank, Offensive, All ranges
    User: Gaara

    Chakra-controlled shots of sand assault the enemy from every direction!!

    After clotting together sand into countless small lumps, the enemy is assaulted from every direction!! Because all the sand lumps are controlled by chakra, it is possible to commence an attack without any blind spots. This is why this technique is often used as lure in battle. The true intent behind this technique, used by the sand-manipulating Gaara, is to attack from the ground. In order for this to work, the enemy is first made to face upwards with the "Sand Drizzle," simultaneously bringing their field of activities under the user's control. Then, a bold move is made from underfoot. This is Gaara's basic strategy!!

    [picture of Gaara lurking behind his sand shield]
    ←↓A multitude of sand with the intent to kill... falling down like an Autumn shower!!
    [picture of Kimimaro about to be hit by the Sand Drizzle]

    A terrifying rain of sand!
  19. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Tsukuyomi
    User: Uchiha Itachi
    Supplementary; Close range; Rank: none

    Main text

    Amidst the insight and hypnosis possessed by Sharingan, is a supreme genjutsu, born from the aforementioned hypnosis: Tsukuyomi. Originally, people on the face of the Earth live bound by limitations like time, gravity, and space; and how people exert their abilities within those restrictions is what separates the victors from the vanquished. But in the mental world where the caster drags their opponent, the Tsukuyomi jutsu gives them control over those very limitations!

    Namely, this means inside the genjutsu, the physical world's common sense is completely irrelevant and opposing the caster is impossible. Somebody caught into the Tsukuyomi find themselves into a strange world of infinity, their fate entirely lying inside the caster's hands. Some time, they will undergo the torments of Hell, and some other time, they will be repeatedly shown a horrendous, hellish picture of agony and mayhem*, with no idea of when either of those will end. As a result, the poor prisoner can only wait until the collapse of their psyches...!! Even a body made of iron or the speed of light are powerless before this jutsu, which is the reason why it is feared as the most powerful.

    Sharingan is the Kekkei Genkai of the clan labelled as the most powerful, the Uchiha clan. Even among those who have Sharingan, that jutsu cannot be operated without having Mangekyou, which is its culminating point. Concurrently, the only ones who can defeat Tsukuyomi are Sharingan possessors... And even then, exclusively the elite shinobi who have reached particularly high degrees of skillfulness. Once could say this is truly a God-given jutsu solely allowed to those blessed with Uchiha blood and prodigious aptitudes.


    -An inner hell as eternal as Heaven and Earth. The grip held onto the principles of all creation thoroughly annihilates one's heart and soul!!

    -The ultimate doujutsu made possible only by Mangekyou Sharingan.

    Picture comments

    -The moment the adversary is exposed to Mangekyou Sharingan, a strange realm as they've never seen before extends before their eyes. In there, the world's principles themselves obey the caster's beck and call.

    -Since attacks in the spiritual realm have no power to physically wound or kill, it bestows an unfathomable amount of mental damage.

    -Only those of Uchiha blood... Does it mean only Sasuke has a chance to break a Tsukuyomi?

    -The phenomena that happen inside of the mental realm are entirely the caster's to command. Which is to say, the images shown or the actions taken can be changed according to the opponent in order to yield maximum efficiency.
  20. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Tsuuten Kyaku
    TAIJUTSU; Tsuuten Kyaku (Excruciating Surgical Kick of Heaven*)
    User: Tsunade
    Offensive, Close range; Rank: C

    Main text

    All of her body's "outrageous strength" is concentrated into her heel. Her stance crystallizes the body's dynamics in a magnificent demonstration of the art of hand to hand combat. And when her heel swings downward, it's as if a comet had fallen!! Nothing and no one could receive a direct hit and avoid pulverization.


    -The heel swung down in anger makes the ground rumble in kind with an ultra-hard smackdown!!

    Picture comment

    -The remainder of the impact smashed not only the ground, but the nearby rampart into tiny bits...!!
  21. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 3 - Akamaru
    Akamaru (from Jovvi's Transcription)

    Soaring like a shooting star with sharp claws and tusks!!

    After the "Saving Shinobi Sasuke" mission, he worked with Kiba as a nin dog, fully realizing his major weaknesses. Had Kiba not survived, he would have been ashamed by the fact he couldn't have saved his master...

    To become strong together with Kiba, to protect Kiba... Since three years ago, as a mission imposed to himself, Akamaru trained zealously‼ Thus, before the little dog knows, he grew up into a white protector...‼

    (uppermost aside)
    In fact, Akamaru is from a large sized dog breed. Now, his massive body is bigger than his master‼

    (upper panel)
    Come on... Pay some attention!
    Akamaru used to get on the top of your head!

    (lower panel)
    Kiba! What's up?

    (lower aside)
    From taking rides from Kiba to giving rides to Kiba‼
    His sense of smell and mobility always makes him lead the way on mission.

    Date of Birth: July 7th (7 years old, cancer)
    Height: 127.7cm - Weight: 80.5kg - Blood Type: ?
    Personality: Active, devoted (献身的, the transcript was wrong)
    Favorite food: Kiba's special dog food
    Desired opponent: Kuromaru
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    Spoiler: Databook 3 - Akimichi Chouji
    Akimichi Chouji (秋道チョウジ)
    Konoha, Chuunin

    Ninjutsu: 3,5
    Taijutsu: 3,0
    Genjutsu: 1,0
    Intelligence: 2,0
    Strength: 4,5
    Speed: 2,0
    Stamina: 3,5
    Seals: 1,0

    A~ll right! I'll eat Shikamaru's portion too~!!

    Power with an insatiable appetite
    Satisfying his stomach and training hard!!

    About three years ago, Chouji took his clan's secret pills. After that, he was hit with a new curse called "rebound". While growing up into adulthood, he also had to increase his weight every day. That is why even these days, it is impossible for him to use the "Chubby style" too much. However, that day's fight gave Chouji great self-confidence. He realised he too had the power to save his friends...!! Because of this, Chouji trained zealously and continued eating... He believes in the "pride" that says "food" governs the "Akimichi"...!!

    [picture of Chouji doing Partial Multisize Technique on his arm]
    ←He can now use the Akimichi clan's secret "Partial Multi-Size Technique"* without the aid of pills!! The result of untiring hard work...!!

    [picture of Chouji doing Spiked Human Bullet Tank]
    ↑His specialty, the "Spiked Human Bullet Tank"**, has also undergone improvement.

    [picture of Chouji, about to attack Sai]
    ←His combo with his sworn friend Shikamaru is also doing good. Thanks to their hearts' connection, they display magnificent teamwork!!

    [picture of Chouji almost hearing the word "fatty"]
    As much as he's a kind person, he holds a lot of anger. Finishing the word "fa...*" is definitely taboo...!!

    *As in "fatty"

    Ninja registration number: 012625
    Date of Birth: 1st May (16-years-old, Taurus)
    Height: 172,3cm
    Weight: 87,5kg
    Blood type: B
    Personality: Glutton, easygoing
    Favourite food: Korean barbecue, snack pastries
    Least favourite food: Inedible things
    Desired opponent: When out of food, anyone is OK
    Favourite word: Meat (肉, niku)
    Hobbies: Buying (and immediately consuming) sweets

    Academy graduation age: 12
    Chuunin promotion age: 14
    Mission experience:
    D-rank: 17
    C-rank: 13
    B-rank: 6
    A-rank: 3
    S-rank: 0

    * Partial Multi-Size Technique (部分倍化の術, Bubun Baika no Jutsu)
    **Spiked Human Bullet Tank (肉弾針戦車, Nikudan Hari Sensha)
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    Spoiler: Databook 3 - Aburame Shino
    Page 018
    Aburame Shino Chuunin

    The face of a friend is something you should remember.

    Ninjutsu: 4
    Taijutsu: 1.5
    Genjutsu: 2
    Intelligence: 4
    Strength: 1.5
    Speed: 3
    Stamina: 3
    Fuuinjutsu: 2

    Page 019
    He values silence, but in his chest, insects crawl and genuine feelings rush‼

    Main text: He has the shy nature of the Aburame Clan. The truth behind the "silence" of the clan is they are having "conversation" with the insects inhabiting their body. As the years pass, the "conversations" get more complex, the connection between Shino and his insects grows stronger. Therefore, the secret jutsu increase the maturity of the taste to the extreme‼ The cralwing insects bring victory to Shino and his companions, but fear and defeat to their ennemies...‼ On the other hand, the conversations with other people seem rather distant, that's the fate of the clan. For all that, Shino is silent and works hard on the missions. Thus, he swore to himself he'll put action before words, this is his will.

    Upper picture's side text: It's the result of their daily conversation. Loyal as if they were part of himself, the insects obey...‼ Shino: "Scatter"

    Right picture, Shino: "Go"

    Middle picture's side text: Too many words leak out of his month as his concentration rise to analyze the battle. This ability is outstanding‼ Shino: "In other words, this guy feign to avoid the attaque, but as a matter of fact, he didn't avoid it, your jutsu and bodies slipped through."

    Lower picture's side text: His destiny is to be plagued by loneliness. Because of that, hurtful comments get out of his month unexpectedly... Shino: "You easily recognized Kiba... Naruto"

    Ninja Registration Number: 012618
    Date of Birth: 23rd January (16 years old, aquarius)
    Height: 175.1cm - Weight: 56.6kg - Blood Type: AB
    Personality: Austere, secretive, pokerface
    Favorite food: Wild grass salad、winter melon
    Least favorite food: Stuff with strong smell
    Desired opponent: Strong people
    Favorite word: Trump card
    Hobbies: Insect observation (ecology)

    Academy Graduation Age: 12
    Chuunin promotion Age: 14
    D-rank: 17
    C-rank: 17
    B-rank: 9
    A-rank: 1
    S-rank: 0
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    Spoiler: Databook 3 - Chiyo
    Main text

    Page 1

    Chiyo, a veteran kunoichi who once left foreign shinobi awestruck, thanks to her superior skill in medical ninjutsu, taijutsu, and puppeteering jutsu. Now however, she's a Sunagakure (Hidden Sand) councilor, perfectly happy to just sit around a fishing pond with her little brother. The protracted unrest instilled feelings into Chiyo, of resentment towards foreign countries, and impatience towards her own, and with the passing of time, a sense of resignation forced itself upon her, leaving her to merely spend day after day, waiting for a quiet death.
    However, some unexpected visitors shook her out of apathy. The man who stole her son's life, Konoha's White Fang. The woman who'd put her through so many hardships, Tsunade-hime. They were descendants and pupils of her sworn enemies... Shinobi of the next generation... Their presence made Chiyo aware of how time had passed, and cued her into standing tall once again!!

    Page 2

    [The Value of Experience]
    Tsunade-hime was once a bitter enemy, whose disciple, Sakura, is now an ally she has to put her trust in. Seeing her fierce struggle set aflame Chiyo's kunoichi's fighting spirit...!!
    Chiyo went through numerous battlefields. The experience and intuition that came along with the spinning hands of time* are her greatest co-actors, and she converts them into weapons unequaled!! Then, she puts up an entrancing, grand performance, to illuminate the shinobi's future!!

    Sasori had lost his parents, a tragedy he couldn't overcome. She initiated him into puppeteering jutsu. For the protection of the village, she sealed a bijuu into Gaara to make him a war implement...... Ironically, the past she dedicated to "the benefit of others" leaped across time, metamorphosed into a menace for those who live in the present day... Chiyo achieves redemption, at the cost of her own existence. The expression she showed in her last moments was a peaceful one. That of someone who ushered in an era's twilight, and hope for the future.


    Page 1

    -I've been dying to spoil my cute little grandson for quite some time...

    -The shinobi flower that won't wither in spite of the flowing sands of fate!!

    Page 2

    -Beyond hate and reprisals**, the young shinobi show her the vision of a springtime everlasting***.

    Picture comments


    -She pulls the strings of her puppeteering jutsu with her fingertips!! The miraculous art, deeply ingrained into her, doesn't give away the slightest hint of weakness!!

    -A woman is all about courage, charm, love and respect!! She shows a mischievious side unexpected from one so advanced in age.

    Page 2

    -Her elegant dance of the puppets becomes a blade that carves open the way to the future!!

    -For the village's sake, Chiyo herself sealed in the darkness... A heavy crime, prompting a certain determination into her.

    -A jutsu which uses one's life as a catalyst, to revive even the dead... The jutsu she violated taboos to develop for her grandson, comes in to rescue the future...
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    Spoiler: Databook 3 - Fukasaku
    Main text:

    The Sacred Mountain where numerous Toads are assembled. In Myoubokuzan (Mt. Myouboku), he is one of the Two Great Toad Sages, second in status to the Grand Toad Hermit. He is also a teacher to Jiraiya, from the Sannin. The one who personally pounded the power of the Toads and Senjutsu into him. Trained up in the use of chakra in symbiosis with Nature, this 800 year-old doesn't know decline. His demeanor gives out a sense of magnificence, and the Toads under his command hold him in great esteem, calling him the "Boss". Because the number of people who summon him is extremely limited, he doesn't take an active part in conflicts, but the one times when he does proceed onto the battlefield, he will let out his out-of-this-world jutsu, as so many miracles!!


    Don't overdo it, Mom.

    The Great Hermit Toad, the Mountain Sage who governs the population of Myoubokuzan!!

    Picture comments:

    Fukasaku: Jiraiya-chan, the Grand Oldtimer-sama's had a dream about you. As you already know, it's a prophecy. Listen closely.
    - Holding session at the place where the Grand Toad Hermit makes his prophecies, his wife and him fulfill their important duty!!

    - He's not all about Senjutsu. He excels at handling ninja tools, such as smokescreen bombs!!

    Fukasaku: Yeah... When we're done, Jiraiya-chan and I'll get back home to eat lunch.
    - Shima and him have arguments, like some comical "marital strife" duo. But deep down, they're brimming with affection [towards each other]
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    Spoiler: Databook 3 - Danzou

    Ninja ID: 000272
    Age: 72
    Birthday: 6th January (Capricorn)
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 52.7kg
    Blood Type: AB
    Personality: Ambitious, Secretive, Unyielding
    Favourite food: Hijiki*, Genmaicha*
    Least favourite food: Warabimochi*
    Wants to fight: Nobody
    Favourite phrase: "Do not waver."
    Hobby: Art appreciation, writing diaries

    Graduated the Academy at ?
    Became a Chuunin at ?

    Missions completed:
    D-Rank: ?
    C-Rank: ?
    B-Rank: ?
    A-Rank: ?
    S-Rank: ?

    The dark side of Konoha, supporting the tree from deep within its roots!

    - The leader of the Roots makes his appearance, coinciding with Naruto's return. There is considerable tension between him and the current Hokage, granddaughter of the First and keeper of the old ways.
    - These shinobi represent the way of the Roots. They are the dark side of Konoha, and act as Danzou's concealed weapons.
    - Seen as the "hawk" of Konoha. In his mind's eye he sees a future of his owndesign...

    Long ago, Danzou opposed Sarutobi Hiruzen in the running for the position of Hokage. His idea of a ninja is "one who sacrifices his own will completely for the wishes of his country and his village". Due to that outlook, he lost his chance at the position. Following this, he created his own personal group within the Hokage-controlled Anbu, called the Roots. He raised shinobi to conform to his will, establishing a grip on the "darkness" of Konoha. Now that the Third Hokage has died, it remains to be seen what path the Roots will take.

    *Danzou has to be awkward by choosing foods peculiar to Japan.
    - Hijiki: A brown seaweed that only grows around Japan's end of the Pacific.
    - Genmaicha: A tea made from blending Japanese green tea and roasted brown rice.
    - Warabimochi: A sweet especially popular in the Kansai region. It is made with bracken and ends up translucent, cool and sprinkled with soybean flour. This is not real mochi, but is named as such because the consistency is very similar.
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    Spoiler: Databook 3 - Deidera Pt. 1
    Page 104


    Art is a bang!

    Page 105:
    Main title: The artist who strives to attain instances of flawless art.

    Picture Caption: This genius was the one who invented a form of art that can fly.

    Top block of text: Deidara – the artist who uses his [hands] to make clay models that can explode. To him, true beauty is the instance of an explosion; it is the [pinnacle of art] to strive for. Hailing from the Hidden Rock Village (Iwagakure), Deidara was often highly praised and greatly admired as a clay artist. Even so, Deidara had a great desire to take his art to even greater heights. Hence, he worked hard to hone his art by practicing and producing more artworks.

    Middle block of text: Before long, Deidara had an immense thirst to learn a form of art which was prohibited in his village. It is a form of [Art that requires the kneading of chakra into clay].He broke the law and attained the means of creating that form of art. He then made an explosion with his “exploding clay”. At last, he can finally create the kind of [Art] that he had longed for. (Further explanation for clarity: Exploding clay is formed by infusing Chakra and clay together. In order to do that, Deidara needed to perform a forbidden jutsu on himself to get those additional mouths, which can infuse chakra together with clay. The jutsu probably gives him the ability to mix Chakra and clay together in his own mouth (the one on his face) too. So yeah, Deidara performed the forbidden jutsu on himself, and then attained the ability to create exploding clay, which made it possible for him to create explosions through his clay creations.)

    Lowest block of text: This is Deidara’s own definition of [Art]. Also, ever since his early days as an artist, it is in Deidara’s nature to be impulsive; impulse governs his behavior. (i.e. he often acts on impulse, doesn’t usually plan ahead. E.g. He didn’t really plan out how he was going to fight Gaara. This also means that he often improvises on the spot.)

    Ninja Registration Number: IW-08721
    Birthday: 5th May (19 years old. Taurus)
    Height: 166.0cm
    Weight: 50.8kg
    Blood Type: AB
    Personality: Prideful, belligerent/warlike
    Favorite food: Oden no Bakudan. Bakudan is boiled egg wrapped in imitation fish meat (i.e. fish cake). Pictures of Bakudan here
    Food that he dislikes the most: Maze Gohan i.e. mixed rice. Pictures of Maze Gohan here
    Person he wants to fight the most: Uchiha Itachi
    Favourite phrase: Art is a bang.
    Hobbies: Creating things and then blowing them up.

    Ninja School Graduation Age: Unknown
    Age where he became a Chuunin: Unknown
    Missions he has completed:
    D rank: 4
    C rank: 27
    B rank: 35
    A rank: 13
    S rank: 3

    Page 106
    Main title:
    To get back the self respect that he lost, he put his life on the line to defeat the Sharingan…

    Black Box on top:
    Title: The artist who lost his pride before Itachi
    Picture caption: Itachi’s appearance, this surely is true art…
    Text: “Exploding clay” user Deidara was forced to experience bitterness for the first time when he fought against…Uchiha Itachi. Up until that day, those who had witnessed his art were either afraid by it, awed by it, despaired by it, or cried at the sight of it. His art is suppose to be perfect…but the Sharingan came along and challenged it. The Sharingan manipulated Deidara’s mind and made him feel fascinated by another form of art, which is something he would never do under normal circumstances.

    Bottom half of the page:
    Title: The curse of the Sharingan

    Picture caption on top: Those red eyes that can see through everything pierced through Deidara’s defeated mind.

    Picture caption below: Seeing his flawless art getting beaten before his very own eyes, Deidara blew up in anger. (pun not intended)

    Text on top: “Envy” and “humiliation”, feelings that Deidara had never felt before, were firmly planted in him after he experienced Itachi’s Sharingan. Soon after, these feelings turned into burning hatred, which greatly impacted Deidara’s way of thinking…

    Text below: He vowed to break the curse of the Sharingan through his Art, with his trump card being his left eye, concealed under his eye-scope. Since then, Deidara has been waiting for a good opportunity to get his revenge.

    Page 107:
    Main Title: The process of art is aimed towards the instance of a climax

    Top half:
    Title: Analysis
    Picture caption: (picture is from here) Deidara assesses the enemy right from the moment that they meet. He observes the enemy calmly and is very objective in his judgment.

    Text: Carving, painting, molding…there are many ways to create art. Likewise, Deidara has several methods of creating his Art. At the start of every battle, Deidara immediately analyzes the surrounding environment and his opponent’s fighting style. This is crucial for Deidara in selecting the right method to attack. Deidara is tenaciously devoted to his Art. He likes tough and challenging battles, because they give him good opportunities show the beauty of his Art.

    Bottom half of the page:
    Title: Setsuteingu (I seriously don’t know what this is maybe it has something to do with ambushing)

    Picture caption: Preparing the stage is his junior’s(i.e. Tobi’s) duty, while Deidara himself takes to the skies to show his Art!!
    Text: When it comes to ambush attacks, a very delicate set up is required. If done right, it can take the beauty of art to a higher level. Deidara definitely spares no effort when it comes to ambushing. Sometimes he hides clay bombs underground, sometimes he takes to the skies, sometimes he cooperates with a partner…in all instances, he carries out thorough and careful Setsuteingu.

    Bottom Text: Moreover, attacking from both the sky and the ground will corner the opponent little by little. This way, Deidara’s explosions will definitely lead him to a flawless victory.
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    Spoiler: Databook 3 - Deidera Pt. 2

    Page 108
    Main title: His existence was sublimated in a blinding flash?!!

    Top half of the page:
    Title: View on Art

    Topmost Picture Caption: Deidara respects fellow artists. He thinks that collaborating with other artists will bring fresh impetus to his art. (i.e. He thinks that by cooperating with fellow artists, they can take art to greater heights)

    Middle Picture Caption:The journey to attaining true art was a struggle for Deidara. Those who challenged Deidara?s definition of art were of no match for him. (My elaboration: Deidara had to go through a lot of trouble to be able to finally create exploding clay. As mentioned earlier, he broke several laws in Rock village by attaining and performing a forbidden jutsu to get his additional mouths. The picture above is Deidara, slightly before fighting Itachi. It means that prior to his fight with Itachi, all of Deidara?s previous opponents, mainly those who challenged his definition of art, were of no match to him.)

    Bottom Picture Captioneidara has an unwavering determination with regard to his Art. Repeated repudiations of his art made him erupt with rage. (i.e. the fact that Sasuke overcame all of Deidara?s art made him so angry that he lost his sanity.)

    Text: Deidara bases his actions on his view of art. Deidara believes that [one?s own work is the best]. He decided to stay in Akatsuki because the organization shares this mantra too. (My elaboration: Dei thinks that being in Akatsuki gives him more freedom than staying in Iwagakure. As in the organization wouldn?t force him to learn a new technique, or force him to discard an old one. The organization believes in giving its members the freedom to hone their own skills.)

    Text: Each member of Akatsuki has their own unique talents. For Deidara, his unique talent is his flawless art. Furthermore, Akatsuki?s goal of collecting Bijuu gives Deidara more opportunities to fight strong opponents. The reward of gaining more battle experience also served as a great impetus for Deidara to stay in Akatsuki. Deidara is proud to be in the ?artist group? of Akatsuki.

    Bottom half of the page:
    Title: Ultimate Art

    Picture Caption: He bravely spread open both hands to show his [Ultimate Art]; true perfection.

    Text: The ?Sharingan?, which is unique to the ?Uchiha? clan, disregarded Deidara?s art. Seeing his art being disregarded like that shattered Deidara?s heart to pieces. He felt that his reputation had just been dealt with a strong blow. Being the proud artist that he was, he would never admit defeat to the Sharingan. His final move was an act of impulse. He was determined to prove that his art was superior to the Sharingan. Now, having changed into the [Incarnation of Art], when Deidara looked back and evaluated the significance of his life, he realized that there was nothing. On the other hand, to be sublimed into a flash of light was like holding one?s own works in his arms, and being admired and praised by everyone. (Me: At least we know that he died somewhat happy?)

    Text: That is because when everyone sees a tall tower of light against the sky, the horror that they feel will be forever be engraved in their minds.

    Page 244
    Secret Ninjutsu: Exploding Clay
    Rank not indicated
    Type: all (offense, defence, complementary, short, mid and long range)
    User: Deidara

    Main title: The joy of destroying enemies by explosions! Perfect art is the interweaving of molding and destroying pretty clay models.

    Top Picture caption: Deidara has a mouth on both his right and left hands. He usually uses his left hand mouth though. (Me: Does this mean that he is left handed??)

    Bottom Picture Caption: Deidara can control when to set off the explosion.

    Text: Art ? is when an object gets sublimated in an instant?it is a ?bang?! The combination of that view with Ninjutsu gives birth to ?exploding clay?. Deidara has several mouths (the word used means several and plural. We know that he has 4 mouths from the manga) that chew and mix his chakra together with his clay to create exploding clay. Deidara uses the exploding clay to create a variety of models. He then yells ?Katsu? to create a gigantic explosion from these clay objects. The clay models make attacking on land, sea and air possible because Deidara can direct them like a remote control by using his Chakra. The destructiveness of Deidara?s exploding clay is dependent on the level of chakra that was mixed into the clay. (C1 to C4 refer to the levels of chakra that Deidara uses to infuse with his clay)

    Page 245
    Main Title: Destructiveness of ?exploding clay? varies in accordance to the level of Chakra used!!

    The explosive power of this type of exploding clay is small. Hence, it is chiefly used in covert actions such as surprise attacks. The design of the bombs tends to take the shape of a beetle. (Me: I always thought that they were spiders?)

    Deidara rides on the back of a huge dragon made from exploding clay. The target is pursued with guided missiles, which are vomited out from the dragon?s mouth. Cooperation with a partner, who will set up land mines beforehand, will allow this move to leave a maximum impact.

    Picture caption: Deidara boasted that the explosive power of the C3 was so formidable that he managed to annihilate his hometown by it. (里 means hometown and village. I am more inclined to believing that it refers to hometown here. I will check this out again once I get the Chinese databook. Or hopefully someone else who is better in Japanese can translate this bit for us).

    Text: This move consists of a huge clay model falling from the sky onto the target. Although it looks simple, it boasts the largest explosive power. (Me: Largest in comparison to C1 to C4. CO definitely causes a bigger explosion that C3) This exploding clay model, which follows the design of a doll, takes the scale and the beauty of an explosion to its utmost limit, and eliminates all that is considered as useless.

    Picture caption: When the clay figure explodes, tiny bombs scatter and spread over a wide range.

    Text: The exploding clay takes the form of Deidara?s own appearance. When the huge Deidara-like form explodes, ultra-small bombs are scattered over a wide range. These nano-sized bombs cannot be seen by an ordinary person?s eyes. Once inhaled in, the bombs will go to every passage in the target?s body. Countless tiny explosions occur at the cellular level inside the body, causing destruction from the inside. It is only at the point of death that the target realizes that he has been attacked.

    Page 262:
    Secret Ninjutsu: CO
    Rank: Not given
    Type of jutsu: Offense type.
    Range: From short to long.
    User: Deidara
    Title: An amazing explosion at the cost of the user?s life!

    First Picture caption: The chest mouth can mix a large amount of Chakra with clay because it is directly connected to the heart.

    Second Picture caption: Deidara sacrificed his life to become a great explosion that pierced the heavens and carved a mark on earth.

    Text: The ?CO?. This ninjutsu boasts the highest level of destruction from Deidara?s ?exploding clay?. It is his ?Ultimate Art?, and also a demonstration of his self-worth. The art he creates with his chest mouth differs from the kind created by his hand mouths. In this jutsu, chakra is taken directly from the central part of Deidara?s chakra system and kneaded with clay in his chest mouth. This process continues without stopping until the moment of the explosion. (My elaboration: The chakra system consists of channels that connect to the vital points in one?s body. I think that after chakra was kneaded into clay to make it explosive, the resultant explosive clay was absorbed into Deidara?s chakra system. That?s why his veins, which I think are actually his chakra channels, started to show.) In short, the explosion happens from inside Deidara?s body. This ninjutsu showcases the brilliance of his life?s work, and it also sublimates his being along with the surroundings.

    Page 292

    Top half of the page:
    Jutsu name: tsuchi ton - tsuchi ryuu kakure no jutsu i.e. Earth escape. Mole bury no jutsu. (okay, I suck at this)
    C rank ninjutsu. Complementary type of jutsu.
    Users: Deidara/Tobi

    Title: Hidden underground but yet able to move around freely, this truly is an top escape jutsu!!

    Picture Caption: By perceiving the magnetic forces underground, the user does not lose sight of his position.

    Text: Chakra is used to change the soil into fine sand grains. The user then proceeds to dig a tunnel underground like a mole. As the user is able to move around when underground, this jutsu is good for launching surprise attacks. Moreover, the user can dig deep underground and quickly escape to a place that is out of the opponent?s reach.

    Bottom half of the page:
    Secret Ninjutsu
    Jutsu name: Clay bunshin
    Rank not indicated.
    Complementary type of jutsu.
    User: Deidara

    Title: To deceive and capture the enemy with an earth dummy! There is no escape from its stickiness!

    Picture caption: The moment from which Sasuke?s hand goes through Deidara?s body, the latter takes the form of a earth dummy! The clay hardness changes. It twines around the opponent?s arm and locks him in place.

    Text: Among all the other ?bushin jutsus? out there, this is the only one that does the dual role of allowing the user to both escape from, and capture the opponent. This highly convenient jutsu is unique only to Deidara. When the clay bunshin receives an attack, it catches and traps the enemy. If Deidara mixes ?exploding clay? into the clay bunshin, it is possible to make it explode with the enemy still caught with it!! (Me: Remember back then when Deidara's clay bushin exploded in front of Kakashi, Gai and the others? That one was made with exploding clay. The one that trapped Sasuke was probably not made with exploding clay)
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    Spoiler: Databook 3 - Gaara
    Page 060
    Kazekage (Godaime) Gaara Kazekage

    In order to be linked to and live for this village

    Ninjutsu: 5
    Taijutsu: 2
    Genjutsu: 3.5
    Intelligence: 4
    Strength: 2.5
    Speed: 3
    Stamina: 5
    Seal: 4

    Page 061
    From weapon to protector, a steady resolution to protect his people‼

    Main text: Because of the village's circumstances, Shukaku was placed inside his body. Since his birth, people thought of him as a "dreadful weapon"... Thus was Gaara's existence, rejected by Suna gakure. It's neither a situation someone would hope for nor a way someone would choose... To force on someone else such an abominable fate. For all that, Gaara chose to look away from this destiny, to change in the eyes of the village's people, to change the links between them. He chose to become Godaime Kazekage. The pain he endured made him stronger, a young village leader was born.

    Upper picture's side text: Before, he assassinated many enemies with his sand daggers, now, it became a strong shield to protect the village.

    Middle picture's side text: There are many ways to make the best use of the earth with his sand jutsu, like increasing its sharpness.

    Lower picture's side text: In order to respect the protocol, he shows highest respect for Chiyo who gave him back his life. Gaara: ...Everyone, let's pray for Chiyo-baa.

    Ninja Registration Number: 56-001
    Date of Birth: 19th January (16 years old, Capricorn)
    Height: 166.1cm- Weight: 50.9kg - Blood Type: AB
    Personality: Calm, fearless
    Favorite food: Gizzard, salted tongue
    Least favorite food: Sweet bean jelly, marron glac?
    Desired opponent: Anyone he had to to protect his village
    Favorite word: Love, future
    Hobbies: Cactus cultivation

    Academy Graduation Age: 12
    Chuunin promotion Age: 14
    D-rank: 0
    C-rank: 9
    B-rank: 8
    A-rank: 14
    S-rank: 3

    Page 062
    Wielding sand as Kazekage, sand to protect the village's people‼

    Black box: In the middle of a commotion, he's looking for a new way of life with the friend he acquired.

    Black box's main text: While he has similar circumstances to his, Naruto built bonds with many friends. That became the "bright hope" Gaara adopted. His fate was to open up to others and be nice. Throwing away the cursed past of his origins, Gaara found out the same path as Naruto, the same dream‼

    Black box pictures' side text: With the happy feeling of Kankurou's kindness, as he worried about him, Gaara hardened his determination to go forward on the steep road to the Kazekage title. Kankurou: The seniors think badly of you and...... the majority of the village feel nothing but fear for you...... Gaara: As Suna's Kazekage

    Main text: Something that he must protect
    Nowadays, when Gaara choose to take a fight, it's not an act to deprive the life of his opponent. It is to protect the live of the village's inhabitants against foreign enemies, to give them smiling faces everyday...... This is Gaara's new fight as Kazekage.

    Middle pictures' side text: Massacre is not his goal, but the village's preservation. Therefore, he didn't kill the invader, but aimed to capture him. Deidara: As I though, he use the sand to his advantage... that's bothersome... hum

    Lower picture's side text: Even as he suffered severe wounds, he removed his sand to protect the village. Deidara: Huhum... As expected from Kazekage... to muster his final strength to remove the sand out of the village... else, the sand would have dropped all over, which would have been fun.

    Page 063
    Friends think of me, therefore I am... he achieved it, "to be needed"‼

    A small sensation
    As his Bijuu was extracted by Akatsuki, hanging between life and death, his consciousness fading away, Gaara was questioning the meaning of his existence. Am I just a small sensation...!? Because he wanted to be an existence needed by others, he put a lot of efforts into this, but Gaara was sized by the insecurity of his too blurry sense of self. "What am I?"... at that time, as if answering his lonely question, a voice called Gaara's name, a hand touched his shoulder...!!

    Bonds with others
    A voice calling Gaara out of darkness, a friend and the people of his village. That warm touch, Gaara knows it. He has no sense of self, it's something that's defined out of the bonds with other people... or so he say.

    Upper picture's side text: As his consciousness was fading away, Gaara was questioning himself. "Was I needed by someone else...?" Gaara: What...... my hand?...

    Middle picture's side text: Since he's a junchuuriki, if Shukaku were to be extracted out of Gaara, his fate would be death...

    Lower picture's side text: All these people gathered to rescue Kazekage, they made Gaara's existence a definite thing...
  30. Chainer Flame of Ud?n

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    Spoiler: Databook 3 - Gerotora
    {page 072}
    - (no rank, ndt)

    What did ya summon me for!?

    A scroll toad that holds the key to a loathsome power

    He writes seals and sealing formulas on his own abdomen, then he is "stored" inside the body of the contractor who affixed his seal on it and he closely guards the secret information until said contractor dies. Gerotora is one of the "scroll toads", a renowned species that is rare even in Myoubokuzan. He is known to be especially secretive and to possess excellent endurance even among his kin. When the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, he was requested by the Yondaime Hokage to protect the key to the "Hakke Fuuin" performed on Naruto's navel, a heavy responsibility... Now 16 years have passed, and he is still strictly adhering to the contract.

    Gerotora, who was "stored" inside Jiraiya's body, is "released" before his deadly fight.

    The formula of the key written on the scroll is "stored" and "released" with the "Gogyou no In" ("Gogyou seal", ndt).
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