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Did Sakura ever acknowledge Naruto?

Discussion in 'House of Uzumaki' started by JuicyG, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. JuicyG Well-Known Member

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    At the beginning of Naruto series, it is shown Sakura among other rooting for Sasuke, at anything he did, including beating Naruto in duels. "Oh Sasuke you're so cool"!

    Later on Naruto gets stronger and at times surpasses Sasuke in part 1. Yet despite this Sakura still clings to Sasuke.

    In Shippuden after Sasuke has gone rogue and tries to kill Sakura, it was Naruto that saves her. Yet she was still obsessed with Sasuke more so than praising Naruto's heroism..

    During the war, Naruto was saving everyone, but Sakura never seems too impressed by this (I have a feeling that if it were Sasuke instead she'd be going nuts). Minato shows up and declares himself as Naruto's dad....Naruto's dad is the freaking 4th Hokage. Sakura still shows no emotions towards this, as if she still isnt impressed, she seemed more interested in the fact that Itachi was Sasuke's brother

    1. Did Sakura like Sasuke because of his strength and genius in battle? If so, why didn't she think the same of Naruto once he became obviously powerful?
    2. If Sasuke died in battle, would Naruto have ever been considered by her as a potential love interest?
    3. What was it about Sasuke that Sakura saw in him but could never see in Naruto?
  2. Aduro Definitely not a villain.

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    In the Land of Iron Arc she literally tried to kill Sasuke just so that Naruto wouldn't get hurt trying to save him. When Pein showed up and killed the village she called for Naruto because she knew he could save them. Sakura never had a romantic link to Naruto. But they were codependent by the end of the series.

    Frankly I don't think she ever would have been interested in Naruto romantically though. She seemed to like sasuke as someone cool confident and quiet. Naruto was a bit too clingy and goofy for her. He tried too hard to connect and usually made an arse of himself. And he was clearly overcompensating for a deep insecurity. But that's fine by me. Naruto slowly became a hero that Sakura believes in, a lonely friend that she understood well enough to pity and a comrade who she has healed on numerous occasions.

    For some reason a lot of shounen or action seinen protagonists have very definitely non-romantic friendship with a girl. And that relationship is almost always more entertaining and convincing than their relationship with their actual love interests.
    • Goku and Bulma over Chi-Chi
    • Ichigo and Rukia over Orihime
    • Eren and Armin over Mikasa
    • Yusuke and Botan over Keiko
    • Akira and Oomori over Rion
    • Kimihiro and Yuuko over Himawari
    • Spike and Faye over Julia
    Probably because the love interests usually don't have much going on besides their crush on for the protagonist. Although there are exceptions like Yoh and Anna or Van and Fiona.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018 at 8:12 AM
  3. Abcdjdj1234 Well-Known Member

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    She called out sasuke wayyyyyyyy back in part 1 for being a coward unlike naruto in the forest of death.

    She was ready to kill sasuke to prevent crap for naruto (the consequences aside)

    She said that she'd do anything to keep narutos Hokage dream alive while giving a heartjob.

    She was gonna give up her ninja career in part 1for naruto

    That hug after pain
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  4. Entae Member

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    Despite how often she downplays Naruto and what he is capable of, I think, deep down she understands exactly what he brings to the table. There are a few instances where she claims he isn’t a coward and such. The times she has done so are far and few in between, but nonetheless, they do exist. So, yes.
  5. SakuraLover16 Hard being loved when people just see your faults

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  6. SoulFire! Venerable Sage Moderator

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    I do think that Sakura came to value Naruto as a friend and comrade and in that context he is indeed precious to her. However, she has never understood his round about way of thinking or shown any physical attraction for him. His silly side can still irritate her. I think she saw him as more like an annoying little brother whom she loves in spite of himself but her respect for him has grown immensely through the years.